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  • Ah okay, I really wish you all the best of luck with this. I would be interested but at this point I really aint good enough with either rigging or modelling so this wouldnt be much of a help to you.

    I cannot talk for the whole 3dx comunity but from what I know about it, most of us are rather just using pre-rigged figures that can be morphed but there is only a very small bunch of people among us who are actually doing their own rigging and modelling apart from content creators who are selling on Renderosity/rotica/Daz Store/Runtime DNA etc.

  • The main thing I am looking for is people to work with creating male & female meshes and rigs suitable for a robust player customisation system. Think Skyrim, Eve Online and similar, but it includes adults options.
    eg. pubic hair, piercings, tan lines

    I've experiemented with morphs and bones myself, but I am no artist, so the results are poor.

    Beyond that, asset creation - props, clothing, maps etc.

    To cut and paste what I've been used in an email to miro:
    "The basic idea is to create a social game that supports sexual acts and is open to user generated content. It would not strictly be an erotic game - it just wouldn't shy away from such things and would also openly support the feature.

    Single player wise, you could think of it as making a modern version of Illusion's Artificial Girl 3."

    Even if you're not interested in the game aspects, it'd make a powerful tool for the creation of machinima, erotic or otherwise. The engine has some reaslly nice tools :)


  • What specifically are you looking for then?

  • Done.

    Excuse the length and/or rambling…

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    I can potentially help you, shoot me an email [email protected]

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