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  • actually if look at most my old stuff on my DA account. all my girls besides a few are black.

    i think it is more out of personal taste. people are usually more attracted to there own race meaning they make more pictures like so.

  • It just isn't something I've put a whole lot of thought into but pretty is pretty to me. I'll wager it's much the sam with others here. But yeah, in addition to the white and native american girls here, there have been latinas and black women IRL I wanted to fuck. Even asians, like that girl who fucked her own ass with a red MRFX lightsaber.

    I like a wide variety. I also like fantasy girls, too. And monster porn.

    I even joke that I am "Horrace Draper–a man whose name is eerily similar to the crime he commits." (Can't for the life of me find which show or movie it was from, medieval comedy is all I remember). I wouldn't have it be bestiality though. Well maybe I might. devil girn

    .......Don't hurt me Supro! :)

  • @'Morfium':

    So here she is.
    I overworked and lalificated her…

    what do you think?

    I like her, nice touch throwing in the frizzy hair style too! Maybe bump the lights up abit to balance out the darker skin. If it's not too hard, maybe thicken the lips? Its the sum of all the little things to give them the ethnic touch i guess.
    I'd love to pump up that booty size even more as well, get some Nicki Minaj going on up in there :cool: haha.

    Fredfred: indeed! Feel free to share when you got some nice renders done!

  • I can't speak for market demand forcing the hand of professional artists, but I know I want to see more hot black chicks with white guys, which is why I downloaded a hot black model and made my own :D

  • So here she is.
    I overworked and lalificated her…

    what do you think?

  • That's what i thought, i guess it'll just take some more time before there's more tricks or patches sold to create more variety of 3dx ladies. For now, i'm perfectly happy with what's out there. With all the new artists popping up all the time, everyone will be putting their own touches on their creations…there'll always be lots of variety! For any budding 3dx artists out there, bring on some black boobs & booty ;)

  • well, for Asians B, it is very difficult, it is relativ difficult to edit the eyes that they look asian, and good at the same time, Aspect tries something like this atm. well for black mhmm, I don't know I've made a black girl but didn't use her in pics, yet… well it seems also that there are not tham many textures for them, or am I totally wrong?
    but I don't think A is the reason, because a lot ppl here make these pics not for money...also not me.
    Even, I like these kind of girls also, my strongest interest in white / fantasy girls...

    Well, now that you mention it, I could make pics with my black girl.^^

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