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  • Super awesome and very helpful! Thanks for the reference guide and breakdown, Rivaliant.

  • my ! excelent reference, thanks !

  • a Part 2 of my Specular vs Gloss Guide

    and a Part 1 of Specular Map Effects on an object for most or all 3d Programs

    anyone is free to correct me

    Here we are addressing the effects of a Specular map on the grid Though LuxRender

    a Spec map is an image that will turn the effects of the Specular Color On or Off based on the GrayScale value of 0 - 255 as a percentage

    White (255) being On and Black (0) being off, or Unchanged

    The map used and an example of the effects on a Diffuse Texture is displayed on the upper Right corner.

    Where the spec map is black is where the original texture is allowed to show though
    Where is white is response to the light produced by the scene.

    Things to note,
    See how well a spec map helps control the washing out effect over the diffuse texture, in this case the Red color of the sphere
    That the use of a spec map is ideal for most objects intended to have a gloss that is within the upper middle range of both spec brightness as well as higher gloss

  • Thank you, Rivaliant! This was very kind of you to do for the community.

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