Diffrence Between MBA VS PGDM

  • As the admission season is about to kickstart and candidates are gearing up to prepare for some of the popular management exams such as Common Admission Test (CAT), IIFT, Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT), NMAT by GMAC and Symbiosis National Aptitude Test (SNAP). Difference Between MBA Vs PGDM is Aspirants are looking for relevant MBA courses and MBA colleges in India or the PGDM colleges in India which they can consider for admissions. It is an apt time to figure out the type of MBA course and top MBA colleges in India where you should apply. Before preparing your college list, it is essential that you know the difference between the MBA course and Post Graduate Diploma Programme (also known as PGDM and PGP) course. While preparing for CAT 2019 and other such MBA entrance exams, you must ensure that you put in the best of your efforts in order to secure a good score in the exam. The entrance exam score is important but is not the sole criteria for admissions in top MBA or PGDM colleges of the country. For more details please visit our website.

  • The Jepe Jurg 3.0 is awesome !!!

    But someone know if Poseraddicts has a ip range limit ? When i try to access the site => Forbidden access, very sad :( :(, can't have a look to this site (if it's still up).

  • I am using the M4 Gens expansion most of the time. Accepts all the basic maps that come with the texture sets, so its less hassle in setting it up. Once M6 hits I will probably use that one since it will be geografted, and then create my own set of morphs for it. I will gladly share it with you guys if you are interested. But thats still a bit off.

    The M5 gens that come with the M5 pro bundle are excellent aswell btw. Theres just not many morphs for it, so you would have to create your own ones. Or probably transfer them from M4 genitals, which I believe they are similar too, but I could be wrong here. Try using the transfer tool on them, if youre a DAZ Studio user…

  • I recommend both, as long as you get Jepes' stuff for it. They do wonders.

  • Adzan’s HiroGens v1.5 I assume? :)
    I found ULFGens 2.0 Figure on the same page, which has Jepes JURG 3.0 for it, looks like what I'm looking for :D

  • I have the normal M4 genitals from Daz, but also the satanic ones, but atm. I use adzherogens and i think will stay by them for now.^^

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