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  • I LOVE Luis Royo!…his women are so sexy yet powerful, not the vulnerable types. Julie Bell, Boris Vallejo would be comparable styles i guess.

  • @'Sully':
    You should've started things off by listing a few of your faves :rolleyes:

    Well, ok, I don't know if it is really main stream, even it is not porn.^^

    There is Luis Royo, Victoria Frances, and on DA all more dark art… is a very nice photomanipulator...

    I also like some photographer, like these two
    well, and a more clasical artist would be Monet.^^

  • @'Morfium':

    Who is your favourite main stream artist, so artists, which don't do porn, in any way?
    If you have one.^^

    You should've started things off by listing a few of your faves :rolleyes:

    I was pretty hardcore into american comics, but have fallen quite behind on the newest releases…But, a few of my favourites would be:
    David Finch, Adam Hughes, Frank Cho (who draws the sexiest females out there), and Greg Horn who mainly just does covers and pinup art.
    Cho...he's either funny or time at a convention, he avoided signing my buddy's comics by saying he was Jim Lee, then he walked away from the booth :huh:

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