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  • Thanks so much for the kind words, Hdtvhdmi, I'm glad you liked the story!

    I don't have any new stories in the works at the moment, but once I do, I'll keep you in mind as it's always helpful getting feedback on works in progress.

    Thanks again!

  • This was amazing just the way it was the story was great I am never ever excited by reading but this had me going the entire time you sir are a Damn genious. just make your own characters and you are set this story was way better then any thing I have seen miro release his storylines are rather hollow the man's art work however is impeccable. I just feel like to him the story is just a means to an end to link one sex.scene to another. You however clearly took your time and both we're well thought out. I loved the story I laughed, I cheered, damn near cried and was rock hard during every sex scene 5 stars sir …plz write more I found. Myself happy with the ending but ANGRY it was over... well done...well done ps.. Nothing at all wrong with a dark story thats part of what made it real made it believable. And made it good... Would gladly pay for a 2d version of this if you could find someone to illustrate it you could make yourself some good cash hope you keep writing would be honored to proof read anything else you think up

  • Thanks for the reply and all the notes, aguinness, it's much appreciated.

    You're right, I certainly need to do more homework if I'm going to try and write stories that incorporate characters from the "miroverse."

    My goal with this piece was to try and create an engaging dramatic story that would be serviced and heightened by its sex scenes, as opposed to the throwaway stories that just serve as thin frameworks for sex scenes that we sometimes see in literotica works.

    Knowing what I know now about the characters' extensive preexisting back stories, I see I should have just created my own characters instead of using Tara and Sayako's characters, so that way the piece wouldn't ring so falsely with adherents of the miroverse.

    I doubt I'll rewrite this piece as it is rather dark, however, maybe some time soon I'll try a new piece with original characters and hopefully a lighter storyline.

    Regardless, thanks for the read and taking the time to provide feedback!

  • Hello! Always glad to see more writers joining the site and trying to do some good in the 3DX community. If you don't mind, I would like to present a critique. For the record, even if I say some negative things, it's meant to help you do better. Here goes:

    It's a solid pitch, well put together. You spent a lot of time thinking things out with your pitch in terms of character development, and even got professional about it (I tend to pitch a few paragraphs at most). You established a solid ground with setting, and that's really useful. In many ways, this could develop into a solid story.

    The main issue is that you're making a lot of changes to miro's universe (which I've been calling the miroverse) that have already been established. This isn't just character re-imaginings, but retcons you've done. For one, the relationship between Sayako and Tara was already established in Tara's Second Assignment. Sayako as a character has mostly-in-place origins, and is Ayako's sister, of whom you don't mention at all in the pitch. Tara is…completely different image-wise (don't get me wrong, Bonnie Rotten is a sexy little minx, but I feel that's not the point). You're creating a completely new universe, and I'm not sure that's necessarily a good thing.

    As per miro's criticism, I feel he's right. You err more to the side of realism and thus cynicism in Sayako and Tara's actions, which gives off this darkly moody vibe. Whereas Tara and Sayako's actions are more play in Tara's Second Assignment and Girlfriends 4 Ever, you seem to place this emotional resonance in the sex that comes off as eh, given what we know. The ending felt dissonant as well: Why would Sayako need a slug of wine to face down that strap-on? The Sayako we know would shyly bite her lip a little.

    The story, if done with OCs, could work. I just don't think it would fit in the context of the miroverse, especially when stuff is already established. What I suggest you do is rework it a bit, drop all the character references to the miroverse, maybe make things slightly more upbeat, and pass it along to another quality 3DX artist, perhaps you can make something of it. Look at other 3DX artists in this particular section of the forum, and see if someone piques your fancy.

    I hope this helps!

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