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  • PGDM in Marketing covers various aspects related to Marketing Management, Marketing Research. IMTH is one of the best PGDM in Marketing Management in Hyderabad. PGDM Marketing also takes into consideration the strategic role of e-business in improving the marketing function of a firm. In the world marketing environment subject to intense competition and rapid Internet-induced changes, an organization's competitive advantage depends on key strategic marketing decisions. This program gives decision-makers a strong foundation in marketing concepts and skills, hence honing their decision-making and problem-solving skills. The PGDM program has been designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to successfully compete in a dynamic world. Starting with the fundamental concepts of business, the PGDM program enables students to appreciate the application of theory in practice through case studies, simulation exercises, an internship project and other fascinating modes of learning. For more details please visit our website.

  • I use Poser for dynamic clothing.
    I somehow cannot get enough of that.

    Dynamic clothing draped over lovely ladies of course.

  • I do like the idea of scenery and some story, roleplay, etc.

    Because I live near wine country I often find myself fantasizing about what is essentially a fancy winery restaurant scene where 3D hotties work.

    I have known that my CURRENT machine is actually quite capable of utilizing DAZ3D, but it's against my better judgment to install and use with how badly I've fucked up my machine. At the least a new HD and clean OS that isn't rotting or that has parts of a worm lodged in its deeper files. I learned the hard way: Don't EVER forget to make a backup of your OS.

    But back to the subject at hand: Yes I could use it to make quite a few things I dream up. Places I consistently dream which do not otherwise exist in reality. It's weird because I dream but it's like I just go to an alternate world or dimension when I dream.

    In fact I got sleep paralysis once and had an out of body experience. It was frrrrrreaky being basically in reality but of an alternate dimension, trying to wake myself up but being unable to until I could remember my body and find it.

  • administrators

    idk, don't really get a kick out of rendering landscapes and furniture… so no I'm sticking with the fun bits :D

  • I don't do porn renders, so yeah. I'm using it for other purposes.

  • I use Poser 50% for porn and 50% for normal renders :)

  • Since the beginning, I used it to make porn. :D

    But there are some stuff I've done that are completely not related to porn in any way.

  • I think the half of my renders are no porn as you could see in my thread or on my website.

  • Yes. I used Poser from its second iteration until 2009 for doing regular renderings, so that would have been 13 years of no porn.

  • well, sometimes I make pics whcih are not porn related, my orignal plan when I start with Daz was to make background pics for my desktop, you know like gamewallpapers, so there are every now and then pics which doesn't have to do with porn.^^

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