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  • To use Facebook, you have need to sign up via creating an account on it. You have to simply enter your details like name, email address or phone number, date of birth and then tap on the signin option. Now, you are able to log in to your account to use its services. If you are facing any issues to log in toyour account, then you can contact Facebook Customer Service.

  • I am completely like you are Aspect; I have 5 different stories started and in various stages of completion. I'm pushing through with one of the stories; since clowns are so damn creepy anyways and boy howdy! Do creepy clowns fit in with some of Davo's BDSM toys!

  • having many projects is a good sign; in time i guess you will learn to focus your creativity.
    its having no project at all that is a bad omen.

  • Well, in 3d things I'm with you, 8 projects with some little things in between. I want to play some games, too, but I never do so. For example; I have skyrim for 4-5 months now and I'm lvl 10.^^
    And then there is also the University, my daily brain rape.^^

    good luck by the jobhunt,
    I already have one of the coolest sidejobs, ever, and I'm very happy with it.^^

  • I have a bad habit of starting things (especially 3d) but never bothering to finish them because I think of something different to do repeat cycle

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