When Can I Apply for Cash App? Get Cash App Customer Service.

  • Cash app provides its card to make payment easier. But, there is some terms & condition to get the card. First of all, you should 18+. After that, you have to apply for the card, that took a minimum 10 working days to deliver it. So, go to your Cash app home screen and navigate into Cash card section. For further process, go toward to use Cash App Customer Service.

  • I disagree %100

    In the world of 3dx theres so many "big girls" big asses, big tits, big muscles, big cocks! lol

    There are women in the world with bodies like Kelly, but the combination of genetics required to "produce" a healthy body that thin is very rare. Hence for many this body type is just as much a fantasy archetype as "girl with huge natural yet somehow perky tits" or "giant ghetto booty girl" and is therefore just as worthy of representation as any other body type.

    Theres a lot of guys like me who love skinny girls, and we're glad elceis4stik makes these kinds of pics!

  • Um … I hate to criticize Ecleis4stik's work so quickly ... but ... somebody get that girl a sandwich! This girl is "heroin supermodel" skinny in the arms and fingers, which makes me think she's malnourished. That right arm of hers immediately makes me think of "skin and bones" clinging to survival, rather than being healthy (let alone full of energy), and that elbow looks sharp enough to use as a weapon.

    Ironically, this ISN'T an "uncanny valley" sort of problem for me, since I look at that image and see "human" ... but then I start judging her appearance the same way I would a human's, and immediately reach the conclusions mentioned above (that this girl needs to eat more!).

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