Best b Schools for Finance in India

  • MBA in Finance strikes a perfect balance between numbers and management. It is a field that demands proficiency in economics, mathematics and financial theory, which are all covered extensively in the course. Since, it is a popular discipline, getting into the top management colleges in India will require you to have an equally competitive score. With an MBA in Finance, you can find a position in any financial service. Be it as a risk management specialist or a financial analyst or even an asset manager, the opportunities are endless. To realize all your opportunities you need to be sure of where you graduate from an MBA in Finance. To know more information visit Best b Schools for Finance in India

  • One day when I was searching for good pornimages, I found some of Hitmans pictures of Syndori. I think it was around october 2011. I was very impressed by the quality of the images, but I didn't like the orcs and other monsters. So I thought "You can also make stuff like this, but without the monsters." So I started with 3DX.
    Too Affect3D I came through HZR. I've post my images over at planet suzie, where HZR also was. He invited me to join Affect3D and now I'm here.

  • I had seen some CG porn before, but Affect3D was really the first 3DX site to win me over. The quality of the animation here is top notch, far above anything I'd ever seen before.

    What specifically hooked me was a gif of Girlfriends 4 Ever…. the one where Sayako is plunging so deep into Tara you can see it bulge out her stomach.... literally life changing. It was that good.

    I've been hooked ever since!

  • I stumbeled upon 3DX something like 5 years ago, started getting into it more and more, in the process also got used to hentai. Was curious how people made the 3D stuff, looked around nad found Affect3D. Asked some questons, made som research and eventually started making my own stuff about a year ago or so :)

  • I was working as a 2D artist doing pin ups and comics for clients ever since college. Was a nice way to make some extra money during those days. For the longest time I had dreams for working with Marvel and DC. Doing mainstream comics. After years and years of getting the same old reviews, mostly "Come back next year" I found that the majority of my portfolio contained nothing but girly pics. In all actuality, I get bored drawing anything else haha.
    I was doing a comic series for the website "League of Amazing Women", when one of my long time clients told me to check out DAZ3D cause I was having trouble with some poses. I took her up on her advice and downloaded it. I soon started building a small collection of models, setting up scenes in that manner, and continuing from there.
    I found that I was doing less and less drawing (hence why my traditional skills are so rusty today) and doing more and more 3D work.
    So several years later, here I am. I now do steady for for and

  • I had been browsing some toon blogs and at some point saw one of those very early poser 3d comix, I think it was Cynthia 3000 something. It wasnt such a great visual comic but somehow I liked it. Humans are strange at times :)

    I subbed to crazy3dxxxworld at some point and then just went from site to site until I found Renderotica, there I saw one of miros early images and then got to this site here. Since I was actually already doing my own renders I already had been posting quite alot on planetsuzy forums and also on Renderotica, but on neiter site I was really happy, because feedback was very rare, especially on psuzy. So when I actually got some nice replies when posting my first few images here, I just stuck to it and have been posting almost exclusively in these forums.

    My own blog site is still around but probably havent updated it in over a year :)

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    How did I get into 3DX? I'd have to count 3 main influences, but it was a bit of mix in terms of the order. Firstly there's hentai cg coupled with animation, caught my attention instantly and the improvements in quality and the smoothness of the animation over time helped a great deal.
    The big break through for me was Umemaro who opened me up to the world of 3D animation, I wanted to do 3D pinups initially, but after I saw Dr Sugimoto I changed course and decided to go with good old fashioned porn instead! And am so very glad I did :D Another major leap was sircus who got me hooked onto dick girls :)
    The third aspect was my discovery of Poser back around version 5 or 6 I believe, I experimented for a long time on/ off but around the time I noticed Ume's work I decided to get serious about it, and it's turned out nicely I have to say :D

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