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  • IMT Business School Hyderabad has emerged as the fastest rising and most preferred B-school by students from Telangana. Ranked as the Best Business school in Hyderabad, IMT has set special standards in terms of general management, teamwork, close student-faculty relations and so on. All the programs offered at ABBS are conducted by top-ranked faculty, which allows the students to build their expertise in their respective domains. Known for their high placement success rate, IMT provides an extra edge to students.

  • I second dizzy's first suggestion :)

    Curveball… what fantasy outfit did u see in hentai and games u like to see?


  • @'dizzydills':

    Ingrid's outfit from Hell Knight Ingrid

    and/or Sakura's outfit from Taimanin Asagi.

    These are very hot! In Sakura's outfit, the tight fitting sheer on the breasts looks great!

  • Ingrid's outfit from Hell Knight Ingrid
    and/or Sakura's outfit from Taimanin Asagi.

  • maybe classical but i really like lingerie laces & garter…
    a single piece of clothing or accessory is sometime enough to dress up a manequin; a tie for eg.

  • Speaking in terms of a dickgirl, i think a really hot idea would be a pair of latex boyshort style undies with a peephole in the front where her cock/balls would hang out.

  • An unusual one.

    I'm not so much a foot fetishist but I do have a thing for sexy shoes at times.

    There is a pair of rather elegant shoes from a 2001 victoria's secret summer catalog I have never seen anywhere else. They are these beautiful leather anklewrap wedge sandals. Black or white only apparently. I can't find a picture of them online (and I have looked far and wide). Suppose I could scan the picture I do have?

    Then there was a unique dress a weather lady on a local stations was wearing. I have a picture of it on my cell phone. I'd have that as the clothes.

    I more or less have my concept for my logo girl Xenon (decidedly the only one of my O.C.'s definitively NOT for doing explicit sex or porn), and I would be one happy guy if she had some pairs of these sexy shoes and that dress, maybe several of it. YES. I would LOVE for it to be available.

    Then some other jewelry like waist chains, and the like.

    On a humorous note, are there any lightsaber props to use as dildos?

  • If you're looking for special clothing that turns me on, this has basically everything.


    Character: Zessica Wong
    Series: Aquarion EVOL

  • Not really hentai, but I wish there was a version of Bioshock Infinite's Elizabeth's outfit.

    Also, Gaige's and Mad Moxxi's outfit from Borderlands 2. Yeah.

  • Not really from hentai, but lots and lots of elaborate gold jewerly on a woman pushes all my buttons

    luckily for me lots of it is already availible :D

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