Top Business School in Hyderabad

  • IMT is one of the Top Business schools in Hyderabad. IMT is offering management education keeping pace with the Global MBA environment. The MBA colleges have either been accredited with one or more international accreditations or are in the process to be awarded it. With their unique pedagogy and highly qualified faculty, the students at the best MBA colleges in India get consistently higher average placements year after year as they become an industry. IMT Hyderabad college is a top-ranked Business College in Hyderabad Regions IMT Hyderabad offers MBA courses and provides extensive corporate exposure through Corporate Meet, Guest lectures, and Seminars, etc. Our education techniques and expertise for the MBA course has resulted in a consistent 100 % campus placements. Students from the 2018-2020 batch were placed in companies like Deloitte, VAB Industries Pvt Ltd, Mahindra Finance, Recliners India Pvt Ltd, Uber and among another fortune 500 companies.

  • @'Morfium':

    As HZR I'm very thankful for living in a first world…

    btw. where are you living HZR?

    Oh sorry, didnt see the reply until now. I am from germany. I guess I was lucky to be born here at the right time :)

  • So many things to be thankful for indeed.
    For me there are too many to mention, but what's important to me is to not forget them and at that not to remember them only once a year.

  • I am thankful to be alive. I have fought in 2 wars and have came back without a scratch. That's not to say i didnt have any close calls. But i'm alive, i'm happy, i get to see new things, and enjoy life. Plus i get to see what new creation all you artist come up with. Some of it I dont jive with (futa or dick girls) while others are simply awesome.

  • I'm of a mixed opinion about thanksgiving, being part Quapaw. Though I have never missed one and the food is great.

    Having said that, I never like to be ungrateful.

    Thankful for:
    family and friends
    Home and pets
    All the fortunate things which have happened in my life (some of which are why I am still here)
    To not be living in a slum

    I guess to have met you people too.

  • As HZR I'm very thankful for living in a first world…

    btw. where are you living HZR?

  • I am really thankful for being born here. Living in a stable country that has not seen war in now roughly 70 years with rich history and a beautiful countryside and a good economical infrastructure, its a privilege that not many people in our world can call their own, however I wish this would be different for those who do not have that…

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