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  • The PGDM Marketing Management course at the Institute of Management Technology Hyderabad (IMTH) is a program for aspirants in management, seeking to pursue Marketing as their major specialization. Marketing is undoubtedly a function that helps an organization to generate its revenue through identifying and satisfying customer needs. The PGDM Marketing program will prove to be beneficial to the students who have a predetermined choice of their specialization and will give them the right direction in their professional growth towards a career in Marketing. The courses are delivered using a mix of various pedagogical methods such as case discussions, lectures, simulation, business games, seminars and practitioner’s sessions.

  • Ah, month to the day since I updated. Here's a little preview of what's to come.

    Morfium are working on something big for Tilen. Big!

    Other projects are puttering along. Let us know your thoughts regarding this new Tilen either here or on his thread. Take care!

  • How many months has it been since I've really written a vignette? I've let work destroy me. Nausea.

    However, I came across these sets of images, and I was…inspired. They're by DNeil, who kindly lends them under a CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 license. Enjoy.

    The dread witch had done enough damage. Half the realms were hunting her down, while the others offered no safe haven. None of the kingdoms wanted anything to do with her. And who could blame them, after what she’d done? Everyone was worried they’d be a target for even associating with her.

    Sometimes, doing the “right” thing harms too many. The regret she felt was severe. Recompense was required.

    She needed to atone. It won’t fix everything, but it’d at least set things right for the others. However, it soon became clear that the only way to end this mess was to offer herself up in some way, shape or form. Summoning a beast or demon wouldn’t cut it, though: That would only cause more damage, and would cause them to lash out, perhaps starting a war. She decided an alternative: Make herself as vulnerable as possible and let them come to her, offering herself up as a prize for causing so much harm. She cared not if they ripped her to pieces or flay her alive, her sorrow her only guidance.

    She got rid of her clothes, jewelry, charms and boons that protected her, hid her from the world. All that remained was her well-kept and well-toned flesh. A few spells were invoked: One amplified her scent so they would find her. Another made her body turn every sensation into pleasure. If her end was near, at least she’d go down on her terms. The last…well, if it worked, it would resurrect her after being dead an extended period of time, giving her the chance to start over as someone else. If it worked.

    Sending off the rest of her retainers, it didn’t take long before one of the hunters invaded her now-defenseless sanctum. She offered herself freely, showing that was willingly surrendering and accepting any punishment meted out to her. Unsurprisingly, the spells combined with her realization of vulnerability aroused her, drenching her maidenhood. The creature approached from behind and seized her, lifting her in the air. She hoped it would violate her before deposing of her.

    It instead curled its tongue around her neck, looking to taste her. She knew then that it was hungry, not horny. And yet…something stirred inside her, something she didn’t anticipate. For a second, she thought that it was merely the spells’ effect, but she realized it was something far stronger than that. It was as if something had awoken that was never supposed to, growing stronger by the second. Excitement began to grow, as if suddenly everything had suddenly fit into place. Her sadness was being overwhelmed by this new desire. No, desire isn’t quite right. Purpose would be a better term.

    She moved her somewhat free arm, stunned before from the sudden grab, and embraced her captor’s giant hand, encouraging it. She briefly glanced and saw a loyal retainer peeking inside from a window. A smile stayed hidden. For one, this person would be able to tell everyone what happened. This would free her, since everyone would assume her dead. But more importantly, at least one person would be able to see her for who she was…for who she wanted to be. If she died, then she fulfilled her purpose. If she revived, then she would welcome her new identity to the fullest.

    That was her true recompense. To give up her mantle as the dread witch, and become the most delicious meal in the world for all who wished to devour her lovely body.

    I hope you enjoyed this little vore vignette.

    I will be on vacation for the next couple weeks. Hopefully, I'll have recovered enough to start fresh next month. I'll pop my head in from time to time, but otherwise, take care.

  • Hey! It's been a while. I've been mostly posting on my tumblr lately, so if it looks like I'm silent, check there.

    Going to write a new story soon. Will keep you posted on it. Fair warning: It's "vanilla." No monsters or any of that fun stuff. There might be other fun stuff though, at least stuff that people can do.

    That said, I've been sitting on this scrap for a while. I titled it "Siren's Call," but I think it could use a better name. It's set in the same universe as "The Alleyway." At least, I think so? Anyway, here you go:

    ! * * *
    ! Today was boring except for when the monsters stared at her. Work was work, lunch was lunch. It's the typical day you would expect. Save for the creatures, of course.
    ! It's a daily thing. Most of the men, they bothered her in the way that they seemed preemptive. The cat calls, whistles, the "you should smile mores," the off-beat pick-up lines. They couldn't figure out the basic idea of when to hit on a woman.
    ! It was different with the beasts that roamed the streets. They had strict rules in place. No words to the humans unless spoken to. Absolutely no touching without permission, even to brush by. It was the only way to prevent war from annihilating both sides. Last monster that barely uttered an "excuse me" was stoned by its own kind.
    ! And yet, she couldn't help but feel their stares, both deviant and not, and let them slip underneath her skin. Unlike the piercing stares of men that made her shrivel and want to hide, she could feel these creatures' eyes all over her body, making it tingle pleasantly. Their silence only seemed to amplify the sensory effects. She also felt strangely at home with their demeanor.
    ! Where she lived, her roommate was the master tenant and controlled the lease. She was mostly okay, but had some strict rules on who and what she could bring home. Boys and men were barely tolerated, pets not allowed. She knew the girl would freak out and kick her out post haste if there was anything resembling a non-human in the apartment.
    ! Still, today was quite boring, having got out of work early and the sun bringing a late spring warmth that was all-together pleasant. About two blocks from home, she receives a text:
    "Hello, just found out I need to see my family for the next few days. You have the apt. to yourself, just so you know. See you soon."
    She thought about it a moment. While today was boring, she felt really good. When that happens, she likes to dare.
    ! She turns down a street she knows too well, where the stares are strongest. Rather than keeping her head down, she looked straight in the eyes of every creature she passed. She wanted them to see how she felt.
    ! They were all surprised at this girl. A little wink here, a devious grin there. She licked her lips at a few of them, bit them for others. She giggled throughout. But it was contagious, healthy giggle, not from someone who was nervous.
    ! About a block later, she got into her apartment building. Some of them followed, but at a distance so as to stay within protocol. She got up to the fourth floor and opened the way to her apartment, grinning all the way. As she entered, she let out a sigh that sounded more like a moan. That felt gratifying. She was ready to close the door and latch it…and then turned around and walked inward. Maybe she could go further…?
    ! She pulled the clips out of her hair, letting it flow freely. She smiled wickedly, seeing naughty images flash through her eyes as she adeptly pulled down the zipper of her dress, causing it to fall to the ground while her shoes slipped away. Under normal circumstances, she would keep her bra on. But something about today made her want to take it off. Perhaps it was the fact that her nipples were already painfully erect in a good way.
    ! She opened the windows, her body burning up with desire and excitement. She wanted the entire neighborhood to hear what was about to happen. Laying on the bed, she closed her eyes, tasted herself a moment, and let the images flash through her like the gentle breeze from outside while her hand became slick from the liquid that flooded from her pussy.
    ! As she stroked and pinched, she imagined them breaking the rules just once and converging on her. Groping her with their claws, fingers, tendrils, cilia, fibers, and other digits, ripping her clothes apart and leaving her naked like them. She would open her mouth in her fantasy, letting something slide down her throat. Feeling tongues and goo taste her, she wouldn't have cared if some creature went and swallowed her whole.
    ! Slowly putting fingers in, she began working up a sweat, and with it a scent that could smelled by those creatures, one that indicated a female in heat. Meanwhile, in her own little world, she could feel them enter her in turns, rapidly running through her body and stretching it beyond what is conceived possible.
    ! She lifted herself up, faced the window, and started adding fingers to her other hole, wanting to feel even more filled than she was before. The images that flashed before her eyes grew in intensity, with each creature letting out its lust, anger, vengeance, and other feelings out through her. So intense was her delusion that she hardly recognized what is real and what isn't. She can barely hear the nasty and provocative words she's screaming out the window.
    ! Her body began bucking profusely, wanting to cum from all these sensations, real and imagined. Yet she held back, waiting for the right moment. Then she felt a pressure build up inside herself, like a balloon of fire wanting to pop. Finally, she could swear that she was there, that every creature in front of her was real, that she was having the sex she truly wanted. The balloon burst, letting her ride an orgasm that was just pure fire off every nerve ending. It was so intense that it felt no longer human. That revelation set off a second orgasm, just as strong.
    ! Finally, she came down, pleased. But she didn't have enough. She closed her eyes again, running her hands through her body, letting her wetness mix with her sweat. Feeling so devious, so risky, so perverted.
    ! Suddenly, she heard a noise. Breaking from her reverie she looked ahead, a little afraid. But that fear turned to joy.
    ! "Oh, hello! Please, do come in…"
    ! * * *

  • So, yes, my first column went live today. (Yay!) Enjoy! If you have thoughts on this, let me know!

  • Hello again. So, things are expanding a little quicker than I anticipated. Got a lot of work on the plate, which is good.

    That said, I need to expand my profile a little bit, and that requires getting some traffic from other places. So I'm offering a commission for anyone who is willing to do some mini banner art for use in link exchanges. I can either trade for services (story writing, scenario, story/character advising, editing/proofreading, etc.), or for some actual monetary compensation (though, fair warning: Since it's merely banner art, it won't be much)

    There is one catch: It would have to involve Ms. Tilen here:

    Call her what you will. Avatar, projection of self, OC, heteronym given shape, etc. This is Vaesark's render of her, so many thanks to him. You can make your own take of her, within certain constraints.

    Here is the description I wrote of her I wrote a while back, when I first pitched her to V. You may use it as guidance, though it should not be considered a final form:

    What happens when an Elder God dreams, dead or alive? Could the dreams of gods, let alone the likes of Cthulhu, be so powerful, it drags those sensitive to it into its gaping maw?
    Such a thing happened to Tilen. When, as an infant, she was asleep one night, she dreamed of Cthulhu. Or rather, she entered his dreams. Much like the sailors who stumbled upon R'yleh, though, the infant's intrusion into the Elder God's dream was mere accident, a coincidence of timing. Those who enter the dream wake up mad, but Tilen's age meant that she could not have known madness. Instead, her pliant brain was reshaped by the chaotic nature of his being. She understood it all, and felt joy.
    As she grew up, Tilen was quite…different. She acted strange, talked strangely, and treated people like they were objects. She did not feel just alien to everyone around her: The whole concept of humanity and everything around it seemed foreign and downright insane to her. She only felt calm when she slept, living in the Elder God's dream.
    As Tilen grew into a sexually mature woman, she kept sensing and feeling something deep inside that ached her greatly: In the core of her being existed someone who was meant to look quite different from who she was now. It was as if she was born in a human's body, when she was meant to be something more unearthly.
    Finally, one day, after Cthulhu used his cultists to engineer the death of the parents she never felt were hers, Tilen received a significant sum of money, which she used to buy a boat. Using only her dreams as guidance, she sailed to R'yleh, seeking not only the dreaming Elder God, but also her true self.

    Feel free to contact me here via PM, and we can discuss matters further. Thanks!

  • @'aguinness':

    I also want to thank fredfred5150 for encouraging me to pursue this.

    You're welcome :)

  • Well, as many of you may have noticed, JimJim announced our joint collaboration effort, "Emily's Negotiation." First, I want to thank Jim for being so receptive to this idea and being a good collaborator. I also want to thank fredfred5150 for encouraging me to pursue this.

    You can find the initial blog announcement here from Jim, my take on my Tumblr here.

    I'm doing text layout on top of writing the story as well. What you see below are works in progress in terms of layout. I'm still working out font size and color. What do you think? Do you think it should be larger?

    That said, this is not the only announcement I can make today. I recently pitched a column to Supro and miro for the A3D main site, and they approved! Sometime in the next couple weeks, I'll be starting a column dedicated to writing and storytelling, and their relationship to 3DX. I will talk about "Emily's Negotiation" from time to time there, but only in how it relates to storytelling in general.

  • you should post some of these works in the futanari palace forum.. these are like super hot

  • I am finally making that big announcement on Saturday! You will find it here. Let’s just say I can finally talk about something I’ve been working on the past couple months…(:

    Anyway, I wanted to post something on here that I wrote on my Tumblr recently. I think it encapsulates some of my philosophy towards writing eros. A girl I know who is known as a sex cultist called it boring. I tend to think her ideas on sex and orgasm to be rather uninspiring and useless, so I suppose we break even. But here you go, complete with engrossing pic!


    Let me ask you a question. An interesting one.

    Say you love sex. Say you love the sensual pleasure it implies. What would you do to seek more of it? To what extent would you seek to increase the amount of pleasure, to make your orgasm last longer and stronger? Would you look at fetishes? Different partners? Different sensual experiences? If any of these, fair enough. It’s a perfectly acceptable thing to do.

    Now what if you were given the chance to receive the ultimate pleasure, but in return you have to sacrifice your humanity? Would you, as a human, step back and say “that is my limit?” Or would you, as an individual sexual being, willingly take the offer?

    Say you came across a monster of some unearthly grotesqueness with a lustful, though restrained intent. Would you run away in fear, or would you remove your clothes and find some way to pleasure yourself with it?

    What if you could take on things not humanly possible to experience pleasure, but in turn your body must be transformed or corrupted permanently? Would you shake your head in contempt, or would you happily embrace your own corruption?

    Look at the woman above. She has turned into something inhuman, and has been impaled by the creature. But she seems completely satisfied, and is hoping the similarly-transformed woman in front of her will join in. Do you feel disgust, contempt…or envy, perhaps joy?

    It’s an interesting position to take: On the one hand, you can no longer fit into society, and would be pushed to the fringes, if not hunted down. On the other, you would attain, in some sense, the ultimate individual liberty: That of doing what you want with your body, however you want. And there is something to be made of that.

    Would you shed your humanity for the sake of your sexuality?

    My stories, and the stories I wish to write, looks into what happens when the answer is “yes.” I hope you can enjoy them in that respect.

  • So, I've been sidetracked by several projects and real life, but I think by the end of this week, most of them will be cleared, and I can get back to writing stuff on a regular basis, and making that BIG announcement. That said, I was itching to write this bit. It's the closing segment to a story that I'm basically writing backwards. It's actually a follow-up to another person's story (which the author gave me permission to do), which I hope to finish and publish in August or September. Enjoy!

    Phyllis took off his shirt and pants once more, and both let themselves go. Jack's body split apart and unravelled, leaving nothing but the large and undulating mass of tendrils that briefly showed itself when she rode to her last climax. The fear she had for him, for what she was doing to herself by being anywhere near him, was gone, replaced with the serenity she feels when she can trust someone, along with general fatigue. Admittedly, she even felt a bit of excitement, but she knew she was too tired to really appreciate it.
    ! Jack stretched his mass a bit, making a sort of tub for her to lay down on. After he finished, he had a single tentacle beckon her. She slowly but surely got into the "tub," moving gently so as to not inadvertently hurt him. As she fully inserted herself, she found the warm, somewhat squirming flesh to be cozy, something she felt she could fall asleep to. She spread her arms and legs out a little to relax herself, and breathed deep.
    ! Once he sensed her relaxation, he too did the same. His tentacles coiled at a modest pace around her legs. The slickness of the tendrils and the slight pressure they were compensated by the added warmth, which for once comforted her. When a wondering vine came to her pussy, she simply guided it in without much thought, giving a slight moan at the pleasure she received from it. She did the same when another rubbed along the crack of her buttocks, and that one slowly went through her body.
    ! More tentacles coiled around her waist and bosom. Phyllis felt like she was being wrapped in a tight, wet, rubbery blanket, and the thought was as fun as it was hilarious. Tendrils sought out her breasts, but did very little to them besides placing suckers atop the nipples. They then covered her arms, tickling her armpits, and robbed her of movement. Not that she really wanted to move at this point. As they wrapped around her neck, she was really enjoying Jack's efforts to coil her. She opened her mouth and after a moment, one enterprising limb decided to slide in.
    ! Finally, Phyllis was completely wrapped in tentacles, looking like a fleshy mummy. A special tendril cupped her nose and allowed her to breathe after a bit of panic. Once she relaxed again, she found the whole experience suffocatingly pleasant and pleasurable. She wouldn't mind sleeping like this for a while. Meanwhile, Jack readjusted himself, and wound himself around her body in additional layers. This was to keep warm by minimizing parts of him that were strung out. The end result resembled a massive egg-like cocoon.
    ! From there, Phyllis and Jack fell asleep for two days. The sleep, and brief moments of erotic dreams that brought them closer somehow, were the best they had in years.

  • Small update here, since my time is limited these days due to the real world (which I suspect sucked away poor old Blain): I have started a little tumblr. It can be found here. In addition to some of the stuff I post here, I'll also post random pitches that are basically, "should I write a story about this?" Also, imagery that makes me feel inspired and squishy…:rolleyes:

    I followed some of you, but please feel free to follow me as well! I will be making a BIG announcement this upcoming week, and I think this is a great platform to do so.

  • What I mean is spread out your influence there. People who read and like will follow you elsewhere, including here. ;) For sure keep doing stuff here.

  • Well, I have (the first story I edited and did over, which is kind of necessary on this site). But I still think collaborating with artists here has a potential. I mean, behind the scenes I'm already talking about something with another artist after that previous post.

  • You know, you might actually try Literotica for your writing in general. Keep up the good work.

  • Wow, been more than three months since I posted here. Eeeeesh!

    This is not to say I haven't done anything. In fact, I've done quite a bit.

    Firstly, I refined that first story, Alleyway, into a much better piece, which I posted on Literotica late in April. It can be found here.

    Secondly, I have been working on a couple collaborations with 3DX artists in this forum. The story on one is just about finished, and we'll probably make an announcement on our respective threads some time in the near future. If any of you 3DX artists could use a writer to work on a story, let me know! ;)

    Third, I started up a thread a while back on how to make writer threads better here. While I haven't caught up with it, there's a consensus leaning towards using PDF posts, which I'll start doing soon. In the meantime, someone suggested I use the spoiler tag, which I've done for all the previous posts with an actual story. Hope that makes navigating easier for you all.

    Finally, a story. This is basically my take on Vaesark's Vera set, found here. A little darker than what I usually, but it matches with the tone of Vaesark's work. This will lack a spoiler tag until the next post. Enjoy.

    ! * * *
    ! Vera was a healer in the local village, with some other magic talents on hand if necessary. The high elf was well-liked by the villagers, and could be trusted with medical issues of any kind, be it elf, human, or other related species. From time to time, she would aid adventurers on their quest to handle one matter or another, and was shown to be kind and just, asking for little compensation.
    ! However, Vera was also well-liked by the monsters in the area as well. It was her secret: After a certain incident some time ago, her desires had changed. Since then, she often went on day-long trips to find ingredients for obscure healing potions. While she did find those ingredients, they were never far from the village, and she knew where they were exactly. Instead, she spent most of the time in the monsters' nest not far from the village, where the creatures would take turns ravishing her. While her actions have made the creatures ambivalent to the village, she did not do it for their sake, but to satiate her own desires. In fact, she tried to go visit the monsters as much as she could without raising suspicions. If she was lucky, she visited a few times a week, though the average is once a week.
    ! This was one such occasion. On a quest to find nectarine root, it just so happens it was near the monsters' nest to begin with, which made this trip easier. Still, she had to wear her healer vestments to provide cover: Sometimes, she could get away with wearing a simple robe and nothing else. She walked into the cave, and the monsters, while leering and making disgusting comments that only seemed to heighten her lust, let her walk to their inner sanctum unmolested. That was the rule, partly to keep villagers from noticing, but mainly because she got off on putting on a show for dozens of these creatures.
    ! While Vera walked in, she chanted a spell. It was a complex healing spell she has tinkered with since she first started laying with the monsters that now served multiple purposes. The first was not obvious, but there: Her cunt began to flood, unnoticed by most except her. By the time she completed the spell, she was in the sanctum. There stood a grey ogre she knew. "Piruk, darling!" she exclaimed, throwing her arms around him. "It has been a while."
    "Ah, our little elf slut," the creature said. "You look delectable today."
    "Oh, you just say that to all the women you ravish." Nuzzling her head against his, she then asked, "Shall we begin?"
    The creature gave a nod, and they moved to kiss. Vera relished her perversion enough that she found the coarse tongue and foul breath of the creature pleasant. She sometimes imagined herself being a monster among them. It did not take long for the ogre's massive cock to harden. Vera responded quickly by getting on her knees and stroking the thick member, taking off her skirt in the process. She enjoyed the musty flavor his dirty cock gave off, taking time to appreciate all the places he must've been to give off this taste.
    Getting heady from all the smells and tastes, Vera stood up, and took off her metallic c-string. Standing eagerly, she let Piruk tease her a little. Letting a little moan, she innocently asked, "Is the Dragon Lord here?"
    Piruk said, "He's out flying, but he'll be back soon. Why, do you want him to eat you?"
    "Not yet!" she giggled. "My promise to him was when I was ready."
    The ogre laughed. "I'm only teasing you, slut."
    "Like you are with that cock of yours? Put it in me now!"
    Needing no further instruction, he thrust into her pussy with force, letting out a yelp from Vera. Two more effects from the spell went into play as she ripped off her top. The first allowed her internal muscles and organs to be stretched to an extreme degree. The other instantly healed any internal damage from any thrust, with an inadvertent side effect of increasing her pleasure. Taking in half of the ogre's cock while standing, she remembered how her first sexual encounter with a monster was very similar to this one, and led her joyfully down this road to utter perversion.
    Wanting more, she got on her hands and knees to fully take in and appreciate the creature's member. Initially being thrusted with Piruk's hands, she eventually moved to her own rhythm, her ass bouncing off the ogre's abs. She could feel him getting close, and rubbing her stretched belly, she pushed herself to the brink. Just as he hardened to cum, she had her first real orgasm: Her insides became like electric gel, twisting and churning and letting off sparks exploding in the back of her head. She kept feeling it to a lesser degree as the orgasm dissipated. The spell's fourth effect had something to do with it: It amplified her orgasms, and helped her maintain it. She fell to the ground, letting Piruk's cum leak to the floor.
    ! After spending some time on the ground, Vera flipped over and spread her legs, opening herself to the next monster. That monster took the form of a minotaur of sorts, with a bull's cock of extraordinary length. Please at what she was seeing, she moved closer, and nudged her pussy against the head of it. "Come on," she said. "Show this cunt what you're made of."
    The minotaur responded with a sharp push into her pussy. She was amazed at how deep it went: She could feel it rub against her stomach and other organs as the minotaur pulled her further down his giant shaft.
    Sadly for her, the spell had yet to be perfected. Thus, her body could only be stretched so much. Still, the feeling of being impaled by such a magnificent member compelled her to keep trying. The minotaur pulled her up, and she bounced up and down on the giant shaft until she had a second orgasm, a bit more powerful than the first. The minotaur withdrew as she spasmed on the floor from the sensations flowing through her. That was another rule: After at least one partner cums, a new monster would be rotated in, so that way everyone had a fair share.
    ! It would not be long before the next monster stepped up, and this one was quite memorable: A mutated giant, one of its arms deformed. More importantly, though, he had two functioning cocks, stiffer than rocks, conveniently positioned at mouth level. Vera took advantage of that after standing up by giving them both some strokes and licks. Underneath the smegma and build-up, she could appreciate the leathery weirdness of it all. The smegma itself wasn't that bad, either: A bit sweet, somewhat bitter, too.
    The mutant wanted more than that, of course, and so lifted the elf slut up from the ground and turned her around. Knowing what was ahead, she grabbed the two cocks behind her, and guided them into her pussy and asshole. While she doesn't mind a more than one member in her asshole or pussy from time to time, she wanted to stay tight for the time being. It was enough as it is to feel those two members enter her at once, a mutation she wished appeared more often. Moaning from the pleasure, she enjoyed the strange feeling of dangling high above the ground with only two cocks holding her up, feeling them stretch against her belly.
    However, what the mutant had in size he lacked in technique. So she eventually got down, and got him to lie down, impaling herself on top of the cocks. That felt much better to her than before, and she rode on top of the cocks for some time, milking all the pleasure that she could. For his part, the mutant saw what she was doing treated her like a cock-sleeve, shoving her up and down his thick members for a pleasure that he rarely feels among the maidens he wantonly violates.
    ! However, their fun did not last long. A mighty roar shook the nest, clearing the room of monsters in short order. The mutant himself, not wishing to entangle himself, got up and sauntered off as quickly as he could. The reason soon came flying around the sanctum: A massive, magnificent dragon, the Dragon Lord, had returned home to rest as boss of the nest.
    When the Dragon Lord landed, Vera rushed up to him and planted a kiss on his rough chin. "My lord!" she exclaimed. "I'm so happy to see you again."
    "Oh, my delicious morsel," the dragon said, in a deep tone that reverberated throughout the sanctum, and somehow made her wetter. "The pleasure is mine. How many did you let inside you today?"
    "Only three," she said. "Four, if you count the mutant's two shafts." She walked towards his gigantic cock, already hard as a stone.
    "I should have stayed out longer." He gave a hearty laugh. "You're such a beast when you've had a dozen. It's beautiful."
    "I'm still good at it now, you know." With that, she began licking the meaty member, being just as savory as the first time she came near the dragon. "Where would you like to put it in today?"
    "I was thinking your asshole."
    She smiled. "Very well." After a quick chant to reinforce her spell, she let the dragon lift her up and position her ass above his cock.
    Before he put it in, the Dragon Lord looked at his concubine and asked, "What are you?"
    "I'm an elven slut, and I'm proud of it."
    "Who do you serve?"
    "You, my lord, and the monsters of this nest."
    "What is your purpose?"
    "To be used and abused by you for whatever sexual desires you may have." Her voice was panting, her eyes filled with want, eagerly awaiting her impalement.
    "What do you promise?"
    "If the human world shuns me or vice versa, I will become your willing slave."
    "Very good." He gave an approximate smile. "Here is your reward."
    With that, he shoved his cock deep into her ass, stretching her the widest she has ever been. The pleasure from such stretching stunned her. While her body could only tolerate about a third of his cock with the spell, it was still a very filling experience. That's what made her enjoy coming here: She knew that, even she fucked 20 monsters, she was guaranteed to be stuffed by the Dragon Lord.
    Meanwhile, the Dragon Lord held her still, thrusting her with surprising ease. The nice benefit of the spell she cast was that some of its effects transferred to the partner. This would allow him to release his seed in her, despite only being able to fit a small amount of his member.
    And release his seed, he did: As she came one last fiery time, she clenched the dragon's cock like two giant boulders squished together. He pumped his seed in for over a minute, watching her belly inflate to the size of a pregnant woman's. Meanwhile, the elf rode her orgasm like the rapids that bound the northern frontier. She let out a stream of her own cum, despite her pussy being left alone for this last fuck, and her own body felt like it melted into water itself.
    ! When Vera came to, she was splayed on the ground, dragon seed still spewing out of her asshole. She felt warm inside, and even comfortable, despite laying on cold stone floor. She need not worry about impregnation: The spell's final effect was contraceptive. While she wouldn't mind being impregnated by these beasts, she doubt her body would be able to handle a hybrid pregnancy.
    ! She looked wistfully at the nearby font. If and when she wanted to become their slave, her first step would be to drink from that font. The liquid would transform and corrupt her body, making her even more effective as a slut for these at the cost of losing aspects of her elven identity. Being pregnant with these monsters would also be easier. She could start the process right now, or at any time, just by going over there. As per usual, she let the thought pass with the afterglow.
    ! The Dragon Lord, laying nearby, saw what she was looking at. "You know," he goaded, "You could start now."
    She smiled. "I know," she said, "but not today."
    "You delay the inevitable," he responded with a snort.
    "And it is my choice." She stood up, collecting her clothes. "I want to be your slave, but I still have much to do out there. No point in making rash decisions after sex."
    "Perhaps." he said. "I await the day."
    "As do I, my lord," she said with a wink. "We have a very long life ahead of us. I trust you to be patient."
    The dragon nodded.
    "After all," she said with a mischievous grin, "You still want to eat me someday."
    The dragon snorted with a laugh. "I wasn't serious. Besides, how would you be able to become my slave?"
    "I'm working on that. Everything in due time, my lord." With that, Vera wandered off, back into the world she knows.
    ! * * *

  • Thanks for feedback! Yeah, I'm still grateful that Daniella still got what she wanted/deserved, so no worries that there wasn't a gangbang. There can be room for that in the next series. ;)

    I will email you through A3D to discuss idea trading in a little bit.

  • OMG. That was really really hot! and you pretty much read my mind about how Daniella's story was going to end ( more or less) I didn't have time for a big crazy gangbang scene unfortunately.

    To be honest I hadn't thought of how to follow up on Daniella's story after she discovers whats going on at the Ashbury Health Retreat and subsequently gets fucked silly.

    I'll have to do a follow up on her at the start of series 2. I also haven't decided how to keep the school involved but your story has definitely given me some new ideas to think about.

    Why I have planned for series 2, was basically exploring this idea of a Private Health Resort that is secretly a Sex Club for wealthy women who are interested in hermaphrodites. and I still haven't thought of a name for series 2.

    Anyway I really like your writing and I'd love to trade ideas with you on the comic.

  • So, I decided to put Winter Solstice on hold, simply because it needs to be overhauled, completely, and I want to focus on other things. It just doesn't sound right (and gah, that name…)

    The Alleyway I am going to add a scene to at the beginning to intensify the titillation, and rewrite the monologue at the ending because it sounds too expository. I will likely post it elsewhere though.

    In the meantime, though, here's a quick diddy. Just want to see how short a sex story I can make.

    ! * * *
    ! Locked. The two look at each other, knives in their eyes. Hate. They're stuck here. Everyone was sick of their fighting, so they put them in here to settle. One yells, the other screams. The blame game yields nothing. The anger drips, the bloodlust rises.
    ! She throws the first punch. They're both brawlers. He counters, then a jab. No elegance, no style. Only emotion. Punches are thrown, a few connect. She suddenly staggers. A pin down follows, but she's been through this before. He goes a little too tight, then loosens.
    ! She throws him back…but he was gripping her blouse. Shreds of thread on the floor. No bra. Her breasts, exposed, hardening despite her anger. She lunges, throws a few kicks in, before he throws her to the side. More punches. They box, with a few cheap shots stunning them. Finally, she counters a hook, causing him to spin. She grabs his pants. He hits the wall
    ! He wears no belt. Pants down, a gleaming hardness sticks out. She goes for a quick stomp. He rolls the last second, elbows her knee, and she stumbles backward.
    ! He stands, then takes off his pants quickly. Then, a unique gesture, and he removes his shirt. She groans, but acknowledges and removes her dress, stockings, and heels. The rules change. Bloodlust combines with lust, their bodies naked and filled with determination and anticipation. It's simple: No coitus, no oral, no anal. No cheap hits, no cheating tactics. First one to cum loses.
    ! He charges. She tries to trip him, but he deftly skips over. A grip of a tit. He tries to get behind, but she spins, though not without him getting a pinch and a slight gasp. They circle. She rolls forward, gives him a yank. He stumbles, and she pins him down, knee on back, hand stroking his main weakness. He grumbles and grunts. Regaining composure, he thrusts backward, sending her backward.
    ! More circling. Another roll from her, but this time he's on her ball. A lift, and a finger impales into her main weakness, sopping wet. She shrieks. Another finger joins, and begins thrusting, causing things to drip. She moans. But she grabs the hand, refusing to yield, pulls out, and flips over him.
    ! Getting behind him, she binds his arms with hers. One hand on the main weakness, the other on his balls. Squeeze, tug, squeeze, massage. She lathers her hand in her wetness to lubricate the member. He feels it build and tries to shake her off, but she's strong. Then, her hand slips, and he throws her aside, sending her reeling.
    ! He rushes. Three fingers are in her before she can recover. Grinding. She is starting to feel it. He growls, and adds a fourth finger, his hand a thrusting spear, while grabbing her breast and giving it a rough massage. But her mind fiercely resists, and she rolls and knees his head.
    ! He tumbles, she pins him down. A 69, only her pussy drips on his sternum, and her feet push back his chin. She slides her breasts up and down his actual spear. He feels it coming close...he's not going down from a titjob. Arms win out, and he lifts and flips her over.
    ! Wetness slides onto a fist, and a punch nearly breaks her. Any other occasion, she would yield: Nothing gets her off better than rapid punches. But she cannot lose. Not when it's so close. Yet no body cooperation. She rides it, moaning loudly. The wave is on the horizon. The fuse is close to the powderkeg. She's at the edge...
    ! He winds up. He knows this will seal it for her. Hubris. A leap, she pins his fist, and gets on his back. Arms wrapped around the chest. Feet around cock. Only five seconds, and a few spurts come out. She falls backward, victorious.
    ! He turns around, furious, still hard. A devious smile, she spreads, welcoming his wrath. Impalement. Thrusting. Fury. Her hair pulled back, a cock in her ass. She roars with him, not against him, despite her words. Pain is joy: She has power over him. The first orgasm: Another wind-up punch, nearly breaking into her cervix. The second: The anal barrage, his cum dripping out slowly. Satisfaction.
    ! An hour passes. Unlocked. A guest asks if they're okay. Nods all around. They leave. Nothing changes, for hatred is lust. And he wants to win, for once.
    ! * * *
    Under 750 words. I think I did pretty good there.

  • Many thanks, Blain. I really appreciate the sentiment. :3

    Originally, I was going to move on to finishing up "Winter Solstice," but I couldn't get this scenario of my head of continuing Daniella's conclusion, with Geena (the nurse in Saint Irene) getting involved. So I just rolled through it over the last several hours. I hope you enjoy.

    ! * * *
    ! Ms. Geena Schwarz had just arrived to the research lab at the Retreat. The nurse did not notice the headmistress' car in the parking lot, too focused on the matter at hand: The first benefactor of the Retreat to have received a "conversion" (as they were calling the process of growing a dick) was to officially finish her conversion tonight. She was intrepid: While the process worked on her and two of the lab researchers, she could not be certain that this was a 100% reliable formula. More importantly, though, she was hoping her revision on a new formula was also complete, assuming the researchers weren't fucking themselves silly whenever the opportunity presented itself.
    ! Ms. Schwarz entered the lab in full get-up, and walked over to her desk, where her superior in the lab was waiting for her. "Dr. Mendel, how are you?" Ms. Schwarz played up her greeting. "How is our patient?"
    ! "Mrs. Chaffee is sleeping, but by the time she awakes, the process will be complete. She'll want to do some testing, of course." Dr. Mendel let out a chuckle. "I'm assuming you want to know about the formula?"
    ! "Yes." Ms. Schwarz, while lacking the credentials, was still skilled in biopharmaceuticals, and felt proud of her work.
    ! "We ran 42 simulations…it should work, based on your suggestions. We'll see. I'm making a test sample right now, should be ready in about an hour for one of the volunteer researchers."
    ! "Good." Geena then heard a muffled scream. "What was that? Are the researchers fucking themselves silly again?"
    ! "Actually, no," Dr. Mendel said as they walked toward the window overlooking the main lab. "One of the researchers caught someone sneaking around. They're having a field day with her as punishment. Though I could swear that they stopped "punishing" long ago, and are merely just enjoying a gangbang."
    ! "I'll bet," the nurse said, smiling. However, as she looked down on the group, her face turned to shock. That hair style, those glasses, those legs…there was no mistaking it. Her boss at Saint Irene, that uppity bitch of a headmistress who looked for every opportunity to undermine her research and get rid of those "freaks" that were under her protection, was now the centerpiece of an airtight foursome with three of those "freaks." And she was having the time of her life with them. Geena could not help but feel horrified that they had been found out, and envious that she wasn't personally there to punish that delicious pussy of hers. The confusion only made her own penis harden.
    ! "Wow, she is really enjoying those futas." Dr. Mendel liked using the shorthand Japanophile term for hermaphrodites when not writing about them in her research for the retreat. "It's a shame security will eliminate her once…"
    ! "We cannot eliminate her." Ms. Schwarz turned with a look of apprehension. "Eliminating her specifically will only draw attention to us. We cannot risk this project being exposed to the public because this woman wound up a vegetable for discovering it."
    ! "Are you saying you know her?" Dr. Mendel spoke in an accusatory tone, and Ms. Schwarz could not help but shrivel up and nod. "Dammit, Schwarz! This project now faces ruin because of your carelessness. If we can't eliminate her, then what are we supposed to do? Bribe her? No doubt she'll leak this to the public."
    ! "Give me a moment, I'll figure something out." Her view of the spectacular gangbang just stiffened her more. Then, she had an idea. "I'll deal with her personally. But I'll need your help."
    ! –-
    ! Daniella woke up in a tub of some kind. Above her stood the three lab researchers, stroking their dicks, discussing a matter amongst themselves.
    ! "Can we release on her?"
    ! "Is that really necessary?"
    ! "Well, it'd be fun."
    ! "But we should be measuring output in the tub, and she's in it!"
    ! "It's fine. Our rings have sensors that detect output."
    ! "So why is she here?"
    ! "We should test the effects of our semen on a post-coital woman. Our previous test subjects were still in a full state of arousal. Her current state is afterglow arousal."
    ! They were right. Daniella was feeling refreshed, and somewhat aroused, remember the amazing amount of sex she just had. But she could sense the headmistress in her reasserting itself, trying to figure out some way to explain away this mess, and get out of here clean. Still, the thought of a cum bath, even coming from these freaks, would probably feel like a nice end to all this. She got up, kneeled in a posit, opened her mouth, and awaited the result.
    ! Nodding in agreement, the three researchers disengaged their cock rings and gave their final tugs. Clarkson was the first to cum, predictably from behind. Daniella gasped as the cum landed on her back and buttocks. As she pulled her head back, a significant amount of semen began landing in her hair. Granted, this is not the first time she's taken a cumshot, and getting it in the hair was really annoying, but the semen felt different this time. It felt incredibly nice and tingly, if sticky. This time, she didn't mind at all, and leaned forward a little to let some land on the backs of her legs and soles of her feet.
    ! Fink was next, taking the front. She blasted her load, less than the others but still very significant. Daniella could feel the whole front of her body get coated in Fink's semen. It still felt tingly and warm, and the aroma made her heady and aroused yet again. She could feel her nipples perk up again, and let the cum slide down her thighs and over her pussy. She moaned and cooed as Fink finished up.
    ! Pilsen was last, but not least: In fact, her load was quite a bit more than Clarkson's. The first blast of ejaculate covered Daniella's face in quick order. It came so fast, she did not have time to blink, and thus got hit in the eyes, despite her glasses (which also got covered). However, the semen felt strangely pleasant in her eyes, so she let it stay. She let some dribble into her mouth. The savory flavor she tasted before now had a hint of licorice and honey, maybe paprika. She licked her fingers from Clarkson's load on her back, and tasted very unique flavors as well. Pilsen, intent on a "clean
    ! The scientific bukkake lasted a minute. But Daniella would not have minded if it were more than that. Hell, if there were some way, some means to get ten of these fr…hermaphrodites into the same room and do the same thing, they could probably fill a small tub. How she would love to submerge herself in that tub. Still, it felt wonderful and titillating to be coated in hermaphroditic semen. It may have even felt…rejuvenating.
    ! "650 mL, well above anyone's average," Pilsen said, reading off her cock ring.
    ! "I got 500 mL…seems standard for our type," Clarkson said, reading off hers.
    ! Fink grimaced. "300 mL. Still high, but not as much as I usually do."
    ! "To be fair, you did blow a load in her mouth before you brought her before us…"
    ! "Okay, that's enough." Another voice entered the room. That voice broke the serene reverie Daniella felt, and replaced it with sheer terror. She turned, and on the corner of her glasses, she saw her nemesis, nurse Geena Schwarz, standing, arms akimbo, brow furrowed. She had been caught not only in the midst of a very compromising position, but she was caught in the midst of those hermaphrodites. Strange, she couldn't bring herself to call them freaks anymore. "I know you guys love a good shag, but you really violated protocol this time by copulating with a non-volunteer, especially one who is likely to leak this project to the public. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Get yourselves cleaned up and prepped for Mrs. Chaffee." They shuffled off, and Daniella attempted to make a move.
    ! "You stay put, Daniella." Geena's eyes glared with anger. "You obviously violated my privacy, my students' confidentiality, and breached a top-secret, handsomely-funded project that'll now become a scandal because people won't be prepared for the implications! And for what?"
    ! Daniella stood up. The headmistress in her reasserted itself. "How dare you speak to me like that! I was investigating your little…scheme. I was trying to find out why you were so obsessed with those sexually depraved…freaks and kept them so close." She looks down, and smiles deviously, seeing something poking out of Geena's skirt. "And you have been hiding so much from me. I mean, my my, it looks like you've become one of them."
    ! "You have no right to call us freaks, you dirty slut!" The nurse's words pierced Daniella's put-together armor. "Look at you. The haughty, uptight headmistress of the Saint Irene School For Girls, ordering me around, not ten minutes after you were in the midst of three, THREE hermaphrodites servicing and pleasuring every one of your orifices like a bitch in heat. How disgusting. Not to mention it was all recorded!"
    ! Daniella felt a deeper anguish than ever before. Never before had she been shot down like this. "There's no way out of this one, Headmistress." Geena tilted her head, cocksure in her victory. "You even try to leave here now, the tapes leak. We have more than enough money to establish plausible deniability, and our project will go on. Meanwhile, you'll spend the rest of your life being known as the 'middle-aged slut who loves dickgirls,' and your career will be done for. However, you stay and cooperate with me, your career survives intact. The Retreat might be able to even boost your career. What do you say?"
    ! Geena was right. Daniella the Headmistress had lost her fight against the hermaphrodites. She lost because, in the end, she let her career overrule her desire. Had she even had some regularity with her sex life, rather than be a frigid woman whose only release was through hardcore porn, she would have never gotten into this situation. Hell, she might have not even cared about Miaka, Lisa, and Kim being hermaphrodites, and thus left the nurse alone. But she got obsessed about them instead. And why? There was really no reason for it. Unless…
    ! "What do you say? I don't have a lot of time here. You're very lucky we didn't have security lobotomize you and put you into an institution."
    ! Daniella was torn. Then she looked at Geena's cock once more, and decided to took off the mask again. If she was going to lose to Geena, she would lose on her terms. She got up, and removed the elastic from her hair. She lathered the still wet semen through her hair, letting out a pleasant moan while styling her hair to have a wild, seductively bestial look to it. She then took off her glasses, and advanced toward the nurse, her eyes filled with hunger.
    ! "What…what are you doing? Tell me your answer!" Geena shouted. She retreated, feeling anxious and aroused. Never had she seen the headmistress like this before. So dominant, so fierce, so damn sexy. The nurse's cock betrayed her fear. Even though they were about the same height, the naked, semen-coated Daniella seemed to tower over Ms. Schwarz as she advanced closer and closer in a strut that was meant to tease and seduce. Soon, her back was to the wall, and the two were inches apart.
    ! "Y-y-your answer, headmistress?" Geena said, squirming.
    ! "My answer is this: Fuck me as hard as you can, cunt." With that, Daniella lunged and pressed her mouth against Geena's. The nurse was shocked by the intense passion exhibited by the headmistress, but soon melted away and reacted, tangling their tongues together as much as they could. Meanwhile, Daniella let a free hand find the zipper to Geena's skirt, pressing her body hard against that member of her's. Quickly, the skirt and panties fell. She was pleased to see that the cock also had a cock ring attached, as though the nurse were planning to fuck her for a while anyway. Daniella dropped to her knees and licked the rock-hard cock, occasionally deep throating it to the base.
    ! While Daniella performed fellatio, Geena took off her blouse and bra, and kicked her shoes to the side. "Oh my god, this is so good," Geena said, rolling her eyes while fondling her tits. "Never knew you were that much a slut, Daniella." Unlike before, the headmistress merely got aroused at being called a slut, which she was one proud to be. As it stood, she was enjoying the nurse's penis the most out of all that she had in the last hour or so: Just the right thickness, length, and vascular texture to get her off in any hole she pleases.
    ! After a moment, Daniella got back up and kissed Geena again, this time tenderly, and removed the latter's hairpins, letting her hair down. She then placed her hands up against the wall, and stuck her ass outward. "Hurry, you cunt," she said breathily. "Hurry and stick your freak cock in me."
    ! Needing no further instruction, Geena positioned herself, and then slammed herself against her frenzied boss. "Oh, yes, so good," Daniella yelped, while Geena responded with a gleeful "So tight." After a few seconds of adjusting, Geena began to move, slowly. "Harder, cunt!" the headmistress yelled. Geena began moving like a piston to answer that cry, and Daniella growled in appreciation.
    ! Within moments, the nurse was thrusting with enough reach to be scraping the cervix, and pressed herself on Daniella's back, playing with the other's tits in the process. "How's my cock, you slut?" The nurse said. "Mmm, go deeper, and you'll find out," Daniella said, biting her lip. Geena tried, and after several attempts, finally broke through the headmistress's cervix, entering her womb. She shrieked for joy.
    "How's my cock now? How's my cock now?" Ms. Schwarz was getting into as much a frenzy as her captive was.
    "The best," Daniella said.
    "Tell me how it's the best."
    "It's the best."
    Geena stopped mid-thrust. "Tell. Me. How."
    "It…It's better than any man cock I had. I'm done with men. I only want your girl cock in me! I want your girl cock!"
    Geena gave off a big grin, and thrusted even deeper, letting out a yelp in the fallen headmistress.
    ! The nurse then turned Daniella around, and lifted her up, before impaling her on her long shaft and pressing her against the wall. Daniella let out a long moan of encouragement. Geena then looked down as she pumped into her, and smiled. "Look down, whore," she said, "you like what you see?" The headmistress, her body on fire with sensation, looked down, and saw a bump that disappeared and reappeared in rhythm. "Oh fuck, my belly's bulging from your girl cock. I love it, I love it, I love it!" Daniella said before passionately locking lips with Geena again.
    ! Soon, Daniella felt close to climaxing again. "I'm almost there, I'm almost there, oh God, take me there," she yelped. "You want me to cum?" Geena asked. "Yes," said Daniella. "You want me to cum inside?" Geena dared. "Fuck yes, impregnate me, fill me with your girl spunk," was all the headmistress could say. With a swift motion, the nurse disengaged her cock ring. Just then, the fire behind Daniella's eyes exploded, and her eyes rolled almost behind her head as she experienced an orgasm more intense than her previous gangbang climax. She even began to squirt out wetness while clamping Geena's cock so tightly that the nurse didn't need to hold her up as she spurted large amounts of semen into her womb. Unexpectedly, Geena also experienced an intense orgasm while pressing herself against her boss. Their screams and moans filled the room, and both almost blacked out from the sheer intensity of pleasure that was coursing through their bodies.
    ! Finally, Geena laid Daniella down to the floor, and semen gushed out of her pussy like a percolator. Putting her in the right position, Geena sucked up as much semen as she could into her mouth, pleasuring the headmistress just a bit. Finally, filling her mouth with the spunk she secretly enjoyed, Ms. Schwarz transferred it into Daniella's mouth in one final sloppy but somewhat romantic kiss.
    ! * * *

    Good End:

    ! * * *
    ! Some time later, Daniella was finally able to get up. That was more than enough sex to satiate her for a while, but still, it was all so pleasant to have that feeling again.
    ! "Hold it, there." Geena Schwarz sat nearby, back in her full get-up. "While I loved the experience we had here, that does not let you off the hook. The Retreat will still want your cooperation."
    "I understand, I'll cooperate." Daniella furrowed her brow as she went over to grab her clothes. "What will it entail?"
    "Well, for starters, the Retreat will likely want to take over Saint Irene." Geena said, looking down. "Now, this does mean that you'll lose control of the school…"
    "Good. Don't want that Chaffee banshee coming anywhere near my school. She'll follow any education reform fad."
    "…But it will mean some rules will change. For one, you will accept all hermaphrodites, and have a policy that favors enrollment of hermaphrodites and women who wish to become hermaphrodites as soon as our project reaches a critical mass."
    Considering what just happened, Headmistress Daniella's disgust for hermaphrodites has all but washed away. "I'm okay with that. Anything else?"
    "They'll also likely want to cull some students for testing in their research wing, both female and hermaphrodite. We need test subjects badly."
    The headmistress grimaced. "I do not feel comfortable turning some of my students into guinea pigs."
    "It will be strictly voluntary, though we may do some nudging to fill quotas."
    "Fine, I'll allow it…Under a few conditions."
    Despite the excessive amount of semen on Daniella's body, she makes an effort to put back on her clothes. "First, I have free access to all facilities." She shivers at the thought.
    "That can be arranged."
    "Second, the Retreat supplies me with additional funding for the school." She thought about how the gym needed renovations, and the likelihood of intermingling females and hermaphrodites made her think that she needed to make some shower and bathroom adjustments.
    "They'll be hesitant, but I'll see to it that they do that."
    "Third, I am given carte blanche to fuck you wherever and whenever I please."
    "Wait, what?" Geena was shocked. "I mean, the sex was amazing, don't get me wrong, but…"
    "Why can't we have more of that? You know I'm under enough pressure as it is, and this such a reliever. I promise you'll never have to use a condom. We can also do kinky things, if you want."
    "Fine, fine. What else is there?"
    "Just one more thing. Take responsibility of the child I'll bear."
    "WHAAAAT." Geena was wordless. "How can you be so sure?"
    "I'm not sure," Daniella said, putting her elastic back in her hair to resume some form of shape as it did before she went on her fucking rampage. "But if it is, I want us to share responsibility."
    "And if it's a hermaphrodite?"
    "We'll make her the prettiest and proudest hermaphrodite in the region." Daniella smiled as she wiped the semen off her glasses and put them back on.
    Geena felt reassured. "Then it's a deal, Headmistress. I'll settle matters with the Retreat. Expect a lot of paperwork in the next few days."
    "Let us seal the deal then, Ms. Schwarz."
    "With what?"
    The headmistress looked shy. "A kiss."
    Giggling, Geena went in and gave the headmistress a long, impressive kiss.
    "Thank you, Geena." Daniella began to leave. "Oh, and by the way."
    "You can call me Dani."
    ! * * *

    Normal End…?

    ! * * *
    ! Daniella finally woke up after what felt like half an hour. That was likely the most intense experience in her life. And despite the fact that she had all but given up her principles in doing so, she would do everything over again. She smiled, and fondled herself weakly as she reminisced about the nasty things that were done to her in the last couple hours. Still, she struggled to figure out what to do next.
    ! "Oh, you're awake," said Geena. "Good. I was wondering if you decided to take a nap."
    ! "Shush," said the headmistress. "You probably slept too."
    ! "I couldn't, actually."
    ! "But no matter, Ms. Schwarz. You won this one."
    ! "Hmm?"
    ! "You won my cooperation. I'll be your little slave. Honestly, you should have fucked me the first chance you had." Daniella looked wistfully at the ceiling.
    ! Geena snorted, then laughed. "I won already? Who says I won yet?"
    ! Daniella grew concerned. "Wh-what do you mean? I'm not joking."
    ! "And I'm not joking either. While that was the best fuck I've ever had, that doesn't mean you decide what it means to cooperate."
    ! "What are you talking about? Doesn't this work? I promise I won't say anything about this. I meant it when I said I loved your girl cock." The headmistress in her could not believe she was saying those words.
    ! "Not really." Geena opened a case. "Who is to say that, oh, 6 or 7 months down the line, you will get sick of me and run off and tell the world of our secret project to allow women to turn into sexually fertile hermaphrodites?"
    ! "I promise I won't," Daniella started to beg, scared of what Geena was trying to do.
    ! "Promises are easily broken." Geena looked grim. "We need to ensure your compliance and cooperation."
    ! "H-h-how would you do that?" Daniella feared the worst, yet for some reason was aroused at the thought of being forced to comply.
    ! "Simple." The nurse pulls out a syringe filled with a red liquid. "This is a test sample of the revised formula that we've developed in the last month. The current conversion formula requires continued dosing for a period of about 2 months, as you may have saw in the reports that you snooped. The Ashbury Private Health Retreat's benefactors, especially those interested in conversion, wish to cut down that time significantly. So, using a fast-acting viral payload to alter specific organ functions, as well as a higher concentration of nanomachines, stem cells, and a hormone cocktail designed to stimulate and accelerate growth of male reproductive organs, we believe this new formula can complete the conversion process in approximately two days."
    ! Daniella once again could hear her mind, the headmistress in her, screaming bloody murder. She knew what was going to happen, and her body was too weak to escape this fate. So why was her body, rather than shuddering, feeling so horny and writhing about, as if anticipating this?
    ! "Our volunteer count has been incredibly low lately, and the benefactors have no interest in being guinea pigs." Geena approached the headmistress. "Your attempts at sneaking around presented us with an opportunity."
    ! Daniella understood, the headmistress in her despaired. "Wh-why are you doing this to me?"
    ! "Oh, Daniella." Geena kneeled in front of her target. "After all those years of harassing Kim, Lisa, and Miaka, and obsessing over the purity of the school, I think it's time you experienced what it is like to be a 'freak.' Still, I wonder…why did you obsess over us? Was it because you were really concerned about the school's reputation?"
    ! The headmistress did not respond, though in her thoughts she agreed in reassurance.
    ! "Was it because you worried for your career for taking in such 'special' women?"
    ! The headmistress reacted more to this.
    ! "Or was it that maybe, just maybe, deep down inside, you resented them being hermaphrodites out of your own desire to become one?"
    ! Daniella spasmed strongly to this. She could hear her thoughts so loudly, trying to hide that base desire. But it was there. A desire to have both. So many years of sexual repression led her to this base desire. The mask finally just fell off on its own. Despite her conscience telling otherwise, she muttered, "Yes…all of them."
    ! "I'm glad you're honest." Geena smiled, and stroked Daniella's cheek. "Makes this a less painful experience for the both of us."
    ! Still, Daniella frowned. "What if it fails?"
    ! "The nanomachines double as a fail-safe," the nurse responded. "If we suspect the process is failing, we can trigger immunity response to suppress the viruses and render the stem cells harmless."
    ! "Okay. Do what you must, then." Daniella bit her lip, partly out of fear, mostly out of desire.
    ! "Very well." Geena gave her a long kiss that she withdrew slowly from. "Let this be the key to your desire." She positioned her syringe above the fallen headmistress' belly-button. Daniella reacted by raising her torso, unconsciously, to meet it.
    ! A pin prick, a gasp, and a moan, and thus began Daniella's end as a pure female. The headmistress felt shock, but she did not know if it was because it was happening, or that all these years of repression and obsession were prologue for this precise moment: Her true sexual awakening.
    ! * * *

    That's it for now. Might write a much smaller segment documenting Daniella's transformation process, but we'll see. Originally, the normal end was supposed to be how it ends, but I wanted to give people the option that she got away with it, somewhat, without having to necessarily turn into a futa. So, midway through the story, I came up with the conclusion that she (and her school) become a willing puppet to the Retreat's machinations. I suppose that's as good an ending as any.

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