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  • IMT Hyderabad is one of the Top Business School in Hyderabad. We are offering PGDM courses approved by AICTE. We have qualified faculty and industry experts as our professors and guest lecturers. We train our students to master both the technical & management aspects of the business. Value for education, disciplined, high morals, great place for students to mold for their careers. It offers a wide range of courses and provides a high opportunity to study abroad. Fully digitalized classrooms. Healthy canteen food for hostelers. The best management...The PGDM Entrepreneurship Development is planned as an observational learning action that enables scholars to such as research for new products ideas, service business plan with calculated resource planning, financial statements, and implementation. For more details please visit our website.
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    well lots of ways to save on time, less geometry, render settings, optimized lighting, shaders, practice posing, better hardware, etc, etc :)

    A set can take anywhere between 1 month full time to 3 or more months part-time to create, but if you're very good it can be well worth it and we're just at the start of a growing scene. Lots of artists make a healthy 2nd income and the best make a good full-time living. For me personally it's the best thing that ever happened to me, because I immerse myself with only the things I love to do all day every day :D

  • You name it, stuff like this takes a boatload of time :) And thats a reason why you dont have many people who are putting out high quality series in short periods of time. Except for BlackAdder maybe, but hes an exception in that regard.

    However, you should build up a good understanding about what the limitations of your render engine are. Then try to get the best mix of quality vs rendertime. Another time saver is to not flash out every detail in the scene that you might sometime see, but rather keep things limited to the most important parts that will always be visible in your images. You can loose a huge amount of time by falling in love with setting up the scene and adding small details that may not even show up in your images later on because the angles you took simply werent showing these things. I am very guilty of loosing alot of time in that matter, so I kinda know what I am talking about here :)

    And to directly answer your post about setting up the lighting for that one shot. Yeah mate you may spend 3 hours for the setup in the first shot. But after that is done you can keep most of the settings and just rotate the supporting lights around your characters as needed, so the next ones should not take 3 hours to set up. Not every shot has to be pixel perfect studio lighting effect with over exaggerated rim lights and whatnot. Oftentimes the best looking renders have very basic lighting that is rather natural looking and probably just emphasized by 1 or 2 supporting area lights that boost some colour shade from different sides.

    I am sure there are many tricks you can use to cut down on production time, but those were the first things that came to my mind.

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