Avail Verizon Wireless Phone Number, If Unable to Change Plan.

  • To use Verizon, you have to take a plan according to your lifestyle. You can also change it according to your convenience without any hassle and even you don’t have a need to pay any penalty. If you think that the current plan not fulfill your requirements or make more bills, then you can change it with another one. Use Verizon Wireless Phone Number to know the best plan.

  • anything that is basically compressed sugar

    I'm looking at you SweetTarts >.> chalky ass mutha….

  • i was a kid, like 4 or 5, at a restaurant with my gran parents and i wanted a chewing gum. My grans didnt have any handy and told me to wait.
    at one point they see me chewing… gum...
    and where did you find it they ask
    it was stuck under the table did i reply.

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