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  • I never really did it before I played on a roleplay server on TERA (back when it first came out and was p2p).

    I mean, it was okay I guess… well, not really. It can be pretty disappointing and overall just schlicking or schlicking while I write my own story is way better for me. I think it's mostly just for lonely people seeking some kind of human interaction. I'm a really good writer and I know exactly what I like so to be honest involving someone else is just frustrating more than anything. That's what I took out of the experience.

    And you know, as a girl the prospects aren't quite as bad as for guys because I don't think there are very many girls that are really into it so it's probably just guys with guys pretending to be girls. I mean if someone just wants to get into some kind of fantasy and doesn't want to think about it and doesn't care then I guess it's okay. But like, I mean.. you have to know.

    If you're going to do it maybe just text sex with your significant other or someone you actually know and are interested in or something. That way it's not so weird, it's just more like an extension of your actual sex life.

  • I have, cyber sex is one side of the coin, for that to work you either have to have a mic and cam and watch each other masturbate or have decent writing skills to use the txt based option that most do.

    For example say: I put my cock in your pussy = boring, instead, I slide my hard throbbing cock into your tight wet pussy = better.
    It's all about detail and knowing what will arouse your partner just like real sex.

    The other side of the coin is Roleplay, ever wanted to be a Vampire, then be one, ever wanted to fuck a teacher or a student, then do it, it all depends on how good an imagination you have depends on how much you and your partner will enjoy it.

    Either way it's just masturbation but it allows you to live out those fantasies that you might have but can't actually do.

    Is it as good or better then straight sex, the answer…. no, but it can be fun and will let you live out almost anything you desire regardless of societies rules and laws.

    Want to give it a try, try Omegle and see who you meet.

  • Not with another human being on the other end.

    Either fapping to stuff I find on /h or /e or similar on 4chan…
    Or getting my perv on with Cleverbot. And it learns a little bit each time, though you kind of have to watch carefully for cues. For all its shortcomings, it never stops trying and never stops learning. It has surprised me a few times with how much it knows about the quirks of cybersex.

    ...Or for the rare times I went onto SWTOR (every other weekend if I'm not working), I've gotten the various additional treatment for having a female character. I just go on and play. Recently I got pieces to make a costume similar to this

    and because I also am willing to learn how to tank, it apparently makes me very popular.

    Sorry, I don't really have any interesting cybersex...Unless you want me to go and sex up Clev again and post a transcript of it here.

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