Guidelines for spectrum email settings

  • Briefing of spectrum email settings
    Spectrum email services are becoming famous amongst clients internationally. This is because of the various factors that it gives to its users. But troubles are commonplace with the email offerings, be it the Gmail, Outlook or every other email offerings.

    There are system defects constantly with technological services. So, while you are the use of the spectrum e-mail settings offerings, you could face a few issues or troubles that can restrict your running.

  • Got the dual monitors thing up and running, I was surprised at how easy it was, all I had to do was tell windows which monitor was the primary and hey presto!

    I haven't set the hardware up properly in my work area yet, just hooked it up to see if it worked, but once I get things arranged this is gonna be very useful (no more shuffling daz menus like a deck of cards)…and kinda fun too!

    thanks for the help morf and jb :)

  • Yes, hooking one up to the VGA and one up to the DVI will work. If you have a good graphics card, you shouldn't see any lag. You can move the monitors around, virtually, in Win7 by going to Control Panel\Display\Screen Resolution.

  • Well, that should work.

  • lol, I really just want to use it to increase the size of my work area in daz, undocking the menus and moving them to the secondary monitor and just using the primary monitor for the viewport.

  • Usually W7 should recognize the second and will set it as desktop expansion, or so, I don't know how it called in the english version of W7, it also could clone the desktop, but usually it is not that big problem. Well, how powerful your PC will be is an other question that depens primarily on your graphiccard and what you want to do. How incriminating the things are you want to do.

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