What can I do for solving QuickBooks Error 6000?

  • I am an experienced financial advisor and working in a well- reputed multinational company. My company has assigned me a job of maintaining the accounting tasks in the proper ways. I am keeping a record of daily based records related to accounting entries manually. Now, my company has a big database of accounting information, hence I am using QuickBooks for managing the accounting tasks in the right ways. When I attempt to open a company file, I am facing QuickBooks error 6000. This error code is taking place due to many reasons. Can anyone provide the easy methods for solving this error code?

  • Well, a wise man once said. Dont testrender just to testrender :)

    What do you want to achieve by doing a testrender? Want to check certain details? How a certain light looks? I would start by just reducing details that you dont need. Basically strip the time eating stuff out until you got the stuff in the scene that you want to check.

    An all around test render setting would be to play with the rendering rate setting. This usually speeds up the render alot but introducing noise to the render. But you get alot of speed while already being able to see what the final image would look like, just with tons of noise in it. Also setting anti aliasing to just 1, which is basically turning it off will help. Antialiasing is one of the main culprits in adding render time and values above 4 are mostly not needed. I believe the setting in 3Delight is called pixel samples or something like that. Read up on it and change the right values for it and you should get alot more speed in testrenders.

    And dont render with hair visible. Transparency maps are another of these massive time eating things in a render.

  • If you want test renders to progress faster I'd say try at least half the resolution (as mentioned above) and increase the shading rate, shouldn't take an hour. Test renders to me are fast renders with pretty low settings :)

  • When I used 3delight I would set my render size to about half of what I wanted to let it render out faster. You can do that in your render settings, just have to take it of active viewport size and set it close to the aspect ratio you are aiming for, square setting is a good default, but there are a lot of presets there.

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