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  • (blows dust off this account)

    I have been writing other erotic silliness at my Pastebin. Neither are "dickgirl" fics… yet. I hope you'll check them out.

    (It is impossible to find a name that isn't taken when your sobriquet is one letter long.)

    Here is the latest entry. It's what Gabriella and Sayako got up to during the previous episode.

    Some nights, Sayako would be all dolled up, wearing an expensive dress and more expensive jewelry, being seen at some fancy party or other get-together. All eyes would be upon her, unless Tara was there to graciously take some of the heat off her, until they could slip away somewhere and generate their own kind of heat.

    Truth be told, Sayako often preferred a quiet night at home reading. She was in her bed, wearing her semisheer nightgown, her lower half tucked under the covers. With her large breasts, finding a comfortable position for the book was tricky. She might look stylish in a pair of horn-rimmed glasses, but her vision was perfect. No such silliness was necessary.

    Someone behind the door knocked. Sayako turned to the knock. “Come in.”

    In entered Gabriella, dressed in her maid uniform. She had a a few strands of hair slipped out of place, and her skin had the gentle gloss of sweat. “Hello, Sayako. Everything is clean.”

    “Thank you, Gabriella.” Sayako said. “I didn't realize you were still here.”

    “Yes.” She said. “I wanted to put the dishes away and fold the towels and laundry.”

    “Do you want help?” Sayako offered.

    “It's all right. You relax.” She brought the hamper up to the dresser and stared putting away the delicates. Even after doing the laundry a few times, she still marveled at the size of Sayako's bra. It could be used to slingshot basketballs. Even her own marvelous G-cups couldn't compare. She folded the multicolored bras into stacks and set them in the drawer.

    Gabriella moved on to the panties, and the contrast couldn't be stronger. Rather than a giant support structure for huge mounds, each pair was a dainty little construction of lace or colorful translucent fabric that one couldn't anticipate would have the fortitude to hold back Sayako's member.

    Feeling what she thought was Sayako's eyes on her back, Gabriella dropped one pair of panties to the floor. “Oops.” She whispered, bending at the waist and picking it up. She looked back to Sayako had seen that. She was still buried in her book.

    In truth, Sayako had noticed Gabriella bend over, her skirt rising up over her bum and showing off her thonged ass. With Gabriella's substantial new addition to her anatomy, going commando wasn't an option. If Gabriella was trying to be seductive, she would have to try harder than that to arouse her.

    The hamper now empty, she returned to Sayako. “Do you mind if I use your shower?”

    “Not at all. Go right ahead.”

    “Thank you.” She pushed closer and gave Sayako a gentle kiss on the cheek.

    In the bathroom, Gabriella stepped out of her slippers, unhooked her stockings from her garter and rolled them down her legs. She unhooked her zipper and slid out of her uniform.

    All that remained on her body was her thong, and trapped within, what looked like a bent can of Pringles. She hooked her thumbs around the straps and slipped them off, freeing her cock from the silk prison.

    She turned on the water, but before she stepped in, she caught her reflection in the full-length mirror lining the linen closet door. She was always pleased with the body she'd been granted, especially as a lover of the female form. But her eyes were drawn to the newest arrival.

    At just under five feet tall, her hanging cock was about one-fifth her height. It almost reached her knees. Technically, Sayako's was bigger, but she was a foot taller, and only one inch larger where it counted.

    Most of her life, Gabriella had people underestimate her, talk down to her, and crack every short joke imaginable. But now, finally... Gabriella was big. This must have been what that kid felt like when he became Tom Hanks.

    She stepped into the path of the warm shower. She took the soap and lathered her body, under her heavy breasts, along her arms, down her legs. She left her groin for last, as she knew what was going to happen once warm, soapy hands touched her cock.

    Gabriella rubbed the soap over her crotch, and her cock slowly grew. She set the soap down and took hold if it, her slippery hand sliding up and down her cock as the warm water pounded on it. She hadn't told Sayako she might do this in her shower... even though she's done this every time she'd showered since getting it. Maybe she should start taking baths.

    Despite nearly besting Anna and Sabrina in their jackoff contest on her first day wielding this thing, Gabriella sometimes found the precise technique for masturbating escaped her somehow. Even with both slick, soapy hands working her cock, she struggled to orgasm from this alone. When both hands belonged to someone else, and to two other lovely cocked chicks... perhaps that made it easier.

    Gabriella stepped out of the shower, gently shook a million little drops off herself, took a seat on the bath mat, bent forward and took the head of her cock into her mouth.

    The tip of her cock was quite sensitive, her tongue sliding against it as she continued working it with her hands. She felt her foreskin gather up as her hands moved closer to the tip. She sucked in with her lips, pulling the foreskin in closer and puckering it in her lips before it slipped out between them. She did this several times, each time with greater pleasure.

    Her mouth returned to the head as she felt the orgasm on the horizon. She pinched both nipples and sucked hard on the tip, and the come finally started to flow. Her mouth immediately filled with jizz, gulping it down to make room for more as she shuddered and moaned. She swallowed ten more times, eleven, twelve... but left the last spurt to fill her cheeks to near overflowing.

    It took great effort to remove her cock from her mouth, and more to not swallow the wonderful, sweet mass of ejaculate currently held there. She caught her breath through her nose, and the taste got even better, probably in the same way wine snobs let their drinks 'breathe.' It was like melted cake batter ice cream thickened with gelatin, or the warm marshmallow inside a s'more. (Gabriella had never had that particular American treat yet, but she already had an idea for a tasty variant.)

    Resisting all urges to eat this morsel, she spat it out into both hands, cupped together into a bowl shape. She stepped back into the shower and slapped both hands against her hair, scrubbing the come into it.

    The first time this happened was quite by accident, in a moment of weakness and uncharacteristic uncleanliness. But after washing it out, she was struck by the volume and shimmer this gave that section of hair. Washing it with regular shampoo before or after seemed to diminish the effect. She'd long ago thrown away her bottles of shampoo and now was working with this all-natural product, fresh squeezed.

    Licking the remnants from her fingers, she took the handheld showerhead, set it to its 'massage' setting, and for once, didn't use it to masturbate. (How old-fashioned that technique seemed now!) She scratched at her scalp and ran the water along it, rinsing out the excess come.

    The bathing complete, she sat on the toilet seat at she blow-dried her hair. It was lustrous and wavy, all the sweat and work of the day fully washed away. Gabriella tucked a towel around her chest and left the bathroom.

    Sayako was still sitting in bed, reading. She turned as she heard the bathroom door open, but said nothing.

    Gabriella tiptoed over, the very tip of her cock hanging out from the bottom of the towel. “Sayako...” she said softly. “Do you mind if I stay here tonight?”

    “Not at all.” Sayako said. “You're always welcome to stay.”

    They both looked up towards the ceiling to hear some cries of ecstasy and other shuffling upstairs.

    “Is Sabrina still going up there?” Gabriella asked.

    “I guess so.” Sayako said. “Tara didn't stop in, but she was supposed to be home by now. I think she's up there with her.”

    Gabriella listened to the ululations and voices coming from above, as she sat next to Sayako on her bed. “I think Anna's up there, too.”

    “Really?” Sayako's brow sunk a bit. “She didn't even stop in to say hello.”

    “It doesn't matter.” Gabriella whispered, taking a single finger under Sayako's chin, bringing her head to hers and planting a gentle kiss on Sayako's lips. Gabriella held still, neither of them moving away from the kiss. Ever so gently, Gabriella backed away and released her.

    Within the bed sheet, between Sayako's legs, the Washington Monument has apparently appeared. Sayako swallowed, looking into Gabriella's dark eyes. Sayako thought she was in control... but with one kiss, here she was.

    Gabriella brushed her cheek against Sayako's, kissing Sayako's earlobe. Sayako felt a tremble appear in her hand. She sniffed Gabriella's hair.

    “What shampoo are you using? It smells great.” Sayako took a lock and held it against her nose like a mustache. She took a few more sniffs. “It's like apples and green tea.”

    Gabriella disagreed, but it seemed their come smelled (and tasted) like whatever that person liked best. She'd have to remember to buy some apples for Sayako the next time she was at the market. And a bottle of “shampoo.”

    Rather than explain this and possibly ruin the mood, Gabriella delivered a line of gentle pecks down Sayako's neck. Gabriella pulled the sheets down, freeing Sayako's cock to snap upwards, resting against Sayako's stomach.

    “When's the last time just you and I had some fun?” Gabriella whispered.

    “I don't know if we ever have. Tara's always around.” Sayako said. A hint of shame appeared in her voice. “Besides... I don't... fit. It would be one-sided.”

    “It won't be.” Gabriella said. “Trust me.” Her hands fell on Sayako's knees, spreading them apart like the handles on a pair of gardening shears. Gabriella slid onto the sheets and brought her face to Sayako's crotch. Looking at Sayako's cock from below, it may as well have been a mountain. She could imagine it growing faint in the distance and shearing a cloud in two as the wind thoughtlessly blew it towards the immovable structure of her unit.

    Gabriella looked down from the veiny tower and gently pressed Sayako's balls up with the heel of her hand. One of her dainty hands wasn't enough for both, so she fanned her fingers to suspend both up out of the way of Sayako's pussy.

    Having lived more than a few years as a lesbian before getting her cock, she had learned a few techniques that didn't require one. Gabriella's mouth planted itself on Sayako's pussy, her tongue making gentle circles, the apex at her clit. She flicked at it, changing the speed of her tongue to keep it interesting.

    Cunnilingus was always interesting to Gabriella. She was an expert on both giving and receiving. If only she'd ever found someone as good at it as she was... she might be married and never had the opportunity to join the ranks of big-dicked women.

    Dicks were great. Gabriella accepted that she had been wrong this whole time. Dicks were great, but pussy is essential. Dicks by themselves were useless without pussy... except for masturbating.

    Gabriella gently sucked on the pussy, her mouth filling with nectar. She listened carefully at Sayako's moans to see what techniques she liked best. It seemed Sayako wasn't too difficult to please. Gabriella had been trapped by less sensitive women for a half-hour of numbing tongue exercise. 'Trapped' was an exaggeration, in the way she was once 'stuck' in an elevator with a beautiful woman.

    Sayako's moans were getting closer, her breath deeper, rivulets of sweat forming on her body. Gabriella decided to finish her off. She placed both hands on Sayako's inner thighs, releasing the grip on Sayako's balls, letting them fall against her eyes. Gabriella had done this in the dark before. She probed her tongue as far as it would go, spiraling it around the hot, tightening pocket of her pussy.

    Hand suddenly flung over her mouth, Sayako cried out as a full day's load shot out of her cock, spraying the headboard and everything before it. Gabriella looked up from her perch under Sayako's pussy, her legs like two mountains making a beautiful valley, Sayako's ribs gently visible as she caught her breath, her tits slathered in come like enormous glazed donut holes.

    Sayako wiped her eyes and opened them, only to see Gabriella climbing over her, bringing her face to hers. Squinting into the light, a strong contrast between the bright like and Gabriella's dark body, Gabriella planted her lips on Sayako's, the flavor still all over Gabriella's tongue. Gabriella wrapped her arms around Sayako, their tits squeezing together unevenly. They made out for quite a while, tongues lashing and exploring each other's mouths. Her tongue might tire from eating pussy, but Gabriella could kiss for hours.

    Gabriella released Sayako's lips from hers, looking her in the eyes. Her cheeks were slightly flushed, her lips parted, her breath heavy. Gabriella put her hand on the tip of Sayako's rock hard cock. She could feel every heartbeat as it twitched, clear precum sticking to her palm.

    Gabriella brought her mouth to Sayako's ear, her erection just as hard as hers. “You want to fuck me so bad.” Sayako nodded. “Maybe I'm wet enough that you'll finally fit.” Gabriella straddled Sayako, rubbing the mound of her vulva against Sayako's cock. Her pussy lips parted against it, leaving a trail of nectar along the top like a snail's trail (but way less gross).

    Sayako's hands formed into fists, clutching handfuls of the fitted sheet. “I doubt it.” She said truthfully.

    “It's so sad.” Gabriella mused. “You finally found the one pussy you couldn't make yours.” Gabriella stood up on the bed, presenting her groin to Sayako. “Why don't you prove you're still worth something?”

    Pointing the tip of her cock at Sayako's face, pulling the skin back and forth to slide her foreskin back over the head, Sayako opened her mouth wide and placed the head against her tongue. The head nearly filled her mouth, but Gabriella grabbed Sayako's head and slowly forced it down, sliding into her throat. She groaned deeply as she heard Sayako gag gently on it. She slid it out and in, fucking her throat passively.

    “Yeah, you love this, don't you?” Gabriella moaned. “I'm going to stretch your throat out so nobody will ever satisfy you again.”

    Sayako whimpered, and her cock came again, splattering against her hands and the bedsheet. “You're making a mess.” Gabriella scolded her, increasing her speed. Sayako took hold of Gabriella's hips, closing her eyes. She awaited the sweet bounty of come that would surely soon come.

    Gabriella withdrew her cock before she came, and Sayako caught her breath. “Sorry, that's not for you.” Sayako squinted at her, confused. “Just kidding.” Gabriella forced Sayako's legs apart and placed the tip at the opening of her pussy. “I guess your pussy is worthy of my cock.”

    Holding both Sayako's knees, Gabriella pushed herself into Sayako, her pussy pressing firmly on her cock in all directions. “There we go.” Gabriella moaned, pumping it in an out of Sayako. “How does it feel, the biggest cock you'll ever have? You're going to dream about me and my cock. Nobody else will be good enough.”

    Gabriella fucked her harder, drawing it out to the tip and pressing it all back in, each stroke feeling just like the first one. Gabriella watched as Sayako's come-soaked tits bounced, as her pouty lips parted in helpless ecstasy.

    “I...” Gabriella stuttered, grabbing hold of Sayako's cock and folding it between her tits. “I love you!” She panted, humping harder and harder, shaking her tits up and down until she finally came into Sayako's pussy, white cream spraying out from around Gabriella's cock and forming a growing puddle on the bed. Sayako came a moment later, spraying sticky ejaculate all over them both.

    Gabriella collapsed atop Sayako, rubbing her face into that endless tit flesh Sayako possessed. She climbed up over the two hills to see Sayako's come-splattered face, like Spiderman had played a joke on her.

    “How was that?” Gabriella asked.

    “Great.” Sayako smiled. “You changed up your character a few times.”

    “I wanted to try the domination thing, but... I couldn't keep it straight at the end.”

    A long pause. “Do you really love me?” Sayako asked.

    “That kiss didn't convince you?” Gabriella countered.

    They kissed again, a gentle squish sound forming as their huge breasts pressed together and squeezed the come out of their cleavage like a Play-Doh machine. Gabriella pressed her nose against Sayako's, inserting her tongue and delicately touching Sayako's. They both grew hard again, their nearly equal cocks burning with almost supernatural warmth.

    “Want to go again?” Gabriella asked.

    “We'll never stop if we don't stop now.”

    “Nothing wrong with that.”

    “Who's going to clean this up?”

    “Not me. I'm off the clock.”

    They kissed a little longer and slowly relaxed, sleeping well, the smell of their mingled come keeping them fully erect all the way.

    Thank you all so much for reading. If you're still here, let me know in this thread. I could use the encouragement.

    -- D.

  • I am sorry for my long absence. I will admit I've actually written an entry further along than the one I'm going to post today, but I wanted to post this one first. It's another long one, I'm afraid, more than five thousand words. But unlike the previous entry, this is simply a long, continuous scene. I hope you all enjoy it.

    Tara had a long day of shopping and driving to places to shop. It was similar to how she'd spent yesterday, and the day before that. Staying on the edge of fashion trends takes a lot of effort. She parked her car, chirped the alarm on with a press on the little gadget that did that, and walked into the house. She thought she might have a single glass of wine before bed. They say it's good for the heart, after all. But Tara was spent. Unlike her platinum card, she had reached her limit.

    She stepped out of her shoes before taking even one carpeted step up the stairs and to her room. She pushed open the door, head drooped a little low, but she jumped back as she saw someone on her bed.

    If it was any of her friends entangled in lovemaking, that would not have surprised her. What she saw was Sabrina sitting in front of Tara's laptop on the bed. She was in her underwear without a bra, her restrained erection was visible along her right hip in the panties. The undies were a pinker and slightly “girlier” pair than she normally wore, but what was most shocking was the black domino mask she wore over her eyes, rather than her glasses.

    Tara knew immediately what Sabrina was doing.

    Sabrina was startled at the sound of the door opening, but she managed to not jump too visibly. The automatic light adjustment on the video compensated for the extra light coming from the doorway, but nothing else indicated to the audience that she'd been interrupted.

    Laughing nervously, Sabrina reached forward and adjusted the camera so her head was entirely out of frame. “God. It's always you walking in on me doing something stupid, isn't it?”

    “At least I'm not naked this time.” Tara said, looking at the laptop screen. There was no other video participant this time. Part of the screen was a view of the built-in camera of the laptop, the rest was a slow river of messages from random multicolored names in a chat room.

    This wasn't was Tara expected. She thought this was long-distance cybersex with Anna. Not that cybersex was common in this house; the old-fashioned variety suited them all fine, when possible. Nor was this the chat service that connected you to strangers she'd walked her and Anna having fun with before. “You aren't Skyping right now?” She asked in a whisper.

    “Nobody can hear us; don't worry.” Sabrina said, keeping her neck slightly stretched to keep her head out of view so the audience wouldn't know she was talking. Her hand went to her cock, rubbing it through her underwear. It had grown just a bit soft, so she teased it with two fingers. It grew out to its normal length.

    The computer made a sound effect: an exaggerated sound of a quarter dropping into a metal-bottomed donation can, like the ones they pass around theaters to raise money for charity. “What was that?”

    “That was a tip.” Sabrina hooked her thumb into the waistband of her panties and pulled it away from her body. “Someone just made a donation. They donate when they see something they like. It's all charged at the end of the session, so their credit card doesn't have, like, a hundred separate charges for a quarter or a dollar.”

    “Do you need money?” Tara asked. “I can help you out with that.”

    “No, no, no.” Sabrina rolled her hips under her and ran her fingers along her stomach. “I didn't start this for the money. I started it for fun when Anna was gone. And it turns out, I can make a little extra money for food or art supplies.”

    “And maybe your own laptop so you don't have to jerk off with mine.” Tara joked. “I just hope you don't think you need to do this to make money. Say the word and I will help you with whatever you need.”

    “I'm fine, Tara, really.” Sabrina said, lightly caressing her cock through her panties again and readjusting her sitting position. “It's fun. It's nice to get some positive feedback. People tell me I'm sexy, but it's really nice when they put their money where their mouth is. If people couldn't donate, it'd be like playing poker without money. There'd be no risk. There'd be no thrill.”

    Poker wasn't Tara's game; the only part of it she really excelled at was making hundreds of forty-year-old men in sunglasses underestimate her. “I think it'd time to give them what they want.” She said.

    Sabrina rolled to her side, holding her legs in the air. She started to slip her panties up her leg, her cock flopping to her side. The chat room burst into an encouraging, horny fervor. The computer made several ka-chunk noises, as many chatters made their satisfaction known. Sabrina brought the panties off one foot, leaving it hanging from the other. She let it hang here for a few seconds before dropping it to the bed.

    Sabrina sat back up, pulling her feet in front of her. The bottom of her face was on the edge of the screen, her big smile underneath the very bottom of the mask visible to the audience. She looked off to her right to see Tara, who was putting away her phone. Apparently, she was exciting the audience on the Internet, but not Tara. Her cock was old news, I guess.

    Sabrina pulled her head above the video's edge for another moment. “Also, I used some of your lipstick.”

    “That's fine.” Tara shrugged, trying to watch chat from an angle where she wouldn't appear on screen. Something just occurred to her. “So... you show everything?”

    “Why not? They can't see my face.” Sabrina said.

    “But...” Tara said. “Do they think you're a... hermaphrodite?” That seemed to confuse Sabrina. “You've got a cock with no balls and a pussy.”

    “Yeah, I didn't even think of that after the first time, but they seem to be into it.” Sabrina said. “Some people think my cock is a plastic toy because of how hard I can come.”

    Tara scoffed. “What, are there websites where women wear fake cock strapons that spray fake jizz?”

    “There are SEVERAL websites that fit that description.” Sabrina said. “I've been to a few. They're so goofy... and also kind of hot.”

    “There's someone in chat who keeps asking you to suck your own cock.” Tara pointed her nail at the screen, as the request floated to the top of the screen like bubbles in seltzer.

    “Yeah, I know. ColdBloodedCollar2424. He's always requesting that.”

    “Is he a he?”

    “It doesn't matter. These are probably mostly guys, but I don't care either way.” She jerked her cock slowly, and more tips came in. She reached forward and typed into the chat: “you want me to try sucking it?”

    A flurry of affirmative responses. Tara didn't see a single 'no' pass her view. Sabrina smiled, and bent forward. One premature viewer had given a tip at the very moment she'd leaned forward. Sabrina could not reach her cock with her mouth. It was tantalizingly close, though. She extended her tongue, trying to lick at it. Her hair fell in front of her face. Sabrina held it against her cranium with one hand to not obscure the audience's view. She could barely lick the very tip of her cock with such a gentle sensation, she imagined the one privileged nerve ending that got to experience this feeling.

    She leaned back, stretching her back the other way for a minute before returning to her normal sitting position. “Sorry.” She said with a slight exaggerated lip moment for the audience that still couldn't hear her. But Sabrina had an idea. She typed “how about this?”

    Sabrina took her left foot upwards and started kissing it, licking it gently and sucking her big toe. The tip sounds returned in surprising volume, but Tara noticed one chatter was unhappy.

    “Ew, gross.” She read aloud. Sabrina glanced over. “Not me.” Tara clarified. “Someone in chat doesn't like that. I didn't see the name.”

    Sabrina stopped to scroll and find the complainer. This chatter, CatCupid85, had later said that she had a terrible foot phobia that Sabrina had just provoked. She felt a little guilty having ruined this viewer's fun, and typed into chat. “I'm sorry. Lots of people love foot stuff.” She followed it with, “not everyone likes my feet, but I bet everyone in chat likes my cock.”

    Sabrina started slowly jerking her cock at the screen, pointing it at different angles to give the viewers more to enjoy. The coins dropped into the virtual tip jar with some regularity, but not as quickly as the moments of spontaneity. This is what the audience was expecting to see. Anyone broadcasting across the Internet with their cock out to an audience of willing and grateful viewers was expected to jack it off, just like a man with a top hat, white gloves and a deck of cards was expected to do magic and have a bad mustache.

    Tara watched Sabrina jack it for a little while before asking Sabrina, “Ask the chat if they want your girlfriend to join.”

    Sabrina stopped, chuckled and typed that into the chat window. A few seconds later, the chat started going so fast, Tara could no longer read it with any long-lasting comprehension or retention.

    “There are a few other masks over there.” Sabrina said quietly, no longer hiding her mouth from the camera now that they knew someone was in the room with her.

    “Let's start out slow.” Tara moved her hand into frame and waved. The chat continued its deluge of encouragement. Tara pinched Sabrina's cock between thumb and two fingers and slowly worked it up and down. Sabrina moaned a bit, rubbing her stomach with her free hands and rubbing her breasts. She pretended to pinch her nipples, not actually fond of the feeling of pinching them.

    Tara stepped on the gas, jerking Sabrina's cock harder and faster. Sabrina leaned back on her arms. "Slow down, slow down." She said through her teeth. Tara complied, but looked at Sabrina, confused. Sabrina pointed. "Your hands a big blur on the screen."

    Tara reset her grip, holding the cock within her fist, jerking it off with solid strokes. Some tips trickled in. Tara played with the head of Sabrina's cock with her thumb. She could easily jack her off to completion, but that was the most boring potential outcome.

    It was time for Tara to make her entrance. Tara released the cock and picked a similar black domino mask from the pile. She looked at herself in the mirror, her identity mostly hidden behind the mask. She doubted she'd be recognized. She pulled the elastic out of her hair and scattered it around her shoulders. She stepped out of her dress and removed her panties, her erection finally free.

    She got on her knees and leaned into camera view, showing her face to the audience, but not much else. She waved and smiled. Suddenly, she felt a little thrill building in her heart, suddenly having an audience.

    She gestured to Sabrina to sit with her legs hanging off the bed, scooting the laptop to the side. They couldn't see Sabrina's face anymore, but they could see her cock get swallowed by this beautiful blonde. Tara gleefully fellated Sabrina, sucking it hard, licking it all over, teasing it and wanking it with her left hand.

    And, as the familiar basketball parlance goes, the crowd went wild. Numerous tips flooded in. Tara leaned in and pressed Sabrina's cock between her tits, kissing it as she rose up and down to rub her soft tit flesh against the hard cock. Sabrina's legs and thighs twitched involuntarily.

    Tara relinquished Sabrina's cock and leaned in to type into the chat. "how big do you think she is?"

    "Uh, I don't know if I want you measuring me on cam." Sabrina said.

    "Come on. It'll be hot." Tara sure loved her measuring tape. She typed, "take a guess in inches. the closest gets to pick our next position."

    Sabrina slid off the bed, and both watched the chat from a kneeling position against the edge of the bed. The chat burst out in a huge list of numbers. Tara read them as they flew by, waiting for someone to get it right.

    "Eight, eight, eight, seven, eight, eight-and-a-half... thirteen, twelve, nine, eight, nine-and-a-half..."

    "I like thirteen, whoever that was." Sabrina said. "I wish I was."

    Tara whispered to Sabrina, not so she wouldn't be heard, but so the audience wouldn't see her say something rude about them. "These guys are all idiots. They wouldn't know the size of a cock if it was their own."

    Sabrina whispered back. "Most of them only see their own."

    "And the cocks of other webcam stars, I bet."

    The inaccurate guesses kept flooding in. The closest was one random user who guessed ten-and-a-half, the only one to do so that they saw. Sabrina was about to declare a winner, but Tara said it'd be more fun to show them. Sabrina stood up, holding her cock perpendicular to her body. She rolled the measuring tape down it and pinched it where it reached the end. She got back down to her knees and showed the camera the mark one quarter inch from the eleven.

    The chat was astonished. A few spoilsports in chat said it was fake. Sabrina muted them; they could still talk in the chatroom (and donate!), but nobody would hear them. Sabrina tracked down the chatter who made the correct guess, declared them the winner and asked what pose he or she wanted.

    The response was short and unambiguous: "anal."

    Sabrina looked at Tara with a smirk. "It's what they want." Tara tried to fake a little reluctance, but couldn't manage it.

    Off-camera, Tara spread out on her stomach on the bedspread. Sabrina pointed the laptop so the shot was mostly Tara's ass and back. Tara had still not revealed her own cock to the camera. Sabrina knew this was deliberate, waiting to build to a shocking reveal later in the broadcast.

    Sabrina straddled her legs over Tara's and placed her cock between Tara's buttocks. She rubbed it across both cheeks before plunging it into her ass. Tara gathered a handful of bedsheet in a clenched fist, but Sabrina saw Tara's right hand, the one not visible on camera, was relaxed. Tara was pretending, acting for the camera. Even if Tara loved getting her ass fucked, she could take her cock with no difficulty.

    Sabrina pushed her cock in and out of Tara's ass with hard strokes. Rather than express any pain, Tara cooed and moaned delicately, like she was being tickled. Sabrina grunted in frustration, leaned forward and slowly and gently filled her fist with a clump of Tara's hair right at the scalp. She didn't actually want to hurt Tara; nobody could even see her do this on camera; their heads were off-screen.

    Tara arched her back. "Sabrina, I have fun teasing you, but I want you to know that I'm really enjoying this." Sabrina released her hair and they shared a lopsided kiss.

    With new energy, Sabrina started pounding Tara's ass, grabbing her cheeks with both hands. The tips had started strong, then dwindled as the sex stagnated. This new energy inspired a few more tips. Sabrina's breath got harder, hot like steam as she huffed air across Tara's sweaty shoulder blades. Sabrina felt an orgasm building inside her.

    "Come on my ass." Tara gave an instruction she'd never give if there wasn't an audience waiting for a show. Sabrina fucked Tara's hole until she felt herself go over the verge. She quickly pulled out and covered Tara's ass and lower back with come, white streaks oozing down each cheek like the frosting on a cinnamon bun. The curve in her back made a little lake of come. Sabrina dipped her fingers into the puddle, turned to the camera and licked her fingers clean in full view of the camera. The tips poured in.

    Sabrina reached back towards Tara's rear and gave the nearest cheek a firm slap, scattering the come in a splash. Tara playfully touched the abused cheek before rolling over to reveal her stiff, mighty cock.

    And the crowd went bananas.

    Tara had resisted coming from Sabrina's fucking. It was called the 'money shot' for a reason. Sabrina got off the bed and pulled the laptop further back to show more of Tara. The chat was undoubtedly impressed. She took a few poses like a centerfold before Sabrina brought the camera closer, with Tara's back against the head of the bed. Sabrina nestled in gently beside her. They read the chat, gushing with enthusiasm for her new friend. A few impatient chatters were frustrated to see the cocks leave the screen. They were muted without ceremony.

    Sabrina typed into chat, "i hope you won't forget about me now that you know my friend." That chat was surprisingly sympathetic, most expressing how much they appreciated her. This was a surprisingly touching sentiment from a bunch of perverts.

    Then again, what else were Sabrina and her friends but a bunch of perverts?

    "We got a request for my measurements." Tara said, retrieving the measuring tape. She wrapped it around her chest as if she was fitting herself for a bra. It measured out thirty-six inches, as she knew it did.

    The chat complained they wanted to see how long her cock was, the tip of it barely on screen as the camera focused on their masked faces for once. Tara snickered. Riling the chat up was as easy as shooting fish in a frozen barrel. (wait, that doesn't work. You can't shoot through ice. Unless the shot would crack the ice and kill the fish or something. Whatever. That was a stupid analogy, fuck. Good thing nobody could read her thoughts.)

    Sabrina adjusted the camera to show the full length of Tara's cock. She measured it out to just past the twelve. The chat was astonished, and one overly impressed soul made a twelve-dollar 'tip' in reverence to the cock.

    "Got to give them what they want." Tara said, pulling her knees up next to her head, dipping her head forward and taking her cock into her mouth.

    And the crowd went nuts. The sound of tips came in so frequently, it almost sounded like machine gun fire.

    Tara rolled her tongue along the tip of her cock. She raked her lips along the head, kissing the very tip and pushing it as deep as she could. She couldn't get much further than the head, but it was enough. She wanked her cock with one hand and tried pushing her head further down with the other. She was bent about as far as she could go; even yoga couldn't make this happen. (What good was it for, then? Wasn't autofellatio the final boss of yoga?)

    Sabrina sidled back into shot and kissed Tara's shaft a few times. She rose up, pushing up on her hands to approach Tara's face. Tara released her cock to plant a few gentle, slightly dramatic kisses on Sabrina's lips before returning to her cock. She sucked it with three increasingly long inhales, each accompanied with a deep moan. Sabrina almost wished they could hear her. Tara only let her cock leave her mouth to say to the camera, "tastes so good." Again, it wasn't something she'd normally say. It was true, though.

    Tara's head bobbed up and down along her cock, her hips starting to pump upwards along with it. She would slow down a bit, then speed up, jack it with one hand. Sabrina could tell Tara wasn't acting anymore; she was no longer looking up at her image on the screen. Sabrina typed, "want to see her come in her own mouth?"

    Chat was enthusiastic, some thinking the autofellatio would be a broken promise if she didn't. A few eloquently requested she "not bust so soon." Sabrina promised that the show wasn't going to stop.

    Tara finally came, filling her mouth until her cheeks bulged. A single stream of come started to emerge from the corner of her mouth, until the dam burst and come flowed unevenly down her cock, rolling over her fingers as she kept wanking. Tara felt like she was wasting so much come, letting it slide down her cock and onto the bed sheet like this. But just swallowing every drop wasn't going to be as fun for the viewer. She swallowed a few big mouthfuls before letting the rest fill her cheeks again.

    She finally let her cock free, a small trickle running down from the tip. Tara leaned close to cam and showed her come-filled mouth. She reached off screen to grab Sabrina's head and place it in her lap, facing upwards. Tara gobbed her come into Sabrina's mouth. Sabrina didn't swallow it, instead bringing her face to Tara's and forced her tongue into Tara's mouth. Come and spit flowed between their mouths, riding their tongues and dripping down their chins.

    The tips rolled in, as generous as Tara's ejaculation.

    Sabrina and Tara leaned forehead-to-forehead, catching their breath. Tara wrapped her arms around Sabrina's shoulder and they took a resting position back against the head of the bed. They kissed for a few minutes, Tara whispering that they should give some time to let the audience either calm down or re-arm themselves for round two. Of course, Tara was ready for round two after about a minute, Sabrina's hot lips stirring the lust inside her and making her hard.

    Tara whispered to Sabrina, "Do you think we could 69?"

    "That doesn't work for live shows." She whispered back. "One of our heads would be obscured. That's why they always cut to closeups in edited porn."

    "We need to do something." Tara said. "The viewers are losing their hardons."

    "But we're not." Sabrina grinned. They kissed again. Sabrina asked chat what they wanted to see, and they'd take perform the suggestion they liked best. To her great annoyance, most of the suggestions were variations of putting one of their penises in the other's vagina. Yes, GameOfThronesFanboy123, that idea had passed their minds at some point. That's not a position; it's just obvious.

    69 was suggested a few times, some foot stuff, a few were using slang for sexual positions that she wasn't familiar with. (the term 'rusty trombone' went by; Sabrina was horrified someone would call it that unironically. What a grotesque term for a lovely act.) A few people wanted some 'watersports,' another stupid euphemism. They were not interested. Furthermore, Gabriella had enough work cleaning up the unavoidable fluids of lovemaking without making unnecessary ones.

    "Reverse cowgirl." Tara pointed. "That should work."

    "Who's the cowgirl?" Sabrina asked. "You have the bigger tits."

    Tara tittered involuntarily. She'd never heard Sabrina say 'tits' before. It was hot. "You're the star."

    They got into position. Tara wasn't dead-on to the camera, so you could see her face a bit off to the side. Sabrina stood on the bed an wobbily brought herself down onto Tara's cock, sliding inch by inch by inch, acting as if it was touch to take all that cock.

    Tara blew a gently raspberry, took both her hands onto Sabrina's hips and pushed her down onto her cock, slapping their thighs together noisily. Sabrina gasped and bit her lip, supporting herself with her arms against her legs. She let the chat drink this in for a bit. They cheered her on and gave numerous tips, congratulating her on getting it all in.

    These guys have no idea, Sabrina thought. If Sayako were here, then she could show them what's what.

    Sabrina kept her feet on the mattress so could stand back up into a squat, pulling out most of Tara's cock and revealing it again to the audience, before sliding back down. This position was quite a leg workout, especially while standing on an unreliable surface like a mattress. Meanwhile, Tara was experiencing the same ecstasy and could just relax and read a magazine. Rather than read, she writhed, curled her toes and rubbed her breasts.

    “It'll be super hot if you come first.” Tara said. “Like, hands-free.”

    “I can try.” Sabrina said. “But you've got to really give it to me.”

    Tara's hand fell on Sabrina's hips, holding her in place. Now, she pushed up from the bed and fucked her hard. Sabrina's mouth became an “O,” her hands kneading her breasts, trying to resist the instinct to grab her cock. She felt her come building up in her, like she was a water balloon and Tara was the hose.

    At that moment, Tara turned the hose on. Without stopping her stride, she ejaculated, pouring hot come into her pussy. Sabrina came right afterwards, her come flying straight up in a huge arc, over the laptop and onto a faraway patch of carpet. Her come was still visible ejecting from her cock on camera, and that's what mattered. Tara extracted her cock and placed it in front of hers, both spunking cocks spraying loads of white lava up towards the ceiling, a jealous trickle of come oozing out of Sabrina's pussy.

    Once they were done, Sabrina tried to take a breath, but Tara slithered around and planted her mouth on Sabrina's pussy, holding the softening cock out of the way. She sucked on her pussy hard as Sabrina's cock got harder again. Tara released her cunnilingus, gestured silently to Sabrina to move in closer to the camera. Sabrina opened her mouth, facing up towards the ceiling, and Tara puckered her lips and spat a long string of her come, rescued from Sabrina's pussy, into Sabrina's mouth.

    And the crowd went apeshit. The sound of tips was like being in a greenhouse next to a tree covered in acorns during a hurricane.

    Bringing their mouths so close together of course resulted in more wonderful kisses between the pair. They slipped back onto the bed, pulling the laptop onto their thighs so their cocks would still be in shot. A handful of the chatters had not made it past that last segment without popping the cork, so to speak, so they thanks the ladies for a grand evening and went to feed the cat or whatever business they had to tend to at nearly midnight on a weeknight.

    “how are u still hard” asked one chat denizen.

    “What should we tell them?” Sabrina asked, reaching her hand across to give Tara's cocks a few gentle strokes. (She was left-handed, but it was still good practice.)

    “Drink your milk? Pineapple? I don't know.” Tara said. “I say we keep it mysterious.”

    The door flew open. They both turned to it, seeing Anna standing there, in her long coat. She look like she'd left her home in a big hurry.

    “Hey.” Tara said. “Were you watching?”

    “You think you can do this without me?”

    “We wouldn't dream of it, except all those times we totally did it without you.”

    Anna took off her coat, revealing she wore nothing under it but stocking and a garter belt. It was quite reminiscent of the first time they met, where Anna came to their door with nothing but a boner and a bone to pick.

    “We have a few more masks over there.” Sabrina pointed towards the dresser. Anna grabbed the first one on the pile, a white domino mask with feathers. She pulled the elastic strap over her head and snapped it over her face. There was one that covered her whole face, but how would she do things with her mouth with that one? If someone from the office recognized her by her chin, they would assume it wasn't her anyway because of the cock.

    Anna stepped into frame and waved. Chat was shocked and humbled how generous the stream could be, giving them three women in the same stream. Anna didn't feel like burying the lead, so she showed her cock to camera right after she appeared. She put it right up to the camera, so the viewers could see her skin moving along it as she gently pulled her hand back and forth up it.

    She stepped back and stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the others. Tara laughed and pointed, a sight the denizens of this chat were probably used to seeing when they had their junk out. “Someone in chat said, 'mommy's home!'”

    “Dammit, I'm only thirty-seven!” Anna said, through a fake smile growing a bit faker. “I can't have... well, OK, I guess I could technically be your mom, Sabrina.”

    “SSSHHH!” Sabrina shushed without releasing her smile or gesturing, making the sure the audience couldn't see her doing this.

    “What? They can't hear us. Unless you have some deaf perverts watching who can read lips?” Anna said, smiling and slurring through her amateur ventriloquism.

    “Read these lips.” Tara grabbed Anna's nape and nearly smothered her in a wet kiss, her tongue licking her cheeks and chin more than she normally would. It's amazing how quickly she modified her behavior for the tastes of the audience. Sabrina sidled in and tried to join in a three-way kiss without blocking the laptop's view.

    Sabrina disengaged to type on the keys, asking for suggestions. They came in heavy and hard, almost too quick to make sense of, but Anna ignored them. (She couldn't see the chat without her glasses anyway.) “I know what they want. Who wants to be middle?”

    “The middle of what?” Sabrina asked. Anna threw Tara down onto the bed and flipped her onto her stomach. Maybe she was driving here when they did this pose before, she thought. Anna moved Sabrina up to Tara's rear, and she moved in behind her, getting her feet up onto the bed.

    The middle. It was clear now. Sabrina inserted her cock into Tara's pussy, slowly fucking her doggystyle, and Anna did the same for Sabrina.

    The middle had distinct advantages. If she'd known... she would have volunteered more readily. The audience started to give tips again, but she was getting and giving the whole thing. They kept up this fucking until they decided the audience had enough video of their three asses bouncing against each other. It was still an alien concept for Tara to stop fucking before she'd come, so it was fortuitous that she was the bottom.

    Tara turned over, and Tara slipped it up Sabrina's ass while Anna continued fucking her pussy. The tips came in densely, and would surely be even denser if they could hear Sabrina's ecstatic (and entirely sincere) cries.

    Anna had to coax Tara off Sabrina to end on an even better pose. They walked the laptop onto a dresser and held Sabrina in the air, her head hovering over Anna's cock and Tara again on rear duty. Sabrina eagerly sucked on Anna's hot member, still slick with her own juices. Tara supported Sabrina by her hips, Anna by Sabrina's arms. They fucked her hard in each direction, Sabrina's own cock bouncing freely like an unsupported muffler hanging from the undercarriage of an old car.

    Sabrina held on to Anna's ass, but eventually realized they were supporting her just fine. She released her arms and left herself in their grips. Sensing the finale coming, Anna let go of Sabrina's arms, and Tara released her legs. She was suspended only on their cocks. Sabrina wormed her back to inch off of Tara's cock, then lean forward and go further on Anna's.

    And the crowd went whatever crowds went when they were out of bananas, nuts and apeshit to give. Tips thundered in. Chat felt as if they'd seen something never before witnessed by man. This must have been like what their parents felt like when they watched the moon landing. (Tara assumed they could ask their parents very easily, if they would stop masturbating and walk upstairs from the basement to ask them).

    But Sabrina didn't want this to be the finale, either. They were so far away, nobody could see their come on the low-resolution picture. Instead, she clumsily dismounted the cocks, grabbed the laptop, and the ladies returned to the bed in a flurry of motion. They all brought their bodies up against the headboard, their cocks hanging down towards their faces. Sabrina held the laptop just above her cock. Tara was to her right, Anna to her left. They each grabbed their cocks and started whacking it off, offering their free hands to finish Sabrina.

    Sabrina was first, but the others joined her soon enough, in a shower of pearly white ejaculate raining down on them, spattering their masks with dots, sprinkling in their hair, dotting their breasts like robin eggs, painting their greedy tongues, only to disappear with each gluttonous swallow.

    If chat really was a crowd, there would have been a riot. The sound of tips was more like a constant tone than any recognizable sound effect. It eventually slowed to the constant rattle of a million BB's thrown down a flight of metal stairs. The noise slowed down only when they'd finally drained their mighty snakes of all their wonderful white venom.

    They brought themselves from the headboard and came to rest in a big naked cuddle, Sabrina in the middle. They all smiled, their faces flecked with come. Sabrina waved good-bye at the end of this extra-long session, blew a kiss at the screen, and turned off her broadcast.

    She sighed. “Chat says this was the best one ever. I agree. It's usually just me jacking off...”

    “You'll have to have us back on.” Anna took off her mask, checking it for come splotches and wiping some off with her fingers.

    “Yeah, if you can afford us.” Tara had left her mask on, forgetting she was even wearing it. “How much did you make in tips anyway?”

    “Is it always about the money?” Anna asked. “Can't it be about the sex?”

    Sabrina gasped, her hand coming to her mouth. She turned back to the others. “Tara, I won't need to borrow your laptop anymore.”

    “Are you serious?” Anna asked. “How much did you get?”

    “Enough to buy either a nice laptop... or a bad car.”

    “That's amazing. Let's celebrate.” Tara took off her mask and threw it across the room like a masquerade Frisbee.

    Sabrina turned back to her, moving her mask up to her forehead. “Without spending money, I assume.”

    “It'd be silly to throw it all away tonight, after such a generous windfall.” Tara slid against the bed sheets, closer to Sabrina. Tara was slowly growing hard again.

    She chuckled, closed the laptop, took Tara by her chin and kissed her.

    Not everything had to be shared with the entire Internet.


    Thank you all for reading.

    -- D.

  • I'm very happy you are enjoying my writings, borsten.

    The Halloween episode was definitely meant to invoke a certain rushed feeling, both for the feeling of embarrassment and secrecy they have as they hide their sex from the others, and to imply a sense of not lingering on the sex, either. I envision it like a television show that cuts to something weird for a second before cutting back to the oblivious neighbor or something.

    I have a new entry for you, the follow-up to the one before the previous one. If you recall, Tara is interested in shedding herself of her cock temporarily. She will attempt to void herself of her come, which Sabrina will aggregate to see if she grows larger.

    This update… is five thousand words long. It's probably the longest one yet, and yet... it's not a single continuous scene. It's many small ones that have no easy termination point like the previous scene. So, I simply must post it all here in one large block.

    If those reading would prefer I start to tuck these larger updates into spoiler tags, I will comply. For now, I will leave this as I've left the other updates.


    Tara returned home from her trip to her favorite coffee shop with a cardboard tray of blended iced coffees. Tara gave one to Sayako and brought one to Sabrina. She accepted it graciously, but something was wrong. It was very dark. She hadn't been in college long enough to stop fussing with coffee and just drink it black.

    “Is this black?” Sabrina asked.

    “Isn't that what you wanted?”

    Sabrina shook her head. “No, not really. I wanted cream and two Sweet'n-Low's, but it's OK. I'm sure there's milk in the fridge.” Sabrina stood to get it, but Tara gently pushed her back into her seat as she undid her fly and pulled out her cock.

    “I got some.” Tara's cock quickly hardened and she started masturbating very quickly and forcefully.

    Suddenly, it all made sense. Tara had never gone on a coffee run like this before. Tara knew she didn't want it black. It was all an excuse to do this. Tara beat her cock ferociously, as if she wanted to come before Sabrina could lose her nerve and walk away. Sabrina took a sip of the iced coffee to make room for the upcoming addition. Nobody was fond of black coffee the first time they tried it, but that's what they said about anal sex. They were right about the coffee.

    Tara started to shudder, and Sabrina quickly took the lid off the coffee and positioned it beneath Tara's cock. Tara sprayed her come into the drink, quickly filling the remaining headroom on the cup. As a few strands of come started to spill over the edge, Sabrina placed her lips around Tara's cock and happily took in the rest.

    “I hope it's the way you like it.” Tara said with a smile. Sabrina replaced the lid and swirled the drink around with the straw. The color evened out to a light beige. Sabrina took a sip through the straw, smacking her lips a bit and analyzing the flavor.

    “It's good.” Sabrina said, offering Tara a sip.

    Tara waved it off. “I can't. I need to get rid of all my come, remember?” Sabrina took another sip, looking away momentarily as Tara asked, “Is it sweet enough?”

    Sabrina looked up and saw Tara holding two pink packets of Sweet'n-Low. They both smiled, and Sabrina stepped forward and kissed Tara on the lips. “It's perfectly sweet.” Tara moved in for a few more kisses, caressing Sabrina's nape with her hand.

    “Dammit.” Tara said softly, as her cock returned to its full stiffness. “Could you please help me with this?”

    Sabrina snickered, drawing the straw from the lid of her coffee with a squeak. “I could just put this in here and get it all at once, maybe.”

    Once Tara got Sabrina's vibe, she covered her cock with her hands and stepped back. “No, thank you.” She said.

    Tara sat still on the couch, totally nude. Sabrina sat across from her, sketching her in her sketchpad as quickly as she could. Tara tried to sit as still as possible, occasionally moving her eyes back to the television. At the angle she was sitting at, she couldn't tell what was playing. The sounds of cheering and hooting indicated it was some kind of raucous daytime “talk show.”

    A few times, as Tara looked back to Sabrina, their eyes would meet and Sabrina would quickly look away. Sabrina was a lovely, if slightly mousey woman. A smile crept on Tara's face as her heart started to beat faster and her cock slowly rose with every heartbeat until it reached its full height. Tara bit her lip. She felt a little restrained knowing she wasn't allowed to move, forced to sit still as Sabrina watched her stiffen.

    Sabrina huffed gently, spun her pencil around and started to erase something she'd drawn. Tara laughed softly. “You already drew my cock?”

    “Yeah...” Sabrina wiped the specks of eraser from the page and resumed sketching. “There's something I find aesthetically pleasing about a flaccid cock. They way they move... it's very nice.”

    “I prefer hard cocks myself, because then you can do this.” Tara clutched her cock with her left hand and started masturbating. “Have you started drawing my hand yet?”


    “Can you finish before I do?”

    “I don't think so.” Sabrina picked up the pace, sketching more loosely.

    “Come on. It's my left hand.”

    Sabrina sketched frantically for a minute more as Tara slowly worked her cock, sitting as still as she could. As her hand slowly started to go faster, so did Sabrina's, though it was hard to see it behind the sketchbook. Once Tara switched hands and started beating her cock off properly, Sabrina set the sketchbook down and hurried forward, planting her mouth on the tip of Tara's cock just before she ejaculated. She let the come fill her mouth completely before swallowing. Tara refilled Sabrina's mouth quickly, and did so eleven times before she was through.

    Sabrina released the tip of Tara's cock from her mouth with a sigh, feeling all warm and tingly.

    “Did you finish the sketch?” Tara asked.

    “Almost.” Sabrina said, retrieving the sketchbook and showing a decent, if rough, sketch of Tara's pose.

    “That's pretty good.” Tara said, admittedly not much of a judge of artistic skill. She looked down to the tentpole Sabrina's erection made in her jeans. Tara gently caressed Sabrina's cock through the denim, knowing her come would be safe in Sabrina... for now.


    Sabrina had her shirt off, sitting on the edge of the bed. Tara stood in front of her, naked. Sabrina pressed her tits together as Tara slid her cock between them.

    “See?” Tara said. “I knew you could do it.”

    Sabrina wasn't happy how hard she had to press her breasts together to properly perform the titjob. All the others seemed far more generous in this department. Tara appreciated the change-up from the fellatio, but the result was the same, and Sabrina happily slurped up more hot come.

    Later, Tara sat on the couch again, still nude, and tried to beat Mario while Sabrina slobbered on her knob. She only got as far as the water level before she ejaculated, which caused her to lose her last life by falling into a pit. Sabrina then told her where to get the flute. Tara suggested that Sabrina should keep practicing the flute, and they were back at it again.

    By the time dinner rolled around, Sabrina was too full to eat any of it. This didn't mean she was excluded, of course, staying under the table and seeing if she could make Tara spill her drink. Sayako watched Tara's fluctuating expression from across the table with some amusement; she must have looked as silly when Tara pulled that trick on her.

    After dinner, near eight, Tara was exhausted, even not having done much throughout the day except get her willy wet. Tara was sprawled on the love seat like a cooked noodle. She thought she was spent, every drop of come wrung from her, but her cock was still there. It hadn't even changed size.

    Tara was too tired to pursue Sabrina, wherever she had gone. Sabrina had better not have found a quiet room to finally jerk off in. What a waste that would be. And this moron on Final Jeopardy thought William Howard Taft served two nonconsecutive terms. On the other hand, it was some kind of high school version. But Tara knew that in high school... probably.

    "Is this what I did with my time before I met Sayako?" Tara wondered. How boring life was when not having sex or looking for places to have sex.

    As if on cue, Sabrina returned with an object Tara hadn't seen in quite some time: her ivory-colored cylindrical vibrator. The good old reliable electric husband. She never gave it a nickname like some strange women do. How about Ol' Buzzy? Or Captain Numby.

    "God, I'm loopy tonight." Tara thought as Sabrina flipped the switch at the vibrator's base. Sabrina teased Tara's cock with the vibrator. Yes, the vibrator was pathetically small, fitting almost completely in Sabrina's hand. But Sayako's cock didn't vibrate at six thousand RPM.

    Tara felt her cock slowly harden from the stimulus. As her cock reached towards the ceiling, her pussy became visible. Sabrina stroked the outside of it with the tip of the vibrator, barely parting the lips with the edge.

    Tara sunk lower in her seat, and Sabrina teased the lower half of Tara's pussy before abruptly digging the vibrator into the soft cushion and pressing the vibrator up Tara's ass. She gasped. It was probably the smallest thing that ever went up there except a finger (or an adventurous big toe). But she felt like it was shaking her whole body from the bottom of her spine.

    Tara twitched and curled her toes. She could tell very quickly she could come hands-free with this device, but Sabrina intervened. She placed two fingers from her left hand into her pussy, reaching upwards to caress the legendary G-spot, as she licked Tara's cock from bottom to top, sucking it down her throat as she went down again.

    Tara had already come so much today. This time, she felt like it would be nothing but a puff of dust awaiting Sabrina's eager lips and mouth. Either that or a note that read: "IOU: 350 ml of ejaculate."

    But come she did, and with great vigor. Sabrina brought the tip back to her mouth so she could taste the goodness, swallowing repeatedly, barely keeping up with the torrent. Once it ceased, Sabrina removed the vibrator from Tara's ass, Tara deprived of the strength to remove it herself.

    "I think that's it." Tara huffed. "I can't possibly have any more than that."

    "No way." Sabrina said analytically. "That was a full load. What are the odds your last one is that strong?"

    "I don't think I can do it anymore." Tara said.

    "Oh, like you've worked so hard today." Sabrina mocked her. "Come on, I got an idea."

    Sabrina coaxed Tara up and handed her a bottle that said "B." No other information was supplied. "What is this?"

    "It's lotion. Put it on your cock." Sabrina said, loading one of her hands with something from a bottle labeled "A."

    Tara obeyed and massaged the lotion into her cock. "I know what this is." Tara said. "It's that his-and-hers lotion that heats up or something."

    "Yes, it is." Sabrina said, rubbing “A” between her hands. "It's really nice. You have to try it. Give me your hand." Sabrina held the hand Tara used to apply B to her cock. A and B reacted between them. What Tara was afraid would be a hot, burning sensation or feel like electrical shocks... it was more like magnifying the body's own heat and pleasure sensation. Their fingers felt like five cocks dipped in hot pussy, if that made sense.

    Tara stiffened very quickly from this, and Sabrina coaxed her to a position on her hands and knees, her cock pointing down. Sabrina was on one knee next to her, reapplying A to her hands. She reached under and grabbed Tara's cock and jerked it straight down, the same motion she would use to milk a cow. Tara hoped no poor cow would be treated this roughly.

    Tara almost fell over from the sudden sensation, shuddering and shaking. Her back arched and she cried out in ecstasy. Sabrina continued tugging on Tara's cock with a tight grip, switching hands so she could move behind Tara and lick her ass as she jacked her off, using her free hand to pull one buttock away to get better access.

    Exhausted as she was, she couldn't endure this new sensation while feeling this hot, wriggling worm swirling playfully up her ass. She cried out suddenly as she hoped to ejaculate. Sensing this, Sabrina released Tara's ass and lifted her up by her stomach, turning Tara upside-down so her cock was again pointed at Sabrina's face. She got the tip between her lips just in time to eat another legendary fountain of ejaculate.

    Tara shook herself out of her delirium and felt something cold touch her toe in the carpet. It was a button. Sabrina had ripped the button off the fly of her jeans with her erection, the moist tip barely restrained behind her panties.

    Holding the button, about the heaviest thing she felt she could lift at the moment, she couldn't help but laugh. “I've only seen Sayako do that trick.”

    Sabrina didn't respond right away, coming back to her feet. “Excuse me.” She went off to somewhere else in the house. Tara would have followed if her legs would have supported her. If Sabrina finally couldn't endure it and would jerk off somewhere, that was fine.

    Tara's mind wandered. How much more come could Tara possibly have still inside her How much had she received over the months? If she had to get rid of it all, she'd be there a long time.


    In Sayako's bedroom on the second floor, Tara sat on the floor, against the wall, leaning against a dresser. She was rubbing the vibrator against her cock and pussy, but she was still soft. This had been a far more exhausting day that she anticipated.

    Sayako was in bed, half covered by the sheets and duvet, her breasts uncovered. “Come to bed.” Sayako pleaded gently.
    Tara shook her head, her whole body weak and clad in sweat. “Tomorrow.”

    “You don't really have to do this.” Sayako said. “You could go to my doctor. She's... very understanding.”

    “I thought Anna was your doctor.” Tara said.

    “Anna's not a GP.” Sayako disputed.

    The door opened with such force as to almost slam it against the reverse wall, if not for the little spring doorstop drilled into the molding. Sabrina stood there, breathing hard and making a face that wasn't quite a smile or a grimace. Her eyes were intense and her brow was low. Her ripped jeans were gone, her erection pulsing and pushing against her white panties.

    She saw Sayako in bed and stomped over. Sayako asked gently, “Did it work?”

    Sabrina still held the ruler in her tensed hand. “No.” She said sharply. “Still ten and three-quarters.” She threw the ruler across the room.

    Sayako smiled. “I know what you're getting at. I haven't been able to have sex all day, either. Come on.” She threw the duvet and revealed her slowly stiffening, mighty cock.

    Sabrina almost scoffed. “You're just getting hard now? I've had this thing for at least an hour, and you know what they say on TV about having an erection for too long. So you're just going to have to wait.”

    “Sure.” Sayako agreed, spreading her legs apart, resting her cock against her own stomach. Sabrina jumped into bed atop Sayako, pushing Sayako's shoulders into the bed with her hands. “Ooh, you've never been so aggressive before. Am I ruining this? Do you want me to resist a bit?”

    “I don't care. I am so full of come, I'm about to go insane.” Sabrina snarled with a smile. “I am going to fuck your ass off.”

    “Cool.” Sayako cooed. They looked over to Tara, who was still on the floor playing with herself.

    “Look at that.” Sabrina sneered. “She can't even get it up. She's finally out.” Tara rubbed her clit with the vibrator and wagged her cock in silent protest.

    Without another word, Sabrina pushed her cock into Sayako. She fucked her hard and fast, pumping her cock in and out more than four times a second. Her marginally shorter cock meant she could go all the way in and out in quicker succession. Even so, this was the fucking of a woman possessed.

    Sayako felt like she'd let a jackhammer into her pants. Her feet rose into the air and her hands came over her head to grab the headboard as Sabrina threatened to pound her straight through the mattress. After a few minutes of this punishment, Sayako came with incredible velocity, splattering against the headboard, her own face and tits.

    Sayako's limbs drooped as the come leaking from her cock slowed to a trickle, leaving a puddle on her stomach. Sabrina pulled her cock out to the edge. It was still hard; she had not come. (Sayako knew that, of course. She would have felt it.)

    Sabrina pushed back into Sayako's pussy only once, and to Sayako's great alarm, she came again with almost the same force as before. This spray landed underneath her chin and was scattered in all directions around the room. A single drop landed underneath Tara's eye. She let go of her cock and scraped it up with her finger. The room was now full of the smell of Sayako's ejaculate.

    It may have been a whole day without an orgasm for Sabrina, but Tara had gone a whole day without tasting come. This tiny fleck of come couldn't set her back, could it? She pictured Sabrina licking this tiny drop from her finger and exploding like Mr. Creosote from Monty Python.

    Sabrina grabbed Sayako around her torso and licked and slathered herself in Sayako's come. It was as if Sabrina could read Tara's mind. Sabrina gathered a few handfuls of it and scattered it on Sayako's face, letting her lick it off her fingertips. Sabrina took hold of Sayako's stiffening cock and fed it up her ass until she was sitting against her thighs. She reached behind her and kneaded Sayako's balls in her hand as she rode Sayako's cock. Sabrina pressed her feet into Sayako's breasts as she nearly jumped up and down on Sayako's cock.

    As Tara watched, she licked the tiny morsel of come, barely realizing she was doing it. She swirled it in her mouth, mixing it in her saliva. The memories flooded her mind and she finally got hard.

    Sayako came again, unleashing a wave of come into Sabrina's ass. Sabrina tensed as if she might come as well, but she did not. Instead, she delicately dismounted Sayako, holding her butt cheeks together as she walked across the bed until she was over Sayako's head. Sabrina relaxed her grip and expelled the come from her ass all over Sayako's face. Sayako's tongue lashed all over as she relished in her own come.

    “Gross.” Tara said as she nevertheless pounded her cock viciously at the sight of it. Sabrina looked over to her quickly, then reached across the bed and threw something at her. It bounced against the wall with a hard thud before landing next to her. It was the dildo made from Sayako's cock.

    “You get the fake one.” She hissed as she took Sayako's cock in her mouth, letting it grow stiff again. Tara slipped the dildo up her ass as she wanked her cock and teased her pussy with the vibrator.

    Sabrina dragged Sayako further down the bed by her knees, leaving her hips right against the edge. Sabrina stepped down to the floor and pressed her cock up Sayako's ass, hugging Sayako's cock, kissing the tip and rubbing it against her body as she fucked her ass.

    Sabrina huffed and grunted strongly. “Yes!” She cried. “Do you love my cock?”

    “Yes.” Sayako huffed as she felt herself coming close to another orgasm. Sabrina put two fingers in Sayako's pussy and two in her own.

    "Is it the best cock in the world?" Sabrina snarled.

    "Yes." Repeated Sayako. It really wasn't, but it would have been neither sexy nor romantic to say that. But wasn't any cock currently inside her body the best one in the world? As long as it had a head the size of a doorknob.

    Sabrina gave Sayako's ass the last few pounds she could before finally reaching the orgasm. A she did, she called out, “You fucking... whore!”

    Sabrina pulled out and ejaculated all over Sayako, both cocks pointed towards her upper body. They sprayed with the force of shaken up soda cans, but with much greater volume. Tara was on the floor, all her muscles tense, still pounding her cock and playing with her pussy when she saw them ejaculate.

    Tara experienced something she hadn't before. This didn't feel like ejaculation. This was like smashing a faucet off its mount with a sledgehammer. Tara released her cock and it released an arc of ejaculate so thick and for such a long time, Tara thought she might have nothing left inside her once it was done. She left a pool of hot ejaculate on the bed, covering Sayako almost completely.

    Once her cock had finally stopped coming, Tara drooped over to the side and collapsed, unconscious. She woke up the next morning, still in the same position, the room still an unholy mess. Someone had placed a bedsheet over her and put her head under a pillow... but had left the dildo perched in her ass.

    Tara barely brought herself to her feet, the carpet still a little squishy and wet from all the excitement last night. She gently removed the dildo and tossed it to the bed.

    It was only as reached between her legs did she see her cock was gone. Her pussy was still there, but her genitals were the way they were before she knew Sayako.

    It worked.

    She scampered out of the room and down the stairs, trying to find someone to show. She found Sabrina at the table, gobbling some cereal.

    “Tara...” Sabrina began, swallowing something milky and white that was, for once, milk. “what is it with you and running down the stairs naked?” Sabrina's eyes dropped down to her lower body. “Wow, it worked!”

    “Yeah!” She put her hands on her cockless groin. “I guess you've never seen me without a cock. But don't get used to it. I swear, once my doctor's appointment is over, I'm getting it back.” Sabrina had gone back to eating her cereal before she'd finished her sentence. “Are you in a hurry or something?”

    Sabrina cleared her mouth again. “I'm absolutely starving. Eating come all day was fun, but... now I need real food. As in, carbohydrates and vitamins and stuff.”

    “You got plenty of protein.” Tara said, and Sabrina said the word “protein” at the same second.

    “I knew you'd say that.” Sabrina sighed, and kept eating her cereal.

    Tara pulled a cinnamon raisin bagel from the breadbox, separated it on its presliced line and dropped them into the toaster. She leaned against the counter and waited for the toaster to cook it appropriately.

    Sabrina tried not to let Tara's naked flesh distract her. After all, she didn't have a cock anymore. But Tara was still very beautiful, lean and fit with just enough muscle definition in her abs and legs. Those nice features stood between that perfect ass...

    The toast springing up out of the toaster woke Sabrina up from her staring, alerting her that she had stared at her for the entire time it took to toast that bagel. Tara plucked the bagel out of the toaster and placed it on a plate. She drew a knife from the drawer, but in a moment of uncharacteristic gracelessness, fumbled it and it fell to the floor.

    Tara made a gentle noise and bent over without bending her knees, picking the knife up and putting it in the sink for later. But for a glorious second, Sabrina saw Tara's amazing rear bent over, her perfect pussy and tight tiny ass framed between those nice ass cheeks.

    That was it. Sabrina was a lesbian now. There was no cock here but her own slowly growing hard in her pajama bottoms, but she was salivating at this nude woman. For her entire life, she thought she was straight. Perhaps it was more accurate to say she was indeed straight all that time. Maybe she was now bisexual, but the man who could live up to Sayako would be quite a man indeed.

    No, she wasn't bisexual. That man didn't exist. She knew it. She could only picture herself with a woman now. Or preferably, women. Women with big fat cocks if possible.

    Having applied the appropriate amount of butter to her bagel, Tara sliced one last pat from the stick and reached behind her, spreading it on her left butt cheek.

    "Sorry, but these buns won't be ready until I get back from the doctor's." Tara finally turned around, seeing the flanneled tentpole poking above the edge of the table. She put her hands on the table, leaned across it and kissed Sabrina on the lips once before walking away with her bagel. In the other room, Sabrina heard this brief conversation between Sayako and Tara.

    "Is that butter on your butt?"

    "No, don't be silly. Why would I do that?"

    Sayako entered the room a few seconds later, dressed in the bathrobe she was so fond of. She took the butter from the fridge and walked to the round trash can, stepping on the lever at the base to make the lid rise.

    "What?" Sabrina asked before she could drop the butter into the can. "What's wrong with her butt, then? There wasn't anything wrong with mine last night."

    Sayako faced Sabrina momentarily, looked at the butter, thought for a moment, and finally put it back in the fridge.


    After Tara left for her doctor's appointment, Sabrina found Sayako in the living room reading a magazine. Sabrina spoke up, quiet as a mouse, “I'm really sorry I called you a whore. I swear I didn't mean it.”

    "It's fine." Sayako responded, taking her hand and bringing her down in the seat next to her.

    "Did you mean it when you said my cock was the best in the world?"

    Three knocks at the door. Saved by the bell. Sayako went to the front door to let in Anna. Sayako took her suitcase from her and left it beside the stairs. Anna and Sabrina ran towards each other and kissed deeply. Sabrina's cock returned to its turgid state in her pajamas, and Anna's hand crept over it.

    "Missed you, too." Anna smiled.

    "Do we get to see it?" Sabrina asked.

    "Tara showed you the picture?" Sighed Anna. "I shouldn't have sent it to her. I wanted to send it to Sayako, but they're next to each other in my contacts and I clicked the wrong one."

    "Tara's not here to make fun of you." Sabrina noted. "Besides, she wanted to see if she could get rid of it by getting rid of her come."

    "That was my hypothesis, too." Anna noted. "Did it work?"

    "It worked for Tara, yeah. But it took her a while."

    “Fascinating. Let's see if the reverse is true.”

    It was. Sabrina and Sayako helped perform that experiment.


    Tara has her doctor's appointment at 12:00 noon, but it was almost 11:00 and she knew doctors were always late, so she made an equally important appointment with her favorite boutique. Two ladies with measuring tape measured her impeccably in all dimensions. She ordered some new dresses to be custom-made to her size, knowing that even if she got her cock back, she was now so good at tucking, she could wear almost anything.

    Having these two women fuss over her and touch her... maybe she should have come here with her cock after all. As it was, she put these purchases on her platinum card and left to her doctor's appointment.

    Before she reached the parking lot, she was interdicted by someone: a raven-haired and gently tan woman in a black blazer and miniskirt. "I know you!" She shouted.

    Tara didn't recognize her until her friend rounded the corner with a large professional news camera on his shoulder. This was the woman from the news. Natalie. That was her name.

    Tara played it cool. "Excuse me? Do I know you?"

    "You know me, dammit." Natalie spat. "You were one of the women flashing me while I was on the air! You humiliated me!"

    "I don't know what you're talking about." Tara lied. "I don't watch Channel 11."

    "I'm on Channel 6, dammit!" Natalie yelled. "It's right here on the microphone!"

    Tara knew that. She could see it. She was just trying to get her riled up. "Are we live now?" She engaged the cameraman briefly.

    "No, but I'm going to prove to him that I'm not crazy." Natalie said. "You were messing around with your friend, and you both had the biggest penises since Jurassic Park. You're so proud of it, obviously, why don't you whip it out and show him?"

    "She's not going to do that." The cameraman said. "Now can we get back to..." His sentence trailed off as he saw Tara reach up her skirt and scoot her panties down to her knees, where a gentle shift in her weight let them fall to the ground around her ankles. They were a pair of exceptionally skimpy panties she could no longer wear properly with her cock. She stepped out of them and picked them off the ground in one hand as she tugged up her dress to her belly button, presenting her pussy to Natalie.

    How lucky could she possibly be? Not only is she in a relationship with the ideal sexual creature (with lots of random hookups from her growing harem of cocked women), and not only could she wield the cock herself and the endless pleasure it supplied, the one day she decided to temporarily shed it was the one day she happened to run into this woman again.

    They both stared at her pussy for a few moments, Natalie leaning in to get a closer look, making sure it wasn't stowed away somewhere she couldn't see. "Take a good look, you pervert." Tara said.

    "You're not recording, are you?" Natalie asked the cameraman.

    "That was addressed to you." Tara corrected her, pushing her skirt back down. "I hope that satisfies you. I don't have a penis."

    Natalie looked so confused. Tara almost felt bad for tricking her. She looked like someone finally told her that Paul Bettany wasn't real. (What movie was that from, where Paul Bettany was a hallucination? Tara couldn't remember.)

    "Anyway, I have an appointment to get to, so..." Tara stuffed the panties into a pocket in the front of Natalie's blazer. "You can keep these." And she walked off. Before returning to her car, she made sure she wasn't being followed. She didn't want this obsessed weirdo knowing her license plate number. Maybe she could find that out as a reporter, but it was best not to take chances.

    Tara arrived for her doctor's appointment at her general practitioner in time. The doctor walked into the office, a few minutes late as typical for all doctors. Tara sat on the examination table wearing a black bra, but no panties, her hands covering her crotch.

    She laughed, feeling embarrassed. "I forgot I had a doctor's appointment today."

    "We don't have to do this now, if you don't want." The doctor said.

    "No, Let's get this out of the way, please." Tara insisted, moving her hands away from her groin.

    The doctor was, of course, professional.


    I find it interesting that I've released this scene not long after the new and long-anticipated G4E DLC (which I bought, and you should, too). There was a line contained within it that saddened me a little. When Tara is grinding on Sayako in a certain way, she suggests that's the closest she'd ever come to having a cock of her own. "A girl can dream," she muses.

    So can I.

    Thank you all for reading.

    -- D.

  • Have read all of these in two long sessions now and have to say: they're really good! Some great ideas you have! My favourite is the one with Dr. Johnson's initiation, it has the perfect timing for my taste. Some of the other stories seem a bit rushed sometimes, but then it's probably tough to keep calm while describing all these monumental dickgirl-fuckfests…

    And this

    everyone fucked everyone else everywhere repeatedly.

    is how fairytales should end.

  • Thank you very much for your kind words. I hope I can continue to entertain whoever chooses to read this.

    This is a non-canon interlude I wrote when inspired by the current holiday season. I would just fold this into the story, but my story takes place in the spring into the summer, so it makes no sense to jump forward five months. (And yes, these are the sort of things I care about.)

    The actual follow-up to the original teaser will be posted sometime later.

    This was Tara's favorite time of year. That wasn't true, but it was the only time of year she could break out her badass spiderweb stockings. She slid them up her shapely legs and hooked them into her garter. Her ensemble was almost complete, the only thing missing was the pointed hat, sitting off to the side. She hadn't painted her skin green, though she had thought about it.

    The punch bowl was set, if empty. Fake cobwebs hung from the ceilings and through the railings. A fog machine waited for its cue in the corner of the room. Snacks, crudites, candies and everything else festive for this time of year was ready. The stereo was ready to bother the neighbors with dance tracks interspersed with Monster Mash and other appropriate songs. In the back yard was a tub for either bobbing for apples or to chill beers, whichever they needed at that time.

    Yep, this would be the best Halloween party ever. Tara was satisfied they were ready.

    The doorbell rang. Tara knew it was too early for trick-or-treaters, so she knew it was one of the other hostesses, one of her friends entrusted by Sayako to weird a cock responsibly... most of the time. Behind the door was Anna, with Sabrina behind her. They were both in costume already as well. They kissed and complimented each other on their costumes.

    Sayako came down the stairs, also dressed in her costume. Her cleavage was displayed in her black dress with pronounced eye makeup and black beehive wig. Sabrina didn't recognize her, to which the older women then had to explain who Elvira was, and why Sayako made Elvira look like an A-cup.

    Anna was dressed as a nurse, though far more revealing than the nurses she worked with. The costume came with a fake plastic syringe, which she irresponsibly promised to poke Sabrina with, or with something else.

    Sabrina's costume was a little pulled-together from other stuff she owned, consisting of a jumpsuit with fake blood stains covering the paint and a damaged hockey mask, with fake machete at her side. She wasn't tall enough to pull off an intimidating look, but it was still a good effort.

    Gabriella came in the room, dressed in her maid uniform. She confessed she just assumed she'd just wear the maid uniform as her costume, as she didn't have time to find a costume. Sayako pulled out something just for her, something she'd bought just to make sure she wouldn't be left out. Gabriella returned in her costume: a blonde wig with a green dress made of a leaf and slippers with powder puffs on them. And fake wings.

    Gabriella felt silly, but they assured her it was undeniably sexy.

    The party wouldn't be long now. This would be a ton of spooky fun.

    Craig explored the house, Solo cup in hand. He had been invited by a friend of a friend, Sabrina was her name, he thought. He saw the hostesses a few times, smoking hot chicks, all four of them. Hadn't run into Sabrina yet, but time was on his side. He'd love to make some time to make a few moves on them, give them a burst of Vitamin C, as he would very cleverly call it. But as the night progressed, he hadn't seen any of them around lately.

    For right now, he was busting for a piss. At least he could do something with his dick tonight. He found the downstairs bathroom, a skeleton hung from the door by a suction cup. He knocked on the door three times.

    "Occupied." Said the voice from inside. He didn't recognize it, so he moved on.

    Behind that door, Tara had gotten to know Franscesca, one of the nurses Anna works with. A gorgeous redhead of about thirty, she was dressed as a flapper girl, but now, her skirt was around her waist and she was bent over, her fake pearl necklace touching the bathmat. Tara gave her pussy a good solid pounding, wondering how Anna could resist this for so many months at her work. Franscesca held her hand over her mouth to smother her cries of ecstasy. She'd never made love to a stranger before, or a woman. Or, for that matter, someone with a twelve-inch cock. For Tara's effort, she was glad she didn't bother with makeup: she would have sweat it all off in all this excitement.

    But of course, the real reason she didn't get made up so she wouldn't have to worry about whether she should have painted her cock and withstood many unfunny Incredible Hulk jokes.

    Craig walked up the stairs, passing a dude dressed as a beer can (which made it very hard to pass him in the narrow stairway). The upstairs bathroom was close to the top of the stairs, so he knocked on this one.

    "Not right now." Said a breathless reply, a woman. He could have swore he heard someone humming inside. He went back down the stairs.

    Anna was indeed sitting on the toilet, but with the full seat lid down and getting a blowjob from Alice, one of Sayako's former financial advisers. She hummed eagerly as the hot cock slid into her mouth. Anna could watch Raggedy Ann give her a blowjob for only a few seconds before pulling the wig off Alice's head. Otherwise, this was just too strange.

    Craig looked around some more. He found a door he hadn't been through before, surprised to find it locked. "Is this a bathroom?" He asked through the door.

    "No, sorry." Came the reply. This voice he recognized, the cute Caribbean girl dressed like a fairy. Boy, would he like to make her fly and think happy thoughts while she was on his jock. Was that the right reference? He'd never seen the movie. Why she was in here with the door locked was not on his mind. He just desperately needed to find a place to pee.

    Gabriella had moved all the coats off the bed and to the floor, to give her room to make love to Julie, Tara's favorite hairdresser from the salon she preferred. Julie was wearing a giant set of footie pajamas, but they had to go to make way for Gabriella's cock. Julie rode Gabriella's hard cock, pressing her into the bed and weaving their fingers together. Gabriella brought one finger to her lips to remind her to stay quiet, so Julie smothered her orgasm in the bend in her elbow. Gabriella came not long after, filling Julie with come and soaking the bedsheets. Julie came to rest forward, planting grateful kisses on Gabriella's face.

    When Gabriella noticed the puddle she'd made, she tried to hide it under the bedsheets so the coats could go back on without anyone's coats getting smeared with come. This worked, but Julie chuckled that, after their lovemaking, Gabriella hadn't removed her costume at all, and her fake wings were bent and broken, flattened between her back and the bed.

    Craig walked out to the backyard, where nobody seemed to me hanging out. He set his Solo cup down on the railing of the porch, moved to a patch of unmarked dirt that may have once been a garden and undid his fly. He pulled his wang out and released a stream of piss to the patch of ground.

    "Why not do that inside?" Came a voice, a woman, from behind him. He turned his head as far as it would go. He didn't recognize the woman. She was about his age, probably someone else from the college. She was dressed like a school teacher, with ruler and stylish glasses over miniskirt and stockings.

    "The bathrooms are all full." Craig never stopped his stream of wee. "I have to go somewhere." A hand fell on his shoulder, as the woman moved in and made it clear she was watching him piss.

    "Not bad." She said.

    "Thanks?" Craig was a bit confused, though he would happily take the compliment. He was almost done, the last few drops splatting on the dirt. He shook it a few times and tucked it back in his boxers.

    The woman watched the whole thing. "I'm Audrey."


    "Want to go somewhere?"

    This is what he had been waiting for. "Sure. Let's find somewhere private."

    Now Craig REALLY wanted to find a private room. At least it didn't need a toilet this time. They went back into the house. Craig walked towards the downstairs bathroom. He knocked.

    "Occupied." Said the same voice as before.

    "Still?" He said aloud.

    "No, again." Behind the door, Tara was fucking Franscesca's friend Emily. Emily was also dressed as a witch, with striped stockings and a silly fake nose prosthetic. Tara thought she was done until Franscesca ran out to find Emily, as she knew Emily wouldn't want to miss a chance like this. And neither would Franscesca, who was sitting on the floor, masturbating as she watched her friend's pussy get pounded by this hot blonde.

    Craig went to the upstairs bedroom and opened it without knocking. Inside, she found a woman getting fucked missionary style by someone in a Jason mask and costume, their big cock emerging from the fly. He quickly closed the door. He wouldn't want someone to interrupt his lovemaking so he let the two be.

    Sabrina took the mask off to look out to the door. "Did they see us?"

    "Who cares?" Wanda took a lock of Sabrina's short hair and rubbed it between her fingers. She had arrived in some kind of costume, but it was long gone. She was completely naked. "Let them watch."

    "No, I don't want to get caught." Sabrina said. "I think the others would be mad if we were having sex during the party.”

    "They can't stop us." Wanda took grip of Sabrina's forearms. "Now keep going."

    Craig knocked on the upstairs bathroom, expecting to find it occupied. No answer came after the knock, so the pair hustled in. They hid in the tub, with the shower curtain drawn. They started slow, with a little kissing and necking. He started to stiffen in
    his pants, to Audrey's satisfaction.

    The bathroom door burst open with what sounded like a stampede of footsteps and amorous noises. Aubrey and Craig felt trapped in the tub, blocked in by whatever party had followed them in.

    Craig peeked out the side of the curtain to see the main hostess, Sayako, being buried in kisses by two other women. Sayako kissed and licked back at these two, caressing them as best she could from her position on the toilet, almost pinned down by these two. One was dressed as a classic Star Trek officer, with miniskirt, and one was wearing pajamas she probably swore to herself counted as a costume. You need to buy a teddy bear to make that work, woman.

    Craig kept watching the kissing from his voyeuristic vantage point, making Aubrey feel a bit neglected. Craig gestured for her to watch, but she wasn't into it. As they both watched, the women clawed away at Sayako's groin, ripping the material of her panties and finally freeing her staggering cock.

    All the women (except Sayako) were shocked, but Craig wasn't quite sure what to make of it. In his confusion, he pulled the shower curtain open. Sayako gasped at the sudden intrusion.

    Craig pointed to the exaggerated cock this woman had. "That's quite a costume." He said. "It looks real. Nice job." Craig then left the bathroom without another word, leaving his mate behind.

    Audrey wasn't as easily convinced. She reached out and touched the tip, and the heat transfer was shocking. This thing was hot like a curling iron. "That is real." She said.

    Sayako nodded.

    Audrey took out the ruler from wherever it had been hiding in her costume. She placed it against Sayako's cock and discovered it was considerably bigger than the ruler. "Did you bring enough for the rest of the class?"

    Audrey and the two others licked and took turns sucking Sayako's cock, rubbing their bare tits on it, spitting in their hands and rubbing it, the spit evaporating like water on a griddle. Sayako could take this teasing no more, and held Audrey down and started to fuck her. The others complained this wasn't fair, so Sayako spread them out and fucked each of them in turn. They eventually were stacked on top of each other, each getting pounded for a few hard strokes before moving to the next until Sayako came in all of them in equal measure.

    Tara was still in the downstairs bathroom, because now Emily and Franscesca were watching Tara fuck Beverly, someone neither of them knew, but she looked like the kind of woman who would appreciate a hard pounding. Emily and Franscesca kissed and fingered each other as they watched this indomitable sexual spirit lay into another worthy pussy.

    Craig got downstairs and looked around. When this party started, there were way more chicks here. Now, it's mostly guys. Not even that many guys. Did all the chicks vanish? This party was turning into a sausage fest.

    Anna and Gabriella had teamed up in the bedroom, Anna taking Gabriella's last partner, Julie, and Gabriella taking Alice. Julie and Alice were on the bed in 69 position, licking at each other's pussy as Gabriella fucked Alice and Anna took Julie. A few more spectators were climbing around them, groping at tits and kissing tender regions.
    Gabriella and Anna came, spilling their seed both inside and outside their partners. Those left out of the fun jumped to lick the treats from their bodies and suck some from the cocks until they stiffened anew.

    And Sabrina... was still with Wanda. She'd given her many orgasms by now, but the night was still young, and they just kept changing positions until Sabrina came, and they'd do it again until they were both so exhausted, they couldn't go any longer.

    When Craig went five minutes without seeing any woman, he decided he wasn't getting laid here. This was a sex-free zone, that's for sure. What a waste. he got into his car and drove away, taking a fun-size Kit Kat as his only prize for the night.

    The next morning, Gabriella cleaned some of the cups and litter from the premises. The others sat at the dinner table, looking at each other.

    "Is there..." Sayako said slowly. "anyone that we invited that we didn't have sex with last night?"

    "Other then dudes?" Tara asked. "Did anyone fuck Leslie? She's my yoga teacher."

    "What was she dressed as?"

    "She was a catgirl or something."

    Gabriella raised her hand as she walked by with a black garbage bag. "I did."

    "What about Alice?" Sayako asked.

    "I fucked her practically all night." Anna said.

    Sabrina kept quiet, feeling a little silly she'd stuck to fucking Wanda all night. On the other hand... Wanda was totally down for it.

    "Elizabeth? She's my dentist." Tara asked.

    "What was she dressed as?"

    "...a dentist."

    "Oh, yeah. She gives great head." Anna said.

    "Yes, she does." Tara said.

    "You fucked her? Then why did you ask if we did?"

    "Because I wanted to know if any of you did."

    "Why did you invite your dentist?" Gabriella asked.

    "Because I wanted to have sex with her."

    Sayako sighed. "So... now everyone in our lives knows our secret, or at least they know some of us have cocks."

    "Isn't it kind of nice to have it all out in the open, though?" Tara said. "That was a great party. I'm hard just thinking about it." She felt her insides tremble and twitch, as an orgasm ripped through her out of nowhere, propelling come into the sky like a fountain.

    The next thing she knew, Tara was in her bed. It was late, around three in the morning. She was sleeping face-to-face with Sayako, and she could feel and smell a puddle of come under her.

    Sayako stirred and opened her eyes halfway. "Tara?" She whispered.


    "Did you just come in your sleep?"

    Tara smiled. "It happens sometimes. You said you were too tired to have sex, and look what happened. Besides, I had a really good dream about a Halloween party. We should do that."

    "It's May."

    "I didn't mean right now!"

    "Go to bed."

    Tara went back to sleep. Maybe she could catch her dream again. What a fun party that was... what she could remember of it.

    Thank you all for reading. Happy Halloween.

    -- D.

  • This is some of the hottest stuff I've read in ages. Thanks!

  • I have a short chapter that will lead directly into the next one. No sex this time, though I think it's still fun. I hope to post the second half of this sooner rather than later:


    Tara hurriedly jumped down the stairs, looking for Sayako. She ran around totally nude, having checked her phone right after leaving the shower. The glass screen of her iPhone was still cloudy around the edges from condensation. Her body shimmered with a million specks of moisture, her cock slapping softly back and forth against her thighs as she walked.

    Tara checked the bedroom, living room, finally finding Sabrina in the dining room, sketching something in her notebook with her feet up on another chair. Tara's sudden appearance startled her. “What's wrong?” She asked.

    “Where's Sayako?” Tara asked, apparently oblivious to her nudity.

    Sabrina pointed out the back door and Tara took off from the room, through the kitchen and out through the squeaky screen door. She found Sayako watering a few potted plants near the end of the concrete surrounding the in-ground pool. Sayako turned as she heard the door open and saw her girlfriend running towards her naked.

    “Tara, what are you doing?” She almost dropped her watering can in shock.

    “Look at this.” Tara held out her arm, iPhone first.

    “What are the neighbors going to think?”

    “We have a fence. And besides, they're all probably at work.” Tara argued. “Anyway, look at this.” Tara pushed the phone in Sayako's face. Setting the watering can down on the nearby grass, Sayako accepted the phone. She squinted at the image, covering the top of the phone with her hand.

    “I can't see it. There's too much glare.” Sayako said. They moved back towards the patio, where Sabrina was now standing near the doorway holding a white towel.

    “Thank you.” Tara said, taking the towel and wrapping up her hair in it, the rest of her remaining exposed. In the relative shade of the patio, Sayako could finally see what Tara was so excited about. It was a picture of a tiny penis. A ruler next to it showed it was only an inch long, mostly tip. It looked like the first joint of a man's thumb.

    Sayako was confused. “It's a penis.”

    “Is this supposed to make me feel better about myself?” Asked Sabrina.

    “That's Anna.” Tara said.

    “What?” Sayako looked again. The complexion was a match, and the hand holding the ruler was manicured, but not painted. It looked like her hands. “What happened to her?”

    “She's on a business trip, remember?” Tara said. “And she's still horny, but there's nobody around, so she's been jerking off. She said she would sit on the toilet and jizz into the shower because she can just wash it down the drain. It’s day three of her trip. Yesterday, everything was canceled for some reason, so she stayed in her hotel room all day renting porn and jerking off into the ice bucket. Today, she woke up and her cock looked like that.”

    “Can she still get hard?” Sabrina asked.

    “This IS hard.”

    Sabrina shook her head. “I don’t believe that. How could a just God curse someone with a cock like that?”

    “I used to feel cursed with my big cock, back before Tara.” Sayako said. “At least that one would fit anywhere.”

    “But what would be the point?” Sabrina said. “Would you even feel that? That would be like masturbating with a pencil eraser.”

    Tara snickered. After all Sabrina’s problems with self-esteem and inadequacy, this was the cure to her insecurity. Of course, Tara was never insecure, as the warm summer breeze cooling her moist naked flesh adequately demonstrated.

    “What do you suppose caused this?” Sayako wondered aloud.

    “The same thing that caused this.” Tara lifted her flaccid cock with two fingers and let it fall back against her thigh. “Our semen.”

    “Let’s not call it that.” Sabrina groaned. “I don’t like that word.”

    “That’s what it is.” Sayako said.

    “Yeah, but it’s also a penis, but ‘penis’ is a funny word. ‘Cock’ is sexy. Just imagine a porn film where they kept saying ‘penis.’ Suck my penis, my penis is hard… it’s like ‘boob.’ It’s silly.”

    “Anyway…” Sayako said. “We’ve already assumed that our come makes us horny when we share it. What did Anna call it? Herstosterone? But Anna’s the first one to be away from the rest of us for a long time. The last time Tara and I were apart, neither of us masturbated, so we stayed where we were. But maybe if Tara had, she would have shrunk in the same way.”

    ”So when Anna comes back, she can just have sex with one of us and be back to normal?” Sabrina said.

    “That's my guess.” Sayako confirmed.

    “This will sound weird, because of how pleased I clearly am with all this...” Tara gestured to her cock, and then hesitated. “but if there’s a way to get rid of it temporarily, that would be useful.”

    “What?” Sayako was shocked.

    Tara put up her hands. “My yearly physical is coming up, and I didn’t know how I was going to broach this whole thing with my doctor. Trust me, once it’s done, you can give me my cock back.”

    “If you’re going to… empty yourself on purpose, why don’t we try something else?” Sabrina said. “If the amount of ejaculate directly correlates to penis size, why don’t you let me… take your ejaculate and see if I get bigger?”

    “Do you suppose that’s why Gabriella started so big?” Sayako said. “Because we all came inside her?”

    “Or… is it because she’s… black?” Sabrina said.

    Tara and Sayako looked at Sabrina sideways. “Gabriella is Barbadian.” Sayako corrected her.

    “I didn’t say ‘African-American.’ I said ‘black.’ That’s like the people in my old neighborhood who said, ‘I’m not white, I’m Spanish.’ It’s stupid.”

    “And I’M Asian, so… I think everyone knows those stereotypes are nonsense. Anyway…” Sayako repeated, bringing the subject back to the matter at hand. “If you really want to get rid of it to go to the doctor, I understand. But keep in mind that I’m not so lucky.” She addressed Sabrina. “If you want to… aggregate Tara’s semen, you probably shouldn’t orgasm unless you’re going to eat your own ejaculate over and over.”

    “Yeah, we know how much you love to come in your own face.” Tara brought her thumb to Sabrina’s chin, who quickly blushed a bit at the contact.

    “I can’t help it. It feels good.” Sabrina confessed.

    “So…” Tara said. “How are we going to do this? Pump me like a gas station? You’ll suck my cock all day?”

    “That’s probably the most direct method.” Sabrina said.

    “You have any classes today?”

    Sabrina’s ears twitched involuntarily. “It’s Saturday.”

    “It is?” Tara said, remembering her remark about her neighbors probably being at work. She shrugged. “You wanna start now?”

    A long pause. “I just ate breakfast.”

    “Alright then, forget it.” Tara marched back down the steps to the backyard. “I’ll be out here, getting a tan.” Tara bent down to sit in the reclining beach chair next to the pool, to stretch out and absorb some Vitamin D. Her bare thighs touched the metal frame of the chair, burning hot from the sun, and she jumped back up with a yelp.

    Despite herself, Tara was just a bit embarrassed by that. She walked back into the house, watching Sayako and Sabrina smothering laughs in their palms. She would still not get dressed just yet.

    Thank you all for reading. Please let me know what you think.

    -- D.

  • Three months have passed since my last update. Now is the start of the fall season. Let us all pretend this was all part of the plan.

    I hope I still have people reading this after my long absence.


    Tara walked upstairs, looking for Sabrina. They had to leave soon if they were going to make the movie. She opened her bedroom without knocking, as she was used to doing. She could faintly hear the television on through the door; if nothing else, she could turn it off. Sabrina was in the room, standing and wearing nothing below the waist. She held a wooden box in front of her groin, roughly a foot long and half as wide.

    Tara tipped her head to the side. “What are you doing?” She smiled.

    Sabrina looked embarrassed. “I wanted this to be a surprise…” She supported the box with both hands.

    “Is your cock inside that?” Tara pointed.

    “I’m making a plaster mold.” Sabrina said. “We were making molds in class, so I got an idea. I’m going to make a dildo… the same size as my penis.”

    Tara looked at the TV. It appeared to be some kind of pornography. Had she actually procured a DVD of porn for this? From whence, Tara wondered. She was older than her and she'd never encountered any porn that wasn't on the computer. “Are you making sure you don’t go soft while the plaster sets?”

    “Yeah. It takes fifteen minutes to set. I’ve got five minutes left. I thought I’d have time before the movie.”

    Tara walked to the TV and clicked it off. “Well, now that it’s not a surprise, let me help you stay hard.”

    “Please don’t try to make me come right now.” Sabrina moved back a bit. “I don’t want to come in the plaster.”

    “I’ll be good.” Tara said, sliding up beside her and kissing her a few times on the neck before dropping to her knees and gently probing her tongue into Sabrina’s ass. Sabrina shuddered. She endured this awful teasing for a few minutes, staying hard the entire time. Sabrina finally walked away from Tara’s curious tongue. “OK, now I need to go soft so I can get out of the plaster.”

    Sabrina closed her eyes, still holding the box before her. She could hear some sort of rustling and suggestive moaning. “Tara, if you’re trying to do something sexy, I’m not looking at you. I really just need to get out of the plaster.”

    Sabrina heard Tara pout gently as she cleared her mind of impure thoughts. Her cock slowly softened and slipped out of the plaster. She set the mold upright on the dresser and turned around to see Tara jumping at her crotch to suck her cock. Tara took part of Sabrina’s cock into her mouth, and then did something she’d never done before: spit it right back out. Tara retched and wiped her tongue with her hand.

    “I coated it in petroleum jelly so it would come out of the mold.” Sabrina picked up a T-shirt from the side of the bed and wiped her cock off before tucking it back in a cute pair of blue silk panties and then into jeans. Tara watched her hastily mix two liquid components from identical bottles into a Solo cup. She added a few squirts of dyes as she stirred, pouring the mixed material into the mold. She rested a small object into the rubber suspended at the top of the mold with a Popsicle stick.

    “What’s that for?” Tara asked.

    “I thought it might be cool to put a suction cup or something on the end of it.” Sabrina lifted the mold and gently tapped it against the bureau to bring air bubbles to the surface so they wouldn’t set in the final product.

    “Did you make it match your skin tone on purpose?”

    “Of course.”

    Tara took Sabrina’s hand gently and brought it to rest on her groin, stiffening within her jeans. She whispered, “I want one.”

    “Later.” Sabrina whispered back. “After the movie.”

    Tara had a hell of a time paying attention to the movie, but after two hours that felt like forever, they were home. The latex rubber would be set by now. Tara patiently waited as Sabrina purposefully shattered the mold, freeing the silicone replica of her cock. It was a very close facsimile, though it would never be mistaken for the real thing. She dusted the crevices of the replica with her fingers and a toothbrush to free plaster particles from the dildo.

    The very second Sabrina let go of the dildo, Tara snatched it up. It was a heavy little chunk of rubber, sturdy and firm, but not as hard as the average she-cock.

    “I think we need to see how it stacks up against the real thing.” Tara’s hand went for Sabrina’s zipper. Suddenly, eight hands were pawing at her legs. Sabrina slipped away from the crowd and agreed to drop her pants. She scooped her cock out from her panties and wagged it a bit, letting it grow turgid.

    Tara placed the replica parallel to Sabrina’s erection. They were almost exactly the same size. “Looks good to me.” Tara said, standing and wagging the replica at Sabrina’s face. “See, you’re so self-conscious about having the smallest cock of us, but… from this angle, it looks pretty good, huh?”

    “But I’ve seen all your cocks from this angle, too.” Sabrina sighed. “I’m only two-thirds as long as Sayako…”

    “OK, we’re not doing our job, apparently.” Tara walked to the bed, still holding the replica. “I’m going to take this dildo and show you just how much I love your cock. And if you ladies love Sabrina’s cock like I know you do, show her how much you love it.”

    Tara slid the dildo into her mouth in a single motion, holding the end with one hand. The cold sensation and rubbery taste were nowhere near as nice as the genuine article, but Tara would not allow herself to look like she wasn’t enjoying this after making such a fuss.

    Gabriella, Anna and Sayako all made their way to their knees. Each took turns taking a long solitary suck on Sabrina’s cock, bringing their lips all the way to her hips before slowly pulling it out. Gabriella removed her shirt to nuzzle the cock between her tits as it left her mouth, sucking on the tip like a lollipop before releasing it with a loud pop. But nobody loved Sabrina’s cock as much as Anna. She went up and down three times before being coaxed away from it by the others.

    Tara realized she was the only one not having fun, so she tore off her pants and flipped over, toying the tip of the dildo against her ass.

    Sabrina cried out, “Don’t do that!”

    Tara looked at Sabrina sideways. “Why not? You’ve fucked my ass before.”

    “That dildo doesn’t have a flange on the end.” Sabrina warned. “That means if you use it anally and you go too far… it could get lodged up there. And you’ll have to go to the doctor to get it out.”

    “We have a doctor right here.” Tara said.

    “I’m not a proctologist!” Anna shouted.

    “But you’re familiar with latex gloves. Couldn’t you… get it?”

    “What, my whole hand? Ew.” Anna protested.

    “This is actually related to something I don’t understand.” Sayako said, having already removed her pants out of necessity. She closed her hand into a fist and held it on top of her massive cock. Her fist was only slightly wider than her cock. “Sabrina, if I may…” Sayako got behind Sabrina and put one finger in Sabrina’s ass. She gasped, cooed a bit, and started blushing. She put a second finger next to the first, and Sabrina’s expression changed to slight discomfort. Sayako pushed in further, and Sabrina cried out. She hissed with pain, and Sayako removed her fingers. She pointed to the first joint of the first finger on that hand. It represented about half of the length of Sayako’s finger.

    “That’s how far I got. That’s not even two inches.” Sayako said. “It wasn’t my nails, was it?”

    “No, it was just too much.”

    “And yet, if it was your cock up her ass, you could get fifteen inches long and four inches thick up there.” Anna said. “My point is… if I could get my whole hand IN someone’s ass, it wouldn’t be an ass I’d want to get near.”

    “Yeah, that thing would probably echo every time they fart.” Tara said. The others burst into groans.

    “Sweetie, don’t be gross.” Sayako said.

    “What? Anna’s the one talking about fisting! That’s gross.” Tara set the dildo down momentarily and held her hand in a fist. “You know what this is? This is hate right here. This is violence.” She opened her hand into the peace sign. “This, I think we can all agree, is much better.” She closed the two extended fingers together like a pair of scissors, licked the tips and rubbed the top of her labia where her clitoral hood might still lurk, if it was not a permanent part of her penis.

    “It is strange that we’re not… wearing each other out.” Anna said. “I really thought after how many times Sayako comes after me that that monstrosity, I’d get used to it. But I swear, it feels the same every time.”

    “This is what cocks are meant for! Why would they make cocks that would hurt a pussy?” Tara said.

    A brief silence. “Who’s they?” Gabriella finally spoke up.

    No answer came, as Tara had rolled onto her back and slid the dildo into her pussy. She bit her lip. No, it wasn’t hot, but it was in her control. There was something about regular old vaginal masturbation that she’d almost forgotten about. It was easier to masturbate with the cock, but easier wasn’t always better. Tara had her share of masturbatory aids of different shapes and operation. But even without a vibrating element, she felt herself shuddering with pleasure as she forced this dildo in and out of her.

    Sabrina watched as Tara pounded her pussy with the replica, leaning back on her shoulders and pointing her pussy in the air. She got closer, and Tara made eye contact. “See how much I love your cock?” Tara puffed as she kept masturbating. “I’m going to do this every day. I’m going to take this dildo out of my underwear drawer, kiss it and then fuck myself with it until I come and I’m going to think about you and how much I love you.”

    Sabrina was taken aback. “Y-you love me?”

    Whoops. She was trying to say “love your cock.” Still, it fit. She did love her. She loved them all, Sayako most of all. These goddesses that stood before her, they were all so beautiful. Her life was full of such incredible pleasures.

    “Of course I do.” She confessed.

    “I… I…” Sabrina’s cheeks were red as her hand went to her cock, almost involuntarily, and she started beating her cock, pointing the tip at Tara.

    “Yes! Yes, yes, yes!” Tara pinched her eyes closed and groaned. “All of you, please come all over me. Bathe me in your come.”

    Tara’s face and tits were slapped with hot sticky come a few seconds later. Tara moaned ecstatically, tossing herself against the sheets as she finally reached orgasm, spraying her own jizz all over her upper body. She finally released the dildo, letting her legs go limp and her ass rest against the moist bedsheet. Tara caught her breath and wiped the come away from her eyes. She saw a single strand of come from the tip of Sayako’s cock, but everyone else was still masturbating.

    “That was all you, Sayako?” Tara asked. “I thought it was everybody.”

    “You contributed.” Sayako answered. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you spray like that.”

    “Normally, it’s going somewhere, like in your ass.” Tara sat up. “You ladies can stop for now. I’m quite soaked. Let’s put that to better use.” Gabriella and Anna slowly released their grips on their cocks, but Sabrina kept pounding hers. “Sabrina, you can stop.” She didn’t. Tara’s come-covered eyebrow rose. “Or can you?”

    Sabrina’s cheeks were red as she felt all the eyes stare at her shamelessly masturbating with everyone looking. Even the shade on the window was open. She couldn’t see any other houses from there, mostly just roof and sky, but it was still was the outdoors.

    Tara stood from the bed, grabbed Sabrina almost off her feet and embraced her come-soaked body against Sabrina, kissing her. She released her, leaving several strands of come hanging between them like clotheslines on neighboring high-rise apartment buildings. Tara quickly took both Sabrina’s wrists and put them behind her back, where Gabriella locked them behind her with a pair of novelty handcuffs trimmed with pink fur.

    “Hey!” Sabrina struggled for a moment.

    “Relax.” Tara assured her. “Those are toy handcuffs. They have that emergency release latch on the side. If they make you uncomfortable, just take them off.”

    Sabrina took a breath. She was all right with this. She saw Anna still standing there with her unused erection. Sabrina’s knees hit the carpet and Anna’s cock disappeared into Sabrina’s mouth.

    Anna gasped, scratching Sabrina’s scalp gently with her nails. “Y-you really love my cock, don’t you?”

    “Mm-hmm.” Sabrina moaned loud enough to be audible. She went up and down the cock a few more times, but released it before Anna could come. “Lie down.” Anna stretched out on the carpet, and Sabrina stood above her and pressed her right foot gently against Anna’s cock. Her hands still restrained, she rubbed her foot gingerly along the moistened cock, trying to fit it between her big toe and the first little one, but her cock was too wide. She turned to the side and ran the ball of her foot along it.

    Anna spread her legs apart like a starfish. Sabrina took the opportunity to tease Anna’s pussy with the big toe on her other foot, dragging it up and down before pressing it in.

    Anna thrashed on the floor, pushing her feet out. “Oh, God, someone please kiss my feet!” She begged, too horny to be embarrassed. Gabriella and Sayako took to the floor and gently kissed and licked both her feet. Sabrina rubbed Anna’s cock with the arch of her foot. Overwhelmed, Anna came all over her own stomach and breasts.

    Sayako and Gabriella released her feet, and Sabrina pressed her right foot into the puddle of come left on Anna’s torso. She brought the come-painted foot over Anna’s face, who eagerly licked it clean.

    “I’m back.” Tara had stepped out for a moment without anyone noticing. She was wearing a strap-on harness, her cock hanging where the appropriate dildo might go.

    “Did you just have that hanging around?” Sayako asked. “Why would you need that?”
    “I’m not sure why I had this thing, but I’m glad I do now. It was probably a gag gift from someone.” She opened the belt in the front and attached the silicon replica of Sabrina’s cock into it. Tara’s real cock was above it, and she ran her hands under both, wagging the two cocks a bit. She took Sabrina by the elbow, her hands still restricted, and brought her to the bed.

    “This is how good it feels to be fucked by you. After this, I hope you never feel inadequate again.” Tara pushed the dildo into Sabrina’s pussy, her real cock above it, resting against Sabrina’s cock. “See, doesn’t that feel good?’

    It did feel good. It wasn’t the muscle-tightening feeling of Sayako’s cock, where you were almost afraid she was going to crack you open like a clam. But it was good. In fact, it was perfect.

    Sabrina didn’t say much, but her bit lip and body language demonstrated clearly she was having fun. Tara kept pumping her. “I pictured this as orgasm denial, but… my cock keeps rubbing yours. I wonder...” Tara bent forward and licked the tip of both their cocks, unable to get both in her mouth at once. She held both cocks together between her hands as she continued to pound Sabrina’s pussy with the dildo until Sabrina came first, ejaculating all over herself. When she was just on the edge, Tara pulled out and brought her cock to Sabrina’s face. Sabrina accepted the tip into her mouth and Tara let loose a huge blast of ejaculate that quickly filled her cheeks to overflowing, spilling come out her puckered lips onto her tits.

    “You just love coming on yourself, don’t you, cutie?” Anna said. Sabrina turned to face her, her cheeks still full. She got up and delivered her mouthful of ejaculate to Anna, spitting it into Anna’s mouth.

    “Hey, that was for you.” Tara joked. She saw Gabriella sitting there, her amazing cock hard and ready, nestled between her equally amazing breasts. “Gabriella, you haven’t come yet today. Would you like a ride?”

    With a smile, Gabriella said, “To be honest, I can wait. I just want a dildo of my own cock.”

    Every eye in the room fell on Sabrina. “Well… I’ve got the plaster, but I need more scrap wood, more of the rubber mix...”

    “OK, then we have time.” Tara said. “Gabriella, you’re up.” Gabriella hesitated.

    Sabrina folded her arms. “None of you are going to be able to focus on anything until I make up some more molds, are you?” The crowd mumbled no. “I can go get the stuff… it’ll be quicker if someone drives me.”

    “I can drive you.” Sayako volunteered. “I just have to…” she pointed to her erection. “wait for this to subside.”

    “Why wait?” Tara offered.

    “No, if we're doing this, I want to make sure I can have a full erection for the mold. I’m just going to let this one go to waste.” Sayako reasoned, finding some of her clothes. “If we leave, can we trust you to not go completely crazy so you can be ready for later?”

    The three other women nodded, promising to behave while their eyes kept falling on each other’s erect cocks. Sayako took them at their word and finished dressing. She and Sabrina took a quick trip to the art supply store, where Sayako offered to put the cost of the materials (not a small amount) on her platinum card. They returned after a trip to the pharmacy to get a new jar of petroleum jelly, Sabrina entertaining Sayako with the story of Tara eating a little jelly this morning.

    Once they got upstairs, they saw the three women in a pile, cocks all half-hard, speckled with come, out of breath and mostly asleep. Sayako sighed like a disapproving mother, but Sabrina assured her she’d probably need a few hours to get all the wood cut for the molds anyway.

    Tara turned over in her sleep, her ass pointing in the air, revealing Sabrina’s dildo still inside her. Sabrina knelt down, pinching the end with two fingers, and slowly coaxed the device out of Tara’s pussy.

    “I wonder if these things can go in the dishwasher…” Sabrina said to herself as she and Sayako descended the stairs.

    “Why would you do that?” Sayako was confused.

    “To sterilize it.” Sabrina answered. “Keeping it sterile is part of the proper care of a silicone dildo.”

    “I’ve never owned one, so I didn’t know.” Sayako remarked. “I remember boiling the mouthpiece of my sousaphone when I was in junior high.”

    “That could also work, but I doubt we have a pot big enough for yours.”

    “Is sterilizing it necessary if… we’re all healthy?” Sayako queried.

    “I’m not sure. I guess Tara went straight from her pussy to mine, so if I was worried about that… but none of us have an STD or anything. Unless… what your come did to us counts as an STD.”

    “I’d like to not think of it as a ‘disease.’ Even calling it a ‘curse’ would be better than ‘disease.’ ”

    “Let’s call it STA: Sexually Transmitted Awesome.”

    “That’s stupid. I love it.”

    Sabrina's dildo was too large for the biggest pot Sayako had, standing out the top like the rock of Gibraltar. The dishwasher, it was, then. She could have the molds ready by the time the girls woke up... probably.

    Thank you all for reading. I hope to have the next update up is less than three months.

  • I have a somewhat silly diversion before I start the second act proper. I hope you enjoy it.

    Also, I noticed in GeneraZ's thread, that large chunks of text like this were tucked into spoiler tags. If the readers in my thread would rather I do this to keep the page sizes down, I can accommodate that.
    An innocent conversation had somehow turned into a most ridiculous wager. Sitting in front of Tara were five disposable Solo cups, resting on a serving tray that probably only saw the outside of a cupboard on Thanksgiving. Each plastic cup contained a sample of one of their five ejaculations. Each cup had a yellow sticky note underneath that covered the identity of the contributor, but the cups themselves were labeled with a letter.

    Tara passed out cups to the others and took the last one for herself. Nobody knew which cup contained the ejaculate of which woman. This was a double-blind trial, and the scientifically minded Anna insisted this experiment be conducted in this way.

    At the same time, they all took a generous sip from their cups, though not as generous as they would like. The cups still had to have enough to give a taste to four other women. There was plenty more where that came from, but their differences in size mean they'd know who was who if they tried to get it straight from the source, even if they closed their eyes.

    Tara rolled the ejaculate around her mouth, rubbing it around her teeth and palate. She swirled the thick mass around, mixing it with her saliva. She didn't exactly "chew" it, but it probably looked like she was.

    What did it taste like? She'd never been forced to consider it in this much detail. It tasted great, obviously. It was the perfect fusion of sweet with a bit of salty, like a chocolate covered pretzel. It had the texture something like a silken tofu. And yet, it tastes a bit the way a flower smelled. It had everything the body needs.

    Tara felt like a wine snob. She swallowed the mouthful and took a small breath, thinking of the tiny flavors that might make their emissions distinct. Whose come WAS this? It probably wasn't Sayako's. She assumed she'd recognize it immediately. It probably wasn't her own. She thought she'd tasted it enough times to know it at first taste. But the others...

    Tara thought deeply. She had to ignore the major flavors of the come to magnify the lesser flavors. It was... maybe a bit richer, fattier, like a white gravy, maybe with a hint of copper. Now that she noticed that, it was all she could taste. It wasn't as pronounced as putting a penny in your mouth, but it like a slight un-sanded edge on the flavor.

    Anna's. It was probably hers, though she wasn't sure. "Mature" could describe the taste, complex and less obviously sweet. Anna checked which cup she had (Cup C) and wrote Anna's name next to C on her piece of paper.

    Everyone else wrote down their guesses and passed the cups counterclockwise, so Sabrina got Tara's cup, Anna got Sabrina's, and so on. Tara's cup was now Cup A, previously held and sipped by Sayako. Before Sayako sipped her cup, she took a spoonful from a single scoop of mild melon sherbert to cleanse her palette. Anna took only water, Sabrina a sip of Sprite. Gabriella chose nothing, as did Tara. She didn't need anything like that (though that sherbert looked good...)

    Tara brought Cup A to her mouth, avoiding the spot on the rim with Sayako's lip gloss on it so it wouldn't clash with her own. Before she could sip it, she saw Sabrina gasp gently as she drank. Tara watched as Sabrina tried to shift to avoid showing her cock grow hard and pull itself out of her pajama pants leg. She covered it with her T-shirt and pretended nothing happened.

    Cup C was definitely Anna's. Tara's guess was correct. She was happy about that, but she tried to hold back her satisfied smirk.

    Tara took a more generous sip of Cup A, and almost regretted it. This come was bright and flavorful, but almost cloyingly sweet. It was like a mouth full of Halloween candy, or maybe eating a spoonful of instant iced tea. The obvious sweetness almost made Tara flinch, but there was a strange acidic edge to it that reminded Tara of an energy drink. If she let it sit in her mouth any longer, she almost expected it to effervesce against her tongue like a diet soda.

    Tara wrote "Sabrina" next to A. The others wrote their choices and passed their cups to their right. Tara was holding Cup D. She brought it to her nose and took a gentle sniff.

    Sayako. There was no mistaking it. Exclusively from the smell, she was certain of it. It smelled like a million sweet flowers, like Venus' bath water, like fresh baked cookies, like sugar, spice and everything nice. It smelled the way it felt to lay on the cool dew-coated grass and feel the breeze on your shoulders and bare legs. It smelled the way a back rub felt after a long day.

    It smelled just like love felt.

    Tara could have set her cup down right then and wrote down Sayako's name, but that would deprive her of an opportunity to taste Sayako's come. She could not turn that down, not even once. She sipped it, leaving enough for the others who might not know Sayako as well as she did. To taste Sayako's come was to imbibe life itself; it was a modern-day ambrosia.

    Everyone wrote down their guess (though Tara hardly considered this one a guess). The cups were passed around sequentially. Now, Tara held Cup B. They all took a swig.

    For the first time in this experiment, Tara was lost. It could only be two choices... unless one of her earlier calls was incorrect. She swirled the morsel around her mouth carefully. This was good, but... not exactly familiar. Her own come didn't taste like this... did it? Despite her earlier confidence, it had been a while since she'd jacked off into her own mouth; there were so many other eager mouths to fill with hot come.

    Come to think of it, how often had Tara sucked Gabriella's dick? She took a second to think of when she had. She must have at some point. Wait, yes, she remembered. A few days ago, Tara asked Gabriella if she could suck her dick, and because of the ambiguous grammar Tara had employed, they both got to suck each other's dicks. That was exactly how it happened.

    But what did it taste like? Gabriella could come with such force, Tara would have to swallow as quickly as she could or risk drowning. She thought hard. This particular batch was mellow, but still sweet. It was mature, but not bitter. It reminded her of a dirty mojito she once had sent to her in a bar by some ill-advised suitor who apparently had a hobby of sending drinks to women way out of his league.

    She stopped herself from taking a second sip. There was enough left for Sabrina to make a guess, but she hadn't seen anyone else take a second guess, and like hell she would be the first. Why did this remind her of that mojito, a concoction she'd never had the mind to order for herself? Mojitos weren't really her style. The come wasn't minty, or limey... was it the rum? No, she had spiced rum once in her life, and would never make that mistake again. What was that taste?

    Brown sugar. That's the familiar taste. This was Gabriella's. Tara wrote her guess down.

    Cups finished their orbit around the room. Tara was left with Cup E, which she was almost certain was her own. She looked into the cup and saw it was still two-thirds full. A twinge of resentment flared within her. Four women couldn't drink more than half a cup of her come? Or did her come have such a distinctive flavor that they all knew it was hers with the barest taste? Was this good or bad? Skunky beers and marijuana were also distinctive, but not appreciated by everyone.

    Tara took a sip. As the flavor reached her brain, Tara gasped gently as her cock finally woke up and started rising, pushing up her skirt.

    Everyone stared at her. Sabrina chuckled, still erect from earlier. "You must have liked that one." She said, failing to see the irony in her comment.

    Tara scoffed, pulling her skirt out of the way and letting her cock stand free. "Whatever." Tara drank the rest of her cup, seeing as nobody else would need it anymore. Her heart started to thump, and her cock grew hard as a rock.

    An unpleasant thought crossed Tara's mind after she finished her drink. Sabrina got hard from drinking her lover's come, but she only did when drinking her own. Not even Sayako's magical, perfect original formula made her hard just by its taste. Was it because she knew it was hers, and eating your own come is still sort of naughty and deviant, even in this wanton household? Or did she love her own come more than Sayako's?

    "Am I a narcissist?" Tara wondered, contemplating the empty cup. She'd been called that more than once, mostly by those envious of her beauty and charm (and surely, if they'd gotten to know her, her intelligence, sense of humor, generosity, kindness and of course, modesty). A modern woman might have to be a bit narcissistic to look her best all the time. Maybe it wasn't a bad thing, so long as you treat your friends and others well.

    Tara signed her name next to the letter E. The quiz complete, each woman peeled the post-it note off the bottom of the cup to reveal the hidden name. Cup A, currently in Gabriella's hand, was Sabrina's. Tara wrote a check mark next to that guess. Cup B was Gabriella's, Cup C was Anna's, Cup D was Sayako's, and Cup E was indeed Tara's.

    Tara pumped her fist into the air with a cheer. Even after her schooling had ended, she always loved getting a perfect score on a quiz.

    "I guess I couldn't tell Anna's apart from Gabriella's." Sayako sighed. "Those were the only two I got wrong."

    "Did we all get ourselves right, at least?" Anna asked. "I knew my own, Sayako's and Sabrina's."

    Both Gabriella and Sabrina replied, "I didn't." Gabriella continued. "I got everyone wrong except Sayako. But when I tasted it, I was like, whoa, this is probably hers."

    "I guess the quiz wasn't really fair to you, since you haven't been around as long as the rest of us." Sabrina added. "I guessed Anna and Sayako right."

    "How did you not know yours?" Tara asked, gesturing with the empty Cup E. "Yours practically tastes like pop rocks."

    Anna looked at Sabrina's answers. "You knew mine. You know me well." She leaned over and kissed Sabrina on the lips. Sabrina's cheeks lit up and she tittered. Anna looked at Sabrina's answer sheet again. "You spell it 'c-u-m'? That's so gross."

    "I thought that's how that was spelled." Said Sabrina.

    "I haven't thought about how it's spelled, actually." Tara said. "I'm never reading the word, I'm just talking about it. Maybe it is spelled with a U, but that spelling makes it feel gross."

    "I thought it was spelled like the verb, too." Gabriella stepped in. "But English isn't my first language. And before this, I never gave much thought to what the white stuff was called."

    "Yeah, if you have an orgasm, do you say you're 'cumming?' Like, c-u-m-m-i-n-g?" Anna asked Sabrina.

    "No, that's stupid." Sabrina answered. "But I just thought cum was what the stuff was called."

    "Well, it's called 'semen,' to be accurate." Anna said.

    The others groaned gently. "I'd rather call it cum, even if it's spelled stupidly. Semen isn't a fun word. Just saying the word semen makes you frown just by saying it."

    Sayako took the floor. "As illuminating as this was, did we really just spend an hour setting this up so we could masturbate into plastic cups... instead of just having sex?"

    A moment later, everyone fucked everyone else everywhere repeatedly.

    Thank you all for reading.

    -- D.

  • Thank you both for your kind words. I hope you enjoy this latest installment.


    Sayako unlocked the door to Tara’s house and entered, holding the door for her friends. She was dressed amazingly in her black dress with the plunging neckline, and a necklace men could pretend they were staring at instead of her breasts.

    Tara wore her lacy white dress that Sayako remembered from way back when, Anna wore a green off-the-shoulder dress that almost reached the floor and oozed class, Sabrina wore a strapless pink gown that made her feel ridiculous, and Gabriella borrowed a dress from Tara, not owning anything “fancy” enough for the evening. Tara gave her a spaghetti strap blue dress that reached Gabriella's knee. It didn't reach nearly that far down Tara's own legs.

    For a few more hours, it was still Sayako’s birthday. Instead of just staying indoors and having sex, she wanted to do something special. When she suggested dinner at a nice restaurant and a night at the theater, she knew they might suggest all the places in the fancy establishments they could fuck without the snobs noticing (or with!). But tonight, on her birthday, they were all perfectly well-behaved. There was no teasing, no flirting and no threatening to force her tumescence and expose herself to many affluent strangers.

    It would've been fun, though... they wouldn't need opera glasses to her her cock, that was for sure, even from the balcony! (Seriously, Tara saw someone in the balcony with opera glasses! Had Tara been transported into a political cartoon without realizing it? Did she have “Taxes” written across her side? The only thing reminiscent of an elephant's trunk was safely tucked away...)

    Tara and Sayako held hands as they watched the play and occasionally, they would rest their hands on each other's shoulders; that was as far as it went.

    Sayako threw herself on the bed of the downstairs bedroom, liberating her feet from those heels. She sighed happily. “You all were so good tonight.” Sayako said. “I really thought one of you would get frisky and try something.”

    Tara restrained a smile. Sayako was the only one who didn’t go to the lavatory during the intermission, but she was also the only one who didn’t have more than two drinks at dinner. (Sabrina was too young to drink, but she had unwisely filled herself on Sprite.)

    As the four women stood cross-legged at the huge line leading to the ladies room (which, judging by the line, must only have one toilet), Tara drew them out of line and to a slightly secluded corner near a stairwell, where a tall potted ficus was situated.

    Tara reached up her skirt, released her cock and, with great relief, watered the thirsty looking plant. Tara’s heart thumped as she heard the general crowd noise filling the high ceilings, as her friends stared at the cock they’d seen so many times before. She even felt her cheeks redden a bit, that twinge of embarrassment she thought she might never feel again as she became more debauched.

    Tara shook her cock twice to fling a few drops from it and tucked it back in its proper place within her dress. “Don’t tell Sayako.” She smiled.

    “I won’t if you won’t.” Anna stepped up to the edge of the plant. Her dress reached the floor, so she had to pick up the entire skirt from the floor to clear the path. She unleashed her stream at a dry path of soil, keeping her eyes moving around to see if anyone was coming. Nobody interrupted, so she dropped the dress back to the floor and adjusted herself through it.

    Sabrina moved the split in her gown so it was closer to the front and peeked the tip of her cock out from it. Sheltering it with both hands, she faced away from her friends. Sabrina didn’t want anyone to look, but she knew they would, so she let it go, splattering against the skinny trunk of the tree.

    Gabriella was last. She stood next to the tree, unfurling her cock and pointing it at the pot. She had never stood up while doing this before, and once she relaxed, there was the sound of a stream of liquid striking carpet. Gabriella had peed the way she’d always done it before: straight down.

    Once she realized what she was doing, she stopped herself. There were a few drops on her shoes and a dark blotch in the carpet, but nothing on her dress or nylons. The other girls nearly panicked. Anna spun Gabriella around by the shoulder and pushed her down to sit on the rim of the pot so she could pee the way she was used to. Her thighs clasped together, her cock resting to one side, Gabriella tried again and unleashed a quick burst of pee, this time from her cock, making a new spot on the carpet.

    Gabriella stopped herself again, stood up and pointed her cock at the tree, releasing her stream into the plant. She shyly confessed she’d never had to do this before, and she was still doing it “the old-fashioned way.” Tara and Anna were trying not to draw attention to themselves as they kept these shenanigans from view. If anyone was watching, the four of them jumping around, changing positions and covering each other from view must have looked like a silent movie.

    They returned to their seats, relieved and with plenty of time before the second act. Sabrina wondered in they’d just killed that poor tree. Tara remembered too late that none of them had washed her hands, but they kept that to themselves as they sat down for the second half of The Wiz.

    “Of course we were good tonight.” Tara said, sitting next to Sayako and placing a hand on her side. “It’s your day.”

    Sayako smiled. She leaned in and delivered a kiss to Tara’s lips. Sayako stood, looking at her tiny silver watch. “It’s nine-thirty.” She unfastened the clasp to the watch and set it on the nightstand. Then, she tucked one finger under each side of her décolletage and pulled them off her breasts. Once they cleared her shoulders, she brought her arms down and the rest of the dress came to the floor. She now stood completely nude, her wonderful cock slowly pulsing as it grew stiff.

    “What do you ladies want to do for the rest of the night?” Sayako asked knowingly.

    The rest of the dresses came off in a crazed, multicolored stripping session. It was first-come, first-serve. Tara was closest and forced her tongue into Sayako’s mouth as they sat side-by-side. Anna got to Sayako’s cock first and slid it down her throat, Gabriella accepting Tara’s (still not sure she could actually deep-throat Sayako safely). Sabrina brought up the rear, sitting between Gabriella and Anna while facing opposite them, jacking them off with each hand. They both appreciated the attention and both put one free hand to rather clumsily beat off Sabrina’s cock.

    Sabrina couldn’t get a good grip on Gabriella’s extra-large cock, so she released Anna’s to go after Gabriella’s with both hands. She pounded on her dark cock until she saw a few flecks of precum start to emerge from the tip, and she threw her mouth over the end as Gabriella ejaculated first in the group, firing a mighty load into Sabrina’s mouth, swallowing it as quick as she could manage and barely spilling a drop.

    Gabriella’s throaty moaning and humming vibrated on Tara’s cock, and she came second. Gabriella had never spilled any come until now and she wasn’t about to, as Tara fired down her throat. Gabriella had a second orgasm from feeling her stomach fill with hot jizz, but didn't release any more ejaculate. Her cock twitched eagerly to no effect, like pulling the trigger of an unloaded firearm.

    Sabrina returned her attention to Anna’s cock. She really was fond of the doctor’s cock. It was pale and pink and beautiful just like her. Sabrina took Anna’s cock down her throat and sucked with great enthusiasm. Anna groaned, weaving her fingers into Sabrina’s short hair and scratching her scalp gently.

    Anna was the only one of the group who had experience with fellatio before having a cock of their own. For this reason, Anna was always bothered why every else seemed to be better at it than her. Sabrina had never sucked a dick before she met Sayako and Tara, but you’d never have known it. She was a natural. Maybe because Sayako had her cock for longer, maybe it was harder to please her.

    Or maybe it’s because Anna’s mind would occasionally wander to subjects like this during sex was why she was falling behind. Anna howled with Sayako’s cock in her throat and ejaculated lots of come into Sabrina’s mouth. She gulped it all down, slowly releasing her cock as the stream slowed, ending it with a gentle kiss against the tip that left a thread of ejaculate connecting her lips and Anna’s cock.

    Anna was at least correct that Sayako wasn’t as easy to please. She was dizzy from the latest orgasm, but she persisted, accepting the cock down to the hilt and slowly drawing it out against her tongue until nothing but the tip was in her mouth. She clutched one hand against Sayako’s cock and jerked it, cradling Sayako’s balls with the other hand. Sayako huffed and shook until she lost control, ejaculating while the tip was in Anna’s mouth. Anna started to swallow the sweet come, but Sayako took it away and started spraying her in the face. Anna closed her eyes and held one hand up to shield, but in that second, Sabrina was already on top of it, her lips sealed around Sayako’s tip, gobbling whatever come was still left.

    All eyes fell on Sabrina (except for the one eye Anna had that was covered in come that she was wiping away with her thumb). Sabrina was flushed, fully erect, her modest darn-close-to-eleven-inch cock pulsing with every pounding heartbeat. She had a devilish, almost crazy smile.

    “Have you come yet?” Sayako asked.

    “No, I haven’t.” Sabrina smiled.

    Sayako gestured for Sabrina to come over to the bed. Sabrina sprawled herself on the bed, and Sayako got on her knees, waiting for her cock to get hard again. (Even she occasionally took a few seconds between erections.)

    Once she was at her full length once again, Sayako lifted Sabrina’s hips into the air by her butt cheeks. Sabrina’s shoulders and head were resting on the pillow, her hard cock pointed towards her face. Sayako pressed the tip of her cock against Sabrina’s pussy and pressed every inch inside her. Once Sayako stuffed it all inside, Sabrina cried out and immediately ejaculated in her own face without ever touching her cock. She covered her face and tits with come.

    Sabrina went limp for a moment before returning to her senses. Even under the thick layer of sperm, they could all see her cheeks light up. “Ohhh, I’m so embarrassed…” She brought her hands to her sticky cheeks.

    “Want me to help clean you up?” Anna moved in.

    “No. I want to stay like this.” Sabrina bit her lip and blushed brighter.

    “OK, if you say so.” Anna instead clasped her lips around Sabrina’s cock. It quickly grew stiff again. Sayako figured, while she was here, she might as well actually start fucking Sabrina, pumping her pussy with a medium pace. Tara moved in behind Sayako and plunged her cock into her tight ass. Gabriella hopped on the bed and squatted over Sabrina’s face. Sabrina happily lapped at Gabriella’s wet pussy while she jerked her own cock with both hands.

    This time, Sabrina would not be the last to come, unloading another burst of come into Anna’s mouth. Anna took a mouthful before releasing Sabrina’s cock to spray more hot come at her own body. She managed to fleck some hot jizz on Gabriella's back as well. Anna craned her head over to Gabriella and spat some of Sabrina’s come into her mouth before pushing her off of Sabrina’s face so she could deliver the rest to her.

    Sayako hadn’t finished yet as this was happening, but as Tara kneaded Sayako’s huge tits with both hands and shot a load into her ass, she pulled out of Sabrina and sprayed her come all over the other three, the come burning hot as it splattered all over them.

    Gabriella started to lick it off anywhere she could reach on her body, starting with her arms and moving to her tits, large enough that she could easily suckle them herself. Gabriella wasn’t satisfied with this, and did a half-somersault toward the end of the bed, putting her ass in the air and placing the tip of her cock in her mouth.

    “That’s sort of selfish, isn’t it?” Tara joked. Gabriella didn’t respond, instead grabbing her ass cheeks and pushing them down towards her face rhythmically, as she tried to face-fuck herself. Sabrina and Anna stood up on the bed and pressed the tips of their cocks against Gabriella's pussy and ass, respectively. Sabrina stopped before inserting, but Gabriella gave a quick thumbs-up before continuing her autofellatio.

    Sayako and Tara watched this spectacle with fascination. “They’re pros.” Tara smiled, leaning in to kiss Sayako’s cheek. Tara gently brought Sayako to the bed and started riding her cock like she’d done a hundred times before. The others would finish up soon.

    Sabrina and Anna French kissed and groped each other as they double-teamed Gabriella. They both came deep into Gabriella’s body, and felt her clench their cocks within her as she came herself. For once, she wasn’t ready for the volume, as her come quickly filled her cheeks to overflowing, spraying and gurgling over her face and body in thick gobs. Sabrina pulled out to get what she could, suckling come from the enormous tip.

    “You know…” Tara puffed as she rode Sayako’s cock. “It’s Sayako’s birthday, so maybe you should do something for her.”

    Anna and Sabrina had moved down to lick the come from Gabriella’s face. Once she was clean, they followed Tara’s advice. Sayako held herself up by her arms and feet long enough for Anna to get her cock insider her pussy, riding Anna’s cock while Tara was still riding hers. Gabriella pushed her mighty cock into Sayako’s ass, the largest thing to ever enter that erogenous zone. Sabrina stood in front of Sayako and received fellatio from her while Tara licked Sabrina's ass. Sayako reached forward and wanked on Tara’s cock. Everything was in place. Every hole was occupied. Sayako felt complete, as this huge chorus of legs and breasts and cocks surrounded her.

    If everyone came at the same moment, Sayako wouldn’t have been able to tell anyway. She felt like she was floating in space as jizz filled her from every angle. She came like never before into Tara, as come sprayed out of her pussy and all over the bed and the occupants.

    Even if they didn’t come at the same moment, they all passed out in a heap at about the same moment, slowly dropping into the wet swamp of the soaked bedsheets and sweaty flesh. Sayako removed Sabrina’s cock to take some deep breaths, but she brought one hand to bring Sabrina closer and snuggled her face against the moist cock flesh.

    After a few minutes of rest, the quintet started to untangle their cocks from one another. Sayako reached off the bed and retrieved the alarm clock that had been knocked over at some point in the previous excitement. It would have been funny if it had been pushed off the nightstand by the force of ejaculation. It was more likely the moving bed frame had jostled it to the edge until it fell.

    “It’s 9:48.” She said deliriously.

    “That was only twenty minutes?” Tara said. “It felt like forever.”

    Sayako took a deep breath. The four nude, sweaty women crawled around her, gently touching and caressing her, all still smelling that sweet scent of the puddle of ejaculate they were all resting in. Gabriella wrapped her arms around Sayako’s ribs and pressed her face into Sayako’s right breast. Tara slithered up and kissed the side of Sayako’s head. Anna and Sabrina linked together and started to kiss gently as their faces rested against a come-soaked pillow.

    Sayako shrugged. “It’s still my birthday for two more hours."


    The characters are all here. Like the Avengers, they have now all come together.

    Thank you all for reading.

  • @'generaz':

    Oh, okay, good to know!

    I'd have to say that yes, your stories are 110% erotic.

    I second that. I have read a lot of erotic fiction. So far #2 on top of the list of things I've read. (Sorry, I don't think the story of the magical Geeny (Jeniffer) would ever be replaced in my mind)

    Thanks, and keep it up ;)

  • Oh, okay, good to know!

    I'd have to say that yes, your stories are 110% erotic.

  • Thank you very much. I have been writing for a few years, but the stories in this thread are my first attempt at writing anything erotic. To be honest, I do not know if my stories are erotic. I feel certain things when I write, but I've been writing long enough to know that what I feel when I write (and when I reread it) isn't always what people take from it.

    I don't read any other erotic fanfiction. I don't know how I size up among this genre. I can imagine even a talented writer might end up writing something insipid if all the thought they put into their story was, "This is my fantasy" or "I find this situation erotic, so let's get there by hook or by crook." I think most chapters I've written come from something like, "Wouldn't it be funny if…?"

    Regarding acceptance of non-G4E-related erotic writing on this forum... I thought it was already accepted. The subforum heading says writing is accepted. I think AGuinness has his own thread on here somewhere. He's a very interesting writer.

    My writing really only takes the form of fanfiction because that's how it started. Most of the early ideas were attempts to reconcile other G4E media, or at least avoid contradicting it. I wish I could say I was the first to give Tara her own cock, but that image of Tara with a cock, but no balls, was around before I was. That was actually why none of the other women in my story have their own balls, despite my personal appreciation of them. It was an attempt to reconcile my invention of the magical cock-granting semen with that image. (This also manifested itself in my perhaps silly obsession with the measurements of Evil Tara's cock in the old G4E thread. I had guessed 12.25" on a whim, which was apparently quite close.)

    Again, I am very happy you have enjoyed this thread. I hope I can continue to share my writing as I have time.

    -- D.

  • I like your writing. It seems with a lot of futanari fiction the writing quality really suffers (I'm looking at you, futanari palace), but this is on the upper end of the spectrum. Keep it up.


    good to see some people still know the power of erotic literature :)

    Do you think this thread has set a precedent for erotic fiction to be accepted in the Affect3D forum as well as 3D art? I mean OP obviously gets a pass because it's related to Sayako/Tara etc. I ask because I have so much writing that I'd love to share, but I don't want to overstep any boundaries.

  • Again, my last post makes a liar out of me. I'm sorry this one took longer than expected. I think I was reaching out past my skill level, trying to make something more deeply emotional. I don't think I am that kind of writer. Here is the short interlude.

    “Tara?” Sayako called gently into the upstairs hallway. She found the upstairs bedroom door closed. That was unusual. To close a bedroom door in this house would mean to keep the sounds of sex from filling the house and keep out anyone who wanted to join.

    Sayako opened the door slowly. It was not locked, so she entered. She found Tara on the bed, facing away from the door, the lights off. Everything about this was wrong.

    “Tara? What’s the matter?” Sayako walked over.

    “Nothin’.” Tara said curtly.

    Sayako sat on the other side of the bed, reaching over to caress Tara’s bare shoulder. Tara twitched gently as Sayako’s hand came to rest on her shoulder, as if she wasn’t expecting to be touched.

    “You’ve never said that to me before.” Sayako said. “Whenever I’ve asked you if something was wrong, you always answered. This time, it’s nothing. What is it, really?”

    “Nothing.” Tara repeated, more emphatically.

    A long silence. “Is it because she’s bigger than you?”

    There was no response. Tara shifted in the bed, the sheets rustling just a bit in the quiet room.

    “You were the largest except me until just now, even if it was just a quarter-inch.” Sayako said. “What, do you think we’ll forget about you now because you’re slightly smaller?”

    Still nothing from Tara. Sayako was barely convincing herself. She sounded like a woman comforting a man with a penis like a pen cap. She was probably making it worse.

    Sayako pressed on. “Gabriella’s cock doesn’t change anything. It just means more fun for everyone… except me, because I don’t fit. Size doesn’t actually matter.”

    Tara took a breath, sniffled, wiping her nose with her hand and sat up. She turned around to face Sayako, the wobbling tears in her eyes apparent even in the dark. “But it does.” She whispered, despairingly. “I love your humongous cock. It’s the biggest and best cock on Earth. It’s opened up my world, even before I got my own.”

    “My cock didn’t do that! I did!” Sayako scolded. “What if tomorrow, I woke up and it was gone. What then? Would you feel any different about me? What if it shrunk to a regular cock size like… whatever that would be. Nine inches, ten? Wouldn't you still love me?”

    “Of course I would.” Tara said. “I love you. All of you.”

    “And I love you.”

    They grabbed each other and kissed with sudden passion, the tears still rolling down Tara’s cheeks. They made out intensely as Tara worked her way on top. Their cocks untangled as they stiffened, between the embraced couple. Despite being hard as hell, they just kept kissing in missionary position with Tara on top.

    Sayako reached her hand into the sheets and between Tara’s legs. She found the opening of Tara’s pussy and easily slid two fingers inside. Tara whimpered through the kisses and put two fingers of her own into Sayako. She used the middle and ring fingers in the Spider-Man web-shooting gesture to reach the inner wall of Sayako’s pussy, perhaps a better technique to use on oneself.

    For a few minutes, Sayako and Tara were engrossed in one another. It was as if they didn’t have cocks at all. They were still there, rock hard and getting some stimulus from being rubbed against one another, feeling like two burning logs rolling around aginast their stomachs. But this time, the fingers were doing all the work where it really counted.

    Their lips tangled and tongues twirling, their other hands burrowed in their partner’s hair, they felt the orgasm building like a balloon in their bodies. Their muscles stiffened, their hearts pounding, they came with minimal cock stimulation. They had mind-altering orgasms with nothing but their pussies and their hands.

    They still ejaculated once the orgasm reached its crest, spraying what might have been gallons of ejaculate on the underside of their tits, forming a woman-and-jizz sandwich. Exhausted, they slept a little less than an hour, waking up nearly cemented together belly-to-belly in the puddle of ejaculate.

    Tara and Sayako separated their sticky bodies with an unpleasant wet rip. They were happy Gabriella would take care of the mess they’d made of the bed, but they went to the upstairs bathroom to clean up.

    They fucked six more times in the bathroom while “showering.”

    Thank you all for reading.

    -- D.

  • I have a new chapter. Following this one will be a short interlude that hopefully won't take me as long to post as this.

    The smell of Chinese food slowly brought Gabriella out of her dream and to the land of the waking. Sayako and Tara were in the room, dressed in silk bathrobes, Tara eating a box of noodles with chopsticks.

    "Welcome back." Tara said, once her mouth was free of noodles.

    "Is it dinnertime?" Gabriella asked, stretching her balled fists above her head, her breasts emerging from the hem of the bed sheet. She grabbed the sheet and tucked them back in. Tara snorted at this modesty.

    "We thought you might be hungry." Sayako said. "Tara ordered lots of Chinese, but I didn’t know if you only liked certain things."

    "If you got any crab rangoon or lo mein, that would taste great right now." Gabriella requested. Sayako left the room to retrieve the order. Tara continued to eye Gabriella like she’d rather be eating her.

    Sayako came back in with a few new paper boxes, with Anna and Sabrina bringing up the rear. Gabriella graciously tucked into the food, eating one dumpling before noticing that everyone was staring at her.

    "What?" Gabriella asked shyly.

    "Are you going to show us?" Tara said, anxiously holding up the measuring tape she’d made such good use of before.

    "Oh, yeah." Gabriella had forgotten so quickly. With all the women dressed, it wasn’t on her mind. She set the takeout boxes on the nightstand and tossed the duvet and sheets off of her.

    What had grown between her legs was something incredible. It was like a log of cookie dough, almost as thick as her skinny little thighs, reaching almost to her knee. A foreskin collared about half the tip. It looked like an apple stuffed in the sleeve of a brown sweater.

    All the mouths in the room fell open, nobody more surprised than Gabriella herself. "Holy cow." She spread her legs apart a bit. It really was almost the size of her thigh. The lower half of her body looked like a fork with a short tine.

    "Are you hard?" Anna asked.

    "No." Gabriella scooped it up in one hand, flopping down as a flaccid cock would. Her cock was wide enough to reach across her small hand, perhaps almost a full pound in weight.

    "That looks bigger than me when I’m soft." Sayako confessed. "Do you want to get an official measure?"

    Tara looked hesitant. She stood and placed the measuring tape against the top of Gabriella’s cock.

    "Eleven-and-a-half inches." Tara said quickly, rolling the tape back up.

    "Wait a second." Anna said. "You measure the rest of us when we were erect. That’s not fair to her."

    "Who wants the honor of giving me my first erection?" Gabriella looked to the group, a bit surprised there was no immediate volunteer.

    Sayako made note of this. "Tara, I’m surprised you’re not jumping up to do it." Tara said nothing. Anna finally raised her head.

    "All right." Anna stepped forward. "I’ll do it. And I guess I’ll point out what everyone else is too polite to say: she’s got a foreskin."

    Everyone looked at Anna sideways. "So?" Sabrina finally spoke up from the back.

    "I never had one!" Anna said. "Did you, Sayako?"

    Sayako didn’t answer, looking away. Anna shrugged, letting the matter go. Gabriella shuffled back until she leaned against the headboard, Anna on the bed between her legs. She grabbed the meaty appendage and placed it in her mouth. Gabriella moaned as Anna sucked the tip, twirling her tongue inside her foreskin and against the tip. Her cock grew stiff, though not much in any other dimension. It was enough to allow her foreskin to fully retract.

    Once Gabriella felt she’d achieved the fullest erection possible, she tapped Anna’s head gently to coax her away. Her cock was a swarthy tower of flesh that stood tall, almost reaching her own breasts without her bending down. It was the first cock in the collection that truly rivaled Sayako’s.

    "Tara?" Sayako asked.

    Tara handed the roll to Sayako. "Why don’t you have the honor?" She said.

    That was weird. Sayako nevertheless accepted it. She placed the metal end of the measuring tape about where Tara had placed it the first time and rolled it along Gabriella’s cock. She leaned in to read the number.

    "Fourteen inches." She said. It may have been thirteen and fifteen-sixteenths, but that would be a bit specific.

    "I’m starting to feel like I got ripped off." Sabrina said. "Why does everyone else get these humungous penises and I’m stuck with ten-and-a-half inches?"

    Sayako rolled up the measuring tape. "It’s really not a big deal. Once you’re a certain size, it doesn’t matter. Right, Tara?" Sayako turned around to find Tara gone. She’d left her noodles there, the chopsticks resting across the open flap of the box. "Where’d she go?" She passed the measuring tape to Gabriella, who was still closest. "Excuse me. I’m going to see where she went." Sayako exited the room.

    Gabriella looked down to her cock, as Sabrina and Anna were also staring at it. She saw Anna swallow a little saliva that had accumulated in her throat. Suddenly, the woman less than five feet tall felt very powerful indeed.

    "Who wants to go first?" Both their eyes lit up. "That was a silly question, since you both obviously want to. I can see you both tenting up those pants. So how does this sound? You two 69 each other and whoever comes first loses."

    Sabrina and Anna looked at one another, Anna smiling widely. Sabrina wondered why Anna had taken such a shining to her, but it was nice to feel appreciated. Both women got naked, their painfully erect cocks finally free.

    "You want top of bottom?" Anna asked.

    "Does it make a difference?" Sabrina asked.

    Anna pounced on Sabrina in lieu of answering, smothering her with some kisses as she pushed her to the floor. "You get bottom, then." Anna turned around and pointed her cock at Sabrina’s awaiting mouth, bringing Sabrina’s closer to her own. They began as close to the same second as they could, their hard cocks sliding easily down their throats. They both sucked fiercely, more aggressively than they normally would. Why rush fellatio, after all? What were you in such a hurry to get to that would make you rush oral sex? The only logical answer was good old-fashioned coitus with the olive goddess sitting patiently on the bed, playing with her monstrous cock.

    Anna probed a few fingers into Sabrina’s pussy, and Sabrina responded in kind, with a few going into Anna’s ass as well. Still, Sabrina felt herself losing ground. Anna could send tidal waves of pleasure through you by doing nothing more than humming with the cock within her throat. Sabrina was inching closer. How could she beat Anna at a fellatio contest? She’d never even sucked ANY dicks before she met Sayako.

    Suddenly, she had an idea. As much fun as deep-throating a hot cock was, most of the sensation in your average lady cock was in the tip. (If this was how it worked with man cock, Sabrina couldn’t care less.) Sabrina pushed back on Anna’s hips, pulling most of her cock free from inside her, but the tip was still nestled between her teeth. Sabrina teased the tip with her tongue, painting it with spit, sucking it like a popsicle she was afraid would break free from the stick at any second.

    Anna whimpered, suddenly losing control. Sabrina wanted to let Anna’s cock free to prove she lost, but Anna forced it back down her throat, unleashing her ejaculate down Sabrina’s throat until she collapsed, Sabrina’s cock still in her throat.

    "Looks like Sabrina won." Gabriella smiled.

    Anna pushed Sabrina’s cock free from her mouth to speak woozily. "You can’t prove that. She ate all the evidence." Anna sat up to see Sabrina standing over her, her cheeks slightly bulged, her lips puckered, a string of come hanging from them.

    Anna knew what was coming. Sabrina stepped down on one knee and spat a considerable volume of Anna’s ejaculate back into her own mouth, letting it fall almost a full feet to reach her eager mouth. Anna pulled Sabrina down to clear the rest from her mouth with her tongue. Their last kiss left a single strand of come between their tongues. Sabrina leaned back to see how far it would stretch before Anna slurped it up like the last piece of spaghetti.

    "You two are so cute." Gabriella cooed. "But there can be only one winner." She took Sabrina’s hand and helped her on the bed. "It’s up to you how we do this."

    "I already fucked you this morning, so it seems fair that you return the favor." Sabrina said, stretching out on the bed, spreading her legs apart, her hard cock resting against her abdomen. Gabriella placed the tip of her huge cock against Sabrina’s vulva. Before she started, she turned around to see Anna sitting in the corner, erect and masturbating slowly.

    "Why don’t we do it this way, so we can watch Anna play with herself, too?" Sabrina and Gabriella were on the bed backwards, Sabrina’s head hanging off the end of the bed where feet most often resided. They could watch Anna easily from this position. Sabrina put her hands in Gabriella’s and Gabrielle pushed her cock into Sabrina.

    For having never done this exact form of sex, Gabriella was doing a great job. Maybe anyone would do well with the equipment she had been provided. It felt almost the same as Sayako. The one inch difference didn’t seem to matter. What was different was how rough Gabriella was being. She was just pounding her as hard as she could. It felt wonderful, but she was so forceful.

    Sabrina looked to Anna’s naked, upside-down image, almost helpless to stop masturbating. She wanted to join so badly. While Gabriella attempted to wear out Sabrina’s pussy, Sabrina gestured to her with her tongue without saying a word.

    Anna released her cock and stood. She walked in, cock first, and pushed her cock into Sabrina’s awaiting mouth. She had gotten herself so worked up, she started to face-fuck Sabrina, holding Sabrina’s head with both hands.

    Sabrina howled and gasped as much as she could when her breathing wasn’t obstructed. Without much warning beyond a few high-pitched moans, Sabrina ejaculated, spraying gobs of white come all over herself, her breasts and her face.

    Anna felt herself on the edge of climax second. As much as she wanted to dispense another load down Sabrina’s throat, she pulled out at the last second and sprayed her ejaculate at Gabriella, splattering her tits and body with her come. She didn’t quite arc it the right way to get any on her face.

    Gabriella looked down at herself. She would not be outdone today. Once she was moments away from orgasm, she pulled out from Sabrina and worked her cock. She ejaculated in a single laminar stream, almost a centimeter thick, of burning hot ejaculate. It was coming out faster than a plastic ketchup bottle squeezed by a careless diner, quickly frosting Sabrina with ejaculate and firing what remained upwards into Anna’s face, dribbling down onto her body.

    The stars finally cleared from Gabriella's mind and she looked down to the two women, rolling around on the carpet, slinging semen as they tossed and turned, the carpet speckled with jizz.

    Gabriella sighed, putting her hands on her hips. "I guess I should clean this up."

    Sabrina broke free from Anna suddenly. "Oh! Um... Sayako and Tara decided to hire you full-time. She wanted to tell you when you woke up, but she forgot."

    Gabriella lit up, clutching her heart and giggling. Anna asked Sabrina, "Do you know what Sayako and Tara do for a living? Because I'm a doctor and I make a lot of money AND I work all the time. But even I don't have a full-time maid."

    Sabrina hated to gossip, but she was about to talk completely out of her ass, so she decided that didn't count. "I sort of assumed one of them either inherited some money, or is an heiress or something. Maybe we'll find out Tara is the heir to a giant company that makes airplanes or something." Sabrina and Anna looked back to Gabriella, who was fully erect again. They stared at her cock, and then at her face.

    Gabriella smiled, embarrassed. "It's just the excitement." She said.

    "Oh, it's not because of us?" Anna said. "We need to work on that." They joined her on the bed and, following some kissing and nuzzling of Gabriella's tits, they sat in a triangle, Sabrina and Anna rubbing their pussies against Gabriella's cock while they pushed their cocks against hers. Sabrina leaned back on her hands and passed one foot across to Anna, which she licked and kissed as it passed unevenly in front of her face. She would take hold of it to make it easier, but she needed both hands to hold her up while she brought her own foot to Sabrina's face to return the favor.

    Gabriella huffed as these two women rubbed their wet pussies against her cock. She slipped her fingers into her own pussy and brought them to Sabrina's mouth. Sabrina almost sucked Gabriella's fingers clean off her hand, so despite the obvious danger to her safety, Gabriella did the same for Anna.

    They all moved in slightly closer until all three cocks were against each other in the center. They couldn't quite rub their pussies against it anymore, but they could kiss and lick the tips of the cocks when they weren't kissing each other. After one too many accidental bumping of the heads, they backed off and finally just rubbed their cocks together and jacked them off. Eventually, all three women were jacking off the two cocks that didn't belong to them. But perhaps that was the wrong sentiment. Cocks really belong to the women who do things to them, so they were jacking the cocks that weren't attached to them.

    They all pounded their cocks harder and harder, one hand on each cock taking the top half and the other the bottom. They pumped and grunted and cried out, but none of them had come yet. Anna looked around. “Why haven't you come yet?” She asked.

    Gabriella's eyes were closed, but her head rolled around like a cheap bobblehead. “I'm holding back. It feels so good!” She huffed.

    “I don't want to come first! I always do!” Sabrina gasped. “I'm holding back so I'm not first!”

    “One of us has to be first, and it's not going to be me!” Anna shouted. “I'm not going to be worse at handjobs than two women who never even saw a dick before they had one!”

    “No!” Sabrina howled and panted. “I don't know how much longer I can hold on!”

    “Come on, it's so easy!” Gabriella mocked. “I've had a cock for five minutes and I already figured out how to do it!”

    “Oh, you think it's so easy?” Anna sneered. “Come on, Sabrina, let her have it!” They both gripped Gabriella tighter and jerked her off even harder. She responded by speeding up as well.

    “You could use both hands if you want her to lose so badly!” Sabrina noted.

    “Then who will jerk you off? No way I'm losing to you!”

    “This is so stupid!”

    “Then just come, if it's so stupid!”

    “My shoulders hurt!”

    Everything else said after that was incoherent until they finally came at the same time. Three geysers of come reached the ceiling, splattered all over, and fell down as white rain onto the three exhausted women.

    They all collapsed onto the soaked bed, crawling over each other to find more comfortable positions. Gabriella looked to the still-dripping ceiling with some reluctance. “I suppose I'll have to clean that, too.”

    With a gently snicker, Anna stuck out her tongue and caught a drop of ejaculate before it hit the bed. “Just think of it as job security.”

    Gabriella still hadn't caught her breath. “Do you ladies take a lot of naps after sex?”

    “Sometimes.” Sabrina cuddled up near Gabriella, both her and Anna taking one of Gabriella's breasts as a pillow. They all relaxed and stayed still.

    “I think my arms hurt too much to fall asleep.” Sabrina whispered.

    “Mine, too.” Anna responded softly.

    None of them moved. Gabriella continued to watch the ceiling drip and rain droplets of come down onto the others, making gentle pats as it hit.


    Thank you all for reading.

    -- D.

  • Over two months has passed since my last update. I apologize, if anyone is still reading. On the other hand, this update is four thousand words. I promise, I don't intend on making these updates this long. I just find inspiration as I write to add scenes (and positions) to the idea I started with. I just hope you still enjoy it.


    As thanks for the gift Sayako had given her (and all the new amazing sex it provided), Anna gave Tara a gift she’d kept in her purse for some time: one week of free maid service. It was one of those coupons meant to inspire you to pay for the maid full-time, which was why she never used it.

    The doorbell rang. Tara ran to get it and opened the door. A tiny woman stood there, less than five feet tall, dressed in a fusion of the fetishized French maid and traditional Japanese maid costume. She had a black dress and frilled apron, with white poofy shoulder pads and black stockings. Despite this dress, she was neither French nor Japanese. She had clear caramel colored skin, big breasts and an almost impossibly slim waist. She had a black pearl necklace around her neck. She handed a small business card in front of her as she bowed.

    Tara accepted the card. It read that her name was Gabriella and she would clean the house as a demonstration of her skills, and all their domestic worries were at an end for today. Tara nodded, allowing her into the house. Gabriella slowly walked through the house, looking for the messes that were now her responsibility. She saw Anna sitting in a chair reading on her tablet, Sayako painting her fingernails at the dining room table and Sabrina sketching on the couch.

    Once she saw the entire first floor, she returned to her van and brought in all the cleaning supplies she’d need. Tara moved to help her with the load of cleaning devices, spray bottles, and other miscellany, but Gabriella seemed to have it under control.

    Gabriella started in the bedroom, removing the bed sheets. She was confused by the huge stiff stain in the middle of the sheets. She had to ‘break” the stain like a piece of toast in order to fold the sheet into a pile. Tara (and Sayako, after Tara asked her to come over) watched her as she used a steam cleaner to clean the mattress on whatever mysterious fluids had leeched into it.

    A plastic cover, like a shower cap, that covers the whole mattress underneath the bed sheet. That was Tara’s latest million-dollar-idea.

    Gabriella left the bed to dry as she pulled from her pocket an ordinary flashlight. This confused Tara until Gabriella flicked the switch on the top and the purple light of ultraviolet “black light” emerged. She shined it at the carpet and found multiple strands of some mysterious biological fluids embedded in the carpet. It was everywhere, even spots on the dresser and walls. Gabriella sighed at the work that lay before her, returning to her car to bring in the heavy-duty carpet cleaner. Tara just prayed Gabriella wouldn’t shine that light at her; so much semen had gone inside her, she’d probably glow in the dark.

    Gabriella spent some time washing the carpet in the bedroom before moving back to the main hall and the stairs leading to the second floor. She shined the UV flashlight at the stairs and found many illuminated spots along the steps. Gabriella plugged the carpet washer in at the bottom of the stairs and started washing each step with the extension arm.

    Anna walked by the stairs when she heard the mail hit the floor as it was pushed through the slot in the door. She picked it up and saw Gabriella bent over, kneeling on the stairs as she cleaned them. She stared for a second, her heart fluttering, before going over to find the others. She found them in the living room, still tied in their activities, but with the television playing the news in the background.

    Anna leaned in to the others and whispered, “She’s not wearing panties.”

    This took everyone’s attention away from the TV. They hustled towards the stairs, but she’d finished with the stairs once they found her. Anna tried to think of an activity that would involve her bending over again, but Tara beat her to the punch. She asked Gabriella to point her flashlight up to the ceiling above the couch in the living room. Gabriella was baffled by the luminescent spots that appeared there.

    She retuned to her vehicle and retrieved a step ladder, setting it down below the mystery stains. Anna offered to hold the ladder still first, making sure she’d stand on the same side of the ladder as Gabriella. She stared up as Gabriella got up the ladder, her legs barely too close together to see anything.

    Gabriella spread her legs for stability at the top of the ladder, her legs on two separate steps. Anna could finally see it in all its glory.

    “Oh, my god, you guys.” She whispered. The others gathered around her and looked up as Gabriella started rubbing a sponge against the ceiling. “It’s like a perfect little miniature.”

    “You’re the expert.” Tara smiled. “I think we need to get more acquainted with her.”

    “She’ll be here all week.” Sayako said. “That’s plenty of time.”

    “I’m not going to last that long!” Tara said.

    “Then you’ll just have to do one of us instead.”

    Then, something they weren’t expecting. “I speak English.” Said Gabriella, with only a faint accent.

    All eyes were on Gabriella. “Why haven’t you said anything until now?”

    “It wasn’t necessary.” Gabriella started to descend the ladder, much to the crowd’s disappointment. “I think people open up more when they think I don’t speak English. The men also hit on me less if I pretend I don’t know what they’re saying.”

    “And what about the women?” Tara stepped forward and wrapped one hand above her waist, pulling her closer.

    Gabriella smiled. “I’ve never done something like this with a client before… but you’re all so lovely.”

    “Are you a lesbian?” Sayako asked.

    “That describes me pretty well.” Gabriella nodded.

    “Uh-oh.” Sayako croaked. Lesbians were not known for their fondness for her extra equipment.

    “Why ‘Uh-oh?’ This looks like heaven.” Gabriella was much more “into it” than anyone was expecting. “You all look at me like you want me. Is this like an all-lesbian house or something?”

    “I think we should just get it out in the open. On the count of three, we should all just take off our pants.” Tara said. Before anyone else could agree, she counted. “One, two, three!” Everyone complied, and Gabriella watched as these four lovely women unveiled their four impressive cocks. Sabrina almost fell over trying to get her jeans off her ankles.

    “This doesn’t bother you, does it?” Sayako said, surprised at herself for going along with it. “I’m sorry if this wasn’t what you were expecting.”

    “It wasn’t.” Gabriella looked pretty shocked. “But… I’m willing to give this a go.”

    “Yay!” Tara cheered. “Do you mind if I…” Without finishing her sentence, Tara brought both arms around Gabriella and lifted her off the ground, carrying her to the bedroom in both arms like a husband carrying his bride across the threshold. “You’re just so perfectly tiny, I had to do that. I doubt I could carry Sayako.”

    Before they reached the bed (clad in fresh new sheets), Gabriella kicked her shoes off to the corner of the bedroom. Tara looked at her newly exposed feet, clad in her translucent stockings. “Ohh, look how cute your feet are. They’re perfect.” She pinched her big toe between her thumb and pointer, her thumb almost larger than the toe.

    Gabriella kicked the hand away, jerking with sudden, teeth-clenched laughter. “Don’t! I’m super ticklish!”

    “Oh, you’re no fun.” Tara moaned, bringing her to rest with her butt at the edge of the bed, her legs hanging off the end. She watched as the four women gathered in a line before you. They were still flaccid. Gabriella aimed to fix that.

    “Before we do this, I want to see what I’m in for.” Gabriella brought up her legs and spread them apart in a split, displaying her perfect pussy to the others.

    Tara reached her full erect length first, not long before Sabrina and Anna. Sayako took longer than the other, but she WAS longer than the others. “This is my first time seeing a penis in real life.” Gabriella held her legs apart to maintain the split. “Are they all like that?”

    “Of course not.” Tara pointed. “I keep telling Sayako here to go to the Guinness world record people, but she doesn’t want to.”

    “Well, why don’t we let her start?” Gabriella gestured for Sayako to approach. She walked up slowly.

    “If I may…” Sayako gulped. “Why weren’t you wearing panties?”

    “For the tips.” She answered. “Speaking of tips…” Gabriella released one leg to place her hand on the glans of Sayako’s cock. Sayako cooed as the soft fingertips teased her cock. She placed it down near Gabriella’s pussy.

    “I don’t think this is going to work.” She said. “The end of my penis is close to the size of your pelvis.”

    “You’re exaggerating.” Anna encouraged her. “Just start it off gently.”

    Sayako took two steps back to bring the tip to Gabriella’s pussy. Gabriella looked as ready as she’d ever be, almost glowing with enthusiasm. Sayako pressed the tip against her pussy. The narrowest part of the very front of the tip entered, and she stopped. She pushed her hips forward, and Gabriella slid against the silk sheets. It was as effective as trying to push an orange into the spout of a teapot. Except in this scenario, she’d be more likely to damage the teapot instead of the orange.

    “I can’t get it in.” Sayako said. “She’s too small. It’s like trying to have sex with a keyhole. There’s just no way.”

    “Oh, come on. Just go slowly.” Anna repeated.

    “That won’t make a difference. That’s not…” She didn’t want to say the word, but the scientific name “vagina” sounded worse. “It’s not her pussy I’m up against. It’s… her pelvis, or her other muscles surrounding it. If I actually got it in, I think I’d legitimately hurt her.”

    Gabriella looked disappointed. “I understand. There’s lots of things we short girls will never get to do.” Sayako stepped back, and Gabriella looked to the other women’s cocks. “Which of you is the smallest?”

    The others pointed to Sabrina. “This one.” Tara said. “She’s the only one not in the Subway club.” Sabrina sucked her teeth at the sudden scrutiny, but if this meant she got to go first, that was fine with her. Sabrina stepped forward.

    “The Subway Club?” Gabriella looked puzzled.

    “I’m the only one who is less than twelve inches long.” Sabrina answered.

    “Oh. I get it.” Sabrina was unimpressed with that attempt at humor, but she was impressed with the mighty throbbing cock that was being positioned against her vulva.

    “You should know that if you let us ejaculate inside you, then you’ll get a penis of your own.” Sayako said.

    “Were you about to have sex with me without telling me that?” Gabriella sat up on both elbows, her eyebrows lowered.

    “I’m sorry! I forgot.” Sayako apologized, bowing her head so far, she almost kissed her cock.

    “That’s the thing you should know.” Anna said. “Sayako and Tara are lovers, so it doesn’t matter to them. But if you are a lesbian, and you want a relationship with a woman who wants you to be a more traditional woman, then maybe you shouldn’t. I’m married, so it’s proven tricky for us.”

    “You’re married?” Gabriella asked. “To a man? How can you stand it?”

    “That’s what I said!” Tara clucked.

    “He’s nice!” Anna said. “I still love him, and he’s a good lover. He’s got a big cock… y’know, for a guy.”

    Sabrina looked down to Gabriella. “It’s your call.”

    Gabriella chuckled once. “Before today, I’d never had more than two fingers inside me. I’ve never found even the idea of penises sexy until now. But now… I want you to come inside me. I want every drop of all of your come. I want to leave her with a belly so bloated and full of come, strangers will assume I’m pregnant.”

    “We’ll try.” Tara grinned. “Just do me a favor. Can you let your titties free, because those things are amazing. I would undo something on your outfit to do it, but I don’t know how any of this works.”

    Gabriella undid the buttons on the apron-styled front of her shirt and revealed a pair of amazing round breasts. With her micro-thin waist and tiny tight little ass, her headless profile would look like a capital letter P. (If she gained a cock tonight from their ejaculate, it might look like an R.)

    Sabrina was jealous again. “I get the smallest cock AND the smallest breasts?”

    “I’d give up five inches of cock if I could draw like you.” Tara said.

    “Really?” Asked Sayako.

    Tara thought about it. “No, probably not.”

    “I think you’ve kept me waiting long enough.” Gabriella said to Sabrina. She took the hint and slowly coaxed her cock into Gabriella’s pussy. Gabriella parted her toes, her legs kicking around a bit, hands clutching the bed sheet, her brow lowered as she felt herself filled with this hot cock.

    Sabrina had finally gotten all ten-and-three-quarters inches inside. She held it still for a second, supporting herself by holding onto Gabriella’s hips. She was panting like she’d just run a mile. She looked over to Sayako with great sympathy. “I’m so sorry you won’t be able to do this.”

    “It’s OK.” Sayako waved her hand. “Just like her, there are some things you can’t do when you’re a woman with a… ridiculously big penis.”

    “Gabriella, are you doin’ OK?” Sabrina asked.

    Gabriella looked as though a whole new world had opened up to her. “I think I see what other women see in penises now. If I knew God made women with cocks, I would have found one years ago.”

    Sabrina pulled back and thrust again. Gabriella started to call out ecstatic moans already. A woman used to two fingers (and the occasional, though very welcome, tongue), how could she be prepared for this? Sabrina picked up some speed, Gabriella’s huge breasts bouncing back and forth. Sabrina pumped her harder, pulling out as far as she could and pushing it all back in as quick and hard as she could. Gabriella took control of her left breast and pushed it up towards her face, the nipple landing in her mouth. She sucked her nipple, moaning with her mouth full as she couldn’t hold back any longer. Gabriella came hard and fast, and came a second time once she felt Sabrina’s burning hot come filling her insides.

    Sabrina shook as she tried to remain upright until she collapsed, her face gratefully landing on Gabriella’s free breast. Sabrina was so drained, she couldn’t even move her face around to appreciate how soft and supple it was. She leaned back, pulling her cock slowly out of Gabriella’s pussy. Once it was free, she fell over to her side onto the carpet.

    “You OK, Sabrina?” Sayako asked.

    Sabrina groaned and pulled herself away from the bed, leaning against the wall, still trying to catch her breath. Her softening cock bent into a slight arc, still bearing a light sheen from Gabriella’s fluids. “I’m fine. She just wore me out.”

    “Who’s next?” Gabriella said eagerly from the bed. Tara and Anna fought for a second, but Anna made it there first. “You kept it all inside you.” Anna noticed.

    “Nobody’s going to stain this bed with me here.” Gabriella said. Anna pushed forward and got her entire cock inside her in record time. Going second was different. Everything inside was hot, not just from Gabriella’s natural womanly energy, but from the friction and arousal. This pussy was so hot, Anna was almost afraid. Of course, this didn’t stop her from striving to prove anything Sabrina can do, she can do even harder. She put one leg up on the bed, lifted Gabriella’s hips into the air and pounded her pussy with hard downward strokes. Once again, Gabriella came first, and once again once Anna finally reached orgasm, firing streams of hot come into Gabriella.

    Anna pulled back out, and not a drop of ejaculate was lost. It was all inside Gabriella somewhere. Anna took a deep breath and stretched. “That was really nice.” She turned around and saw Sabrina still on the floor. Her cock had grown hard again.

    Anna laughed. “Oh, you young people are so frisky. You wanna go for a second round?

    “Hey, what about me?” Tara cried.

    “It’s OK.” Said Sabrina. “I’m too pooped to do it again anyway.”

    “All right, then.” Anna touched the tip of Sabrina’s cock and moved it towards her. “I’ll ride your cock, then.”

    Sabrina started to blush, “You don’t have to.”

    Anna squatted down and licked the tip of Sabrina’s penis. Sabrina cried out, one leg kicking out involuntarily. “I can just tease you like this, if you’d rather.”

    “OK, OK.” Sabrina said, trembling. “We’ll do it your way.” Anna stood back up and slowly lowered herself onto Sabrina’s member. Sabrina’s cheeks were red, and Anna took the opportunity to kiss them both before kissing her lips. “Just let me know if you get close.” Anna requested in a break of the kisses. Sabrina started to work her hand on Anna’s stiff cock, her hands shaking.

    “Ok, I can’t take this anymore.” Tara said. She sat down on the bed with Gabriella and helped maneuver her onto her cock. Gabriella slid down the twelve inch cock, cooing as more wonderful cock flesh vanished inside her.

    Tara leaned back and moaned. Gabriella rode her cock like a champion, Tara hypnotized by her huge bouncing breasts. Gabriella even turned herself around to face the other two lovers, a difficult move that she pulled off like a professional. Tara put both hands on Gabriella’s ass, helping her move up and down her cock. It was like she was masturbating with Gabriella’s entire body.

    Gabriella watched as Sabrina reached around and put two fingers up Anna’s ass. Her other hand was busy reaching three fingers inside her own pussy, desperately searching for that G-spot that all these huge cocks would always reach. Anna kept riding Sabrina’s cock, strings of precum flicking away from her own cock.

    Gabriella was inspired to try something she’d never tried before: she reached around with her left hand and pressed a single finger into her own ass. Her ass was so tight, she was afraid her finger might never return to her. This didn’t stop her from pushing a second fingertip inside. With this, and Tara’s own duties pounding away at her pussy, Gabriella came with a cry out to the heavens. Tara ejaculated from the tightening of her insides, unleashing what felt like a torrent of ejaculate. Even so, not a single drop leaked out.

    Gabriella climbed off the exhausted-looking Tara (what did she have to be so exhausted from? She had done all the work!) and took a seat near the corner. Anna kept riding Sabrina’s cock.

    “I-I’m getting close!” She said, feeling silly. That sounded like a line form a cheap porno or erotic fan fiction.

    Anna dismounted her cock without a word, taking Gabriella’s hand and bringing her to the floor to resume the riding. “Here!” She cried as Gabriella lowered herself onto Sabrina’s cock. Sabrina’s cheeks were bright red as she pushed her hands against the carpet and humped Gabriella as hard as she could. She lasted only another minute before another toe-curling orgasm that filled Gabriella with even more come.

    Once Sabrina stopped, collapsing again where she was, Anna yelled, “Now me! Quick!” Gabriella stretched out on the carpet and Anna stood over her in the missionary position and pushed her cock inside her again.

    “Oh, my God! I swear I can feel your come inside her!” Anna hollered. She humped away for a good fifteen seconds before yelling, “FFffff…!” She let out a bit of spit over her bitten lower lip and came a second time. Sabrina and Anna moved their exhausted bodies near one another, hands weaving together and some clumsy kisses following.

    Gabriella tapped her still-flat-as-a-board nonexistent “belly,” feeling the warmth of all that come inside her. She looked up to Sayako, standing there, a tiny stream of precum leaking from the tip of that colossal cock. “I think I’m ready for you now.”

    Gabriella returned to the bed and spread her legs out just like before. Sayako stood at the foot of the bed and nestled the very foretip of her cock into Gabriella’s pussy. Sayako pushed forward with her mighty cock… and Gabriella slid forward along the sheets again.

    Gabriella looked down, puzzled. “Really?”

    “It doesn’t feel any different.” Sayako said. “I’m just too big for you.”

    “I have an idea.” Gabriella said. “Just stay like that.” Gabriella kept the tip of Sayako’s cock pointed inside her pussy. She reached around with her feet and rubbed her cock with both feet, working it up and down. Sayako shuddered, trying to keep her cock still. “Do you see what I’m getting at?”

    “Yes…” Sayako huffed.

    “You ladies want to help me out with this?” Gabriella called to the others, stopping her footjob. Sabrina and Anna paused their make-out session briefly. Both their cocks were stiff again. They crawled over and found a position near Sayako’s cock. All three women started licking and kissing Sayako’s engorged member without moving it. Tara had one side to herself, while Anna and Sabrina shared one side. Anna ran her tongue all the way up the top, where Sabrina licked the underside.

    While down below, Sabrina found a more delicate treasure: Sayako’s testicles, hanging down as they did. Perhaps underappreciated, they were not underutilized. Sabrina took one single ball in her mouth, and Anna accepted the other. They massaged the huge orbs within their mouths, extending their tongues outwards to touch each other’s tongues as they suckled the orbs.

    Tara crawled around behind Sayako and probed her tongue into Sayako’s ass. She alternated rimming her ass and probing a single finger inside. Sayako could endure this teasing no longer. She grabbed her cock by the shaft and masturbated as fast and hard as she could. She soon ejaculated directly into Gabriella’s pussy, firing wave after wave of ejaculate into her. Gabriella felt like she was sitting on a fire hydrant, the sensation of gallons of hot semen filling her bringing her to orgasm immediately. With every new spurt of come, Sabrina and Anna felt the balls within their mouth tremble.

    After what felt like a half-hour of ejaculation (what was, in reality, almost seventy seconds), Sayako stepped back. A single stream of ejaculate started to dribble from the tip. The four of them all wrestled on all fours to be the one to catch it on their extended tongues, but Sayako presented it to Gabriella, who collected the morsel on her tongue. Sayako pushed the last bit of come out of her cock and gave her a more substantive snack.

    Gabriella swirled the come around her mouth, tasting it thoughtfully. “If I knew it tasted this good, I would have just blown you all.”

    “If you want to be one of us, that won’t work.” Tara said. “Trust me, I know.”

    “My blowjob technique would probably be lousy, anyway.” Gabriella said with a big yawn. “I’m tired…”

    “Go ahead. Take this nap. You’ve earned it. When you wake up, you’ll be a whole new you.”

    Gabriella crawled into Tara and Sayako’s bed and swiftly fell asleep.

    Player 5 has entered the game.

    Thank you all for reading.

  • More than a month again? I'm not very good at this frequent updates game. here is the next chapter, this time focusing on the OCs…

    It was date night for Sayako and Tara, but they had spent the afternoon at Tara's place with Anna and Sabrina. When the time came, they dressed and showered and readied themselves for a night out. Anna asked them not to wear each other out, so they could have some fun when they got home. Sayako said they'd try if they promised the same.

    Anna seldom got a day completely away from the office unless she was on vacation. She told her husband she'd be working all day, but instead she stayed at Tara's. Tara very graciously let them stay at her place while she and Sayako were having their date night.

    It was the start of the evening, past six o'clock. The news was boring, and Anna turned off the television. She was hungry, but didn't exactly feel like cooking anything. Anna didn't need to browse the phone book to see what was she in the mood for.

    She wanted to eat some come.

    “Sabrina?” she called through the house, trying to locate the latest member of their sisterhood. No response came. She eventually found Sabrina in the upstairs bedroom, standing in front of Tara's oft-used full-length mirror. Sabrina was nude except her socks, fully erect and holding a plastic ruler lengthwise against her cock. Unlike the others, her cock didn't reach past the end of the twelve-inch ruler. Sabrina looked unhappy.

    “Hey.” Anna said softly. Sabrina looked up with alarm, dropping the plastic ruler and covering her cock with her hands, turning away from her. “Sabrina... you're not still upset over an inch and a quarter, are you?”

    “More like five inches.” Sabrina pouted.

    “You can't compare yourself to Sayako.” Anna comforted her, placing a hand on her bare shoulder. “That's like comparing yourself to those pictures on the magazine covers.”

    “But Sayako is real, not like those pictures.” Sabrina reasoned.

    Anna shrugged. She was a doctor, but not a therapist. A thought crossed her mind. “Was Sayako's penis the first penis you ever saw?”

    Sabrina nodded. “Other than Michelangelo's David. I wasn't expecting it, either. I was the only girl in the class, so they voted to have a woman pose. I voted for a woman, too, because I was nervous.”

    Anna sighed. At least this was the area of her expertise. “Sabrina, you're still in the ninety-nine-point-ninth percentile for penis size. Trust me: you're huge.”

    Sabrina inhaled deeply and sighed. Her cock had softened to a less impressive length and girth. Maybe she should have been happy when it was “only” a bit more than ten inches.

    Anna spun Sabrina around in place by pulling on her shoulder. Sabrina's cock was pulled outward by the force and slapped Anna's thigh. Anna leaned in and pressed her forehead against Sabrina's, prying her glasses off and hanging them in her decolletage by the temple. She stared into her beautiful green eyes. “And even if you were small, which you're not, you'd still be so beautiful.”

    Sabrina laughed, and Anna tipped her head and kissed Sabrina just once, on the lips. They released each others' lips with a loud smack, staying close, rubbing the soft cartilage of their noses together.

    “Look down.” Anna said softly. Sabrina looked down and saw Anna's dress tented up beneath her erection. “Just one kiss and I'm already stiff as hell.”

    Sabrina's heart pounded as her own cock returned to its erect state. Her hand trembled. “I don't know if I can live up to Sayako.”

    Anna scoffed. “My husband's smaller than you. And he's not small, either. You're going to do great.”

    “Have you and your husband had sex since you met Sayako?” Sabrina asked.

    “No.” Anna said flatly. “Not sure we're ready for that yet. Maybe I'll lay on my stomach and tell him I'm finally willing to try anal for the 'first' time. I feel like such a chickenshit; I was scared, but even Sayako fits no problem.”

    “I just don't know...” Sabrina frowned.

    “All right. I know what we need to do.” Anna took Sabrina's hand. “Where's Tara's laptop?”

    They found it plugged into the wall downstairs. Anna pulled it upstairs. She typed away at it as Sabrina found a pair of jeans that also belonged to Tara. They fit her pretty well, completing the 'ensemble' with a gray T-shirt.

    Anna had everything set up, and sat next to Sabrina on the bed. She gave Sabrina the laptop. There were two windows on the left side of the screen and a chat window stretching the height of the screen on the right. The lower window was blank, the top window was of Sabrina's torso. Anna lowered the laptop's screen, the webcam being embedded at the top of the screen. Now, most of Sabrina's torso was cropped off the top of the screen. Anna slid the laptop further away, and Sabrina parted her legs. Now the live shot was primarily Sabrina's groin.

    “Am I supposed to pretend to be a guy or something?” Sabrina asked.

    “Nobody said that.” Anna shook her head. “You'll connect to a random person. You ask them if they wanna see what you got. Then you see their reaction.”

    “I can't reach the keyboard from here.”

    “I'll type for you.” Anna got off the bed and knelt against the bed, able to reach the keys without her hands appearing on camera.

    “And you think people will be impressed?”

    “I guarantee they will.” Anna tapped the Space bar with her thumb and the call went live. “They can't hear us, so say whatever you like.” The second window showed some dark-haired guy with headphones for a fraction of a second before going black again. “You got skipped. Doesn't matter. We're looking for a woman.”

    They would be skipped many times before a woman appeared on chat, she had sandy brown hair and you could see part of some vertical blinds behind her. She gave a quick look of incredulity.

    “wanna see it” Anna typed with one hand.

    “Can she tell I'm a woman from my hands?” Sabrina asked.

    “This webcam sucks, so... I doubt it.”

    The woman on camera shrugged and typed out, “if you want.”

    Sabrina slowly unzipped her fly, unfastened the jeans and brought her cock out of her jeans, leaving the jeans pulled up to just below her cock to conceal her lack of testicles (and the presence of a vagina).

    Over the chat, the woman's eyes widened and her mouth slowly opened.

    “you like?” Anna typed as fast as she could.

    The woman nodded, rather than responding through the chat.

    “wanna see it hard?” Anna typed.

    She nodded again. Sabrina shook her cock around a bit and rubbed it up and down and it swiftly became hard, blushing all the way.

    “Look. We can barely get it all in frame.” Anna said as she typed, “have you ever seen a cock this big”

    The woman typed “no.”

    “See?” Anna smiled.

    “you want this in you?”

    The woman nodded.

    “take off your shir4t” Anna's finger tapped the 4 key accidentally, but she rolled with it. The woman opened her blouse and revealed a blue bra. “the bra too.” She put both hands behind her and unhooked it, unveiling a decent pair of tits.

    “Jerk it. That's what she's waiting for.”

    Sabrina huffed and worked her hand up and down her cock. The woman's hands vanished below the bottom of the frame and she started rocking back and forth. Sabrina pounded her cock harder and faster, so fast it was hard to tell she was moving at all with the lousy refresh rate on the webcam.

    “Are you close?” Anna asked.

    “I'm getting there...” Sabrina huffed.

    “Play with your come a bit.” Anna said. Sabrina pinched a bit of precum between three fingers and stretched it out, the tiny strands of come connecting them like a spiderweb. She brought her hand closer to the camera.

    “can you see that?”

    The woman distinctly shook her head while continuing to masturbate. The camera wasn't high quality enough for this feature. Sabrina resumed jacking it. The woman bit her lip and her eyes widened again as Anna hit the Space bar again, dumping her to some other random person browsing this website.

    “Why'd you skip her?”

    “Don't blow your load just yet. We need to talk to more people to get a proper sample size.”

    They would get skipped about twenty times by disinterested men before finding another woman on video chat. Once the woman saw Sabrina's cock, she blinked and laughed, bringing her mouth to her face.

    “how do you like it”

    “it's awesome.” came the reply.

    “have you ever seen a bigger cock?”


    “That's two for two.” Anna said with the slight air of 'I told you so.' “Give her a show and we'll find someone else.”

    Sabrina continued whacking her member, wagging it around and playing with the tip. The woman bit her knuckle and writhed in her seat.

    “Wave bye; I'm going to skip her.” Sabrina waved by with her unoccupied hand. The woman jumped up and gestured to stay, typing, “don't go.” She followed up with “are you anywhere near kc?”

    “KC?” Anna typed.

    “kansas city”

    “which one?' Anna typed, waiting for the woman to start typing her response before skipping her. They landed on three college-aged women huddled around a computer with a movie poster and corkboard in the background. They all giggled at the sight.

    “you ever see such a nice fat cock?” Anna typed into the chat.

    “That's fake!” Yelled the blonde on the left, the first participant to actually use a microphone.

    Anna laughed. “See? You're so big, they think you're using trick photography or something.”

    Sabrina briefly stopped masturbating. “Could you get me that ruler?”

    Anna stood up and retrieved the plastic ruler, handing it to Sabrina off-screen. Sabrina produced the ruler and held it against her cock. They were close to the same size. She brought the ruler up to the camera and showed her thumb just under the “11” on the ruler.

    “Holy shit.” Said one of the others.

    “any of you ever have an 11 inch cock?” Anna typed.

    They all responded "no."

    “want a taste?” The girls laughed again. “kiss each other” They all looked at each other, the two on the right nervously moving in and kissed on the lips. They kept looking out towards their camera (and their own images on their screen) before moving back in for more hesitant kisses.

    “I hate that. I hate when people look at the camera in porn.” Anna scoffed.

    “This isn't porn.” Sabrina said, continuing to edge closer to orgasm as she kept jerking her cock. “I don't know how much longer I can keep this up without coming.”

    Anna typed something into the chat and all the girls leaned in towards their screens, tongues extended. Anna had typed the same thing she would then say: “Open wide.”

    Anna climbed up onto the bed and stood in front of Sabrina, sliding her cock into Sabrina's mouth. Anna kept her legs far apart so she would not be in the shot.

    Sabrina took the hot cock flesh down her throat and Anna pumped her hips back and forth. “I couldn't take it anymore.” Anna said, putting one hand on Sabrina's head. Having never given fellatio before, she wondered why women griped about it so much. This was amazing, this huge meaty rocket sliding down her throat. She sucked it, her lips barely able to get around the whole thing.

    Anna cried out suddenly and came forcefully in Sabrina's mouth. Once the taste of Anna's sweet come reached Sabrina's brain, her whole body seized and spasmed as she ejaculated like a white volcano, spraying it up into the air high enough to splatter on Anna's shoulders.

    Anna barely stayed on her feet as the clouds faded from Sabrina's mind. She looked on the computer screen and saw the three college girls almost frozen in shock. One of them had typed, “are you ok?” Sabrina leaned in to reach the keyboard only to find the entire laptop soaked in a puddle of ejaculate.

    She gasped, but not nearly as loudly as when, between Anna's legs, she saw Tara and Sayako back home, standing in the doorway in their formal wear. Tara was barefoot, holding her high heels in her left hand.

    “Really, Sabrina?” Tara folded her arms.

    As an immediate reflex, Sabrina closed the laptop with her foot. Anna got down from the bed as Sabrina realized she shouldn't have closed it, opening it again and seeing strands of come stuck between the keyboards and the screen.

    “I'll get you a new one, I swear.” Anna promised.

    “I don't know, I really like this one.” Tara shrugged.

    “I swear, I'll buy you a new one.” Anna repeated.

    “Tara, don't be mean.” Sayako intervened. She flicked her thumb against the corner of the laptop, peeling up a little tab of plastic. She peeled up a plastic cover that protected the laptop from unforeseen “spills.”

    “Oh.” Tara pouted. “I wanted a new laptop.” Anna sighed.

    Sayako took a seat in a dry patch next to Sabrina. “How did you come so hard?”

    Sabrina's cheeks reddened. “Did you see that?”

    “Yes.” Sayako said. “I'm impressed.”

    Sabrina felt her heart open up. If Sayako, the one with the record-setting cock and balls was impressed, what did she have to feel inadequate about? She smiled and planted a kiss on Sayako's mouth. “Thanks. That's just what I needed to hear.”

    Thank you all for reading.

    -- D.

  • I have a new chapter for your reading pleasure. You may need to refresh the events at the end of two chapters ago to remember why they've wound up here.

    “I’m so happy you two got my note.” Said Bruno, one of the art teachers at the local community college. He was about forty, mostly bald with impeccably trimmed beard and a sweater vest hugging his skinny frame. He wore tiny glasses near the end of his nose and spun a pencil in one hand as he talked to Tara.

    “In this economy, we need to take jobs where we can.” Tara lied. “By the way, we had some raincoats near us, but when we woke up, they were gone. Do you know what happened to them?”

    Bruno shook his head. “No, I saw one of them there and delicately covered you two up. Maybe the wind got it, or a dog dragged it off or something.”

    “Did you sneak a peek?” Tara elbowed him gently, knowing what his answer would be.

    Bruno held up his hand, the pencil between his middle and ring finger. “As little as possible, I swear. Besides… you’re not really my type, if you catch my drift.”

    Tara had caught that drift from a mile away, of course. “You’re sure you didn’t take a peek?”

    “Nope, I promise.”

    Tara believed him. If he had, she wondered if he’d left the note at all. Tara took the only unoccupied seat among the other students behind an easel. All around her was nothing but guys sitting on their stools, ready for the model to emerge.

    Sayako exited the nearby bathroom in her long silk bathrobe. A murmur filled the room, as some students tried to quietly express their satisfaction in the model and others pretended it didn’t matter. At least one student quietly moved his palette over his groin to hide his burgeoning erection.

    Sayako strode neatly up the steps to the stage in the center of the room. She was surrounded by easels and college students from all angles. Sayako already felt vulnerable and exposed.

    Bruno stepped toward the circle of students. “This is it. The moment you’ve all been waiting for, I’m sure. The ultimate creation, and the most difficult subject; the human nude. We will start with one five-minute sketch, then ten minutes, then fifteen and finally thirty. You may begin once our model is comfortable.”

    Sayako inhaled once, unwove the knot in her robe, rolled her shoulders and let her robe fall to the floor. She was completely nude underneath, her cock flaccid and dangling with a slight curve, coming a few inches short of her knees.

    The entire class let out a gasp. Chairs were scooted back in shock. Drawing instruments were dropped to the concrete floor. The student seated directly behind Sayako didn’t see what the fuss was about until she parted her legs, shifting her weight into a more comfortable position, her cock and balls hanging between them.

    The class was dead silent. Tara sat in her chair with a restrained smile, looking at the dumbfounded faces of the students, finally ending her gaze on the teacher. He didn’t look stupefied like the others. He looked angry.

    Bruno stood with a disgusted grunt, throwing his pencil down. “Fuck it. Life isn’t fucking fair.” He stormed out of the room.

    Sayako closed her eyes, knowing everyone (except Tara, for once) was staring at her, at her cock. She opened them as Tara spoke, “I’m sorry, everybody, but it looks like class is cancelled for today.” She stood, gesturing to the door. Slowly, the stupefied students stood from their chairs and marched unknowingly towards the door. They walked at an even staggering pace, marching like a pack of zombies or a large group of drunk people exiting a pub, an experience they might be familiar with as college students.

    Once the last student left, Tara closed the door behind them and pushed a large paintbrush between the handles of the double doors. “Well, that was interesting.” Tara said. “I was wondering how Bruno would deal with it, as a gay guy. I think he was jealous. But it’s pretty clear that men just don’t know how to handle seeing your cock.” She turned back to face Sayako, still standing there nude and flaccid, as Sayako pointed to the far end of the classroom. One student was still there, hidden from Tara’s view by the easel.

    Tara walked over. “Hello?” The student was staring at Sayako’s cock, mouth open.

    “What am I looking at here?” She finally said in a quavering voice, her voice revealing what her androgynous clothes hadn’t. She was wearing a wool cap over her hair, thick-rimmed hipster glasses and scarf over her flannel shirt and jeans.

    “Oh!” Tara felt embarrassed. “With that hat, I couldn’t tell you were a woman, I guess.”

    She stared at the monstrous penis hanging from Sayako. “Is… she a woman?

    Sayako let out a hurt gasp. Tara immediately jumped in. “Have you ever seen a man with a cock like that?”

    “No.” The student answered.

    “Well, there you go.” Tara gestured. “Sayako, why don’t you move it out of the way for a sec so she can see your pussy?”

    Sayako felt her cheeks redden as she tucked one hand under her balls and scooped them upwards, holding them upwards and barely revealing her pussy underneath.

    “How’d you get like that?” The student asked.

    “Does it matter?” Sayako said in a half-whisper, letting her genitals drop back down.

    As the student stared, Tara had moved in closer without her noticing. “What’s your name?” Tara asked as she took one end of the student’s scarf and unraveled it from her neck.

    “I’m Sabrina.” She said, allowing Tara to take the scarf. Tara then grabbed the bobble on the top of her toque and pulled it off her head, exposing her short chestnut brown hair.

    “Aren’t you hot in all these clothes?” Tara stood behind her and reached across her neck to unfasten the first button on her flannel shirt.

    “Yeah… I’m pretty warm right now.” Sabrina panted a bit, hooking her finger into her collar nervously. Tara spun back around and bit the collar on her shirt, pulling it away from her until a few more buttons popped free, exposing her ordinary white bra.

    Tara dropped the collar from her mouth to speak again. “Do you want her?”

    Sabrina nodded enthusiastically. “All right. But first, you have to please me. Sayako, you can watch, but don’t get hard. You need to learn self-control.”

    “Me?!” Sayako said and laughed a dismissive laugh. “You could stand to learn it yourself.”

    Tara jumped into Sabrina’s lap and took her head in both hands, planting some kisses on Sabrina’s lips. Sabrina fought her lips free and covered them with her hand. “I’m not gay.” Sabrina said.

    “Then why did that turn you on?”

    Sabrina whimpered. Tara continued with more kisses, pushing Sabrina’s shirt off and working her bra up over her head. Sabrina covered her small breasts with her hands. “This is why you thought I was a boy, right?”

    “Oh, come on. Those are fine.” Tara said, pushing her hands away and accepting one nipple in her mouth. They were small, smaller than hers, but they were a nice mouthful. Sabrina shuddered and shook even at this gentle contact. “See? Since they’re smaller, all the nerves are closer together, so it’s more pleasurable. Isn’t that right, Sayako?”

    Sayako stood there, still watching and still flaccid, for now. “No, not really. My nipples are really sensitive, too. I think it’s because they’re larger, so there’s just more nerves there.”

    “Sayako, I’m trying to encourage her. Can you be a team player here?”

    “You told me I have to stand here naked, not get involved and watch you mess around with a stranger! What team am I on?”

    “Have you ever had good oral sex?” Tara asked. Sabrina shook her head. “Would you like some?”

    Finally, a smile appeared on Sabrina’s face. Tara dismounted her as Sabrina stood, stripping off her jeans. Her body was slightly pear-shaped. Her torso was slightly longer than average, but it lead down to a wonderfully wide, round butt.

    “Oh, wow, look at this.” Tara pushed Sabrina in place to show off her rear to Sayako. “You’ve been sitting on this ass this whole time? That’s a waste.” She rubbed one buttock in a circular motion and pulled it back to deliver a spank, but stopped just short. “How do you feel about spanking?”

    “I dunno, I’ve never—” was as far as Sabrina got before Tara delivered a firm slap on her behind. She made a gentle moan. It neither bothered nor aroused her, so Tara moved on.

    Sabrina was now mostly nude, except her socks and glasses. Tara got down on her knees and sat inches before her pussy. Everything on the underside was free of hair, but her bush was intact and as neatly groomed as the hair on her head.

    Tara pressed the tip of her nose against Sabrina’s clitoral hood. Sabrina shook as she felt Tara’s hot breath move across her pussy. “I actually like the hair.” She scratched the pubic hair with one finger. “It’s so soft.” Tara extended her long tongue and slipped it inside Sabrina’s pussy.

    Sabrina released uneven, shuddering breaths as Tara twirled her tongue inside her pussy, turning her head sideways to better line up her pussy to her mouth, sucking the sweet fluids from within.

    Tara smacked her lips. “Wow, it’s so hot.” She went in for another taste quickly between sentences. “It’s like tea.” Tara used her middle and ring finger to roll Sabrina’s clitoris in a circle, the proper fingers for the job.

    Sayako writhed in place, trying to keep control. She’d long been at about quarter-chub, but something about watching her lover eat out this woman was driving her wild. This must have been how Tara felt when she did the same to Dr. Johnson.

    Sabrina’s legs trembled and her hands fell on Tara’s head as she came close. She let loose some deep, loud moans before finally climaxing with a howl. Tara kept up the licking, refusing to let go until Sabrina came a second time about ten seconds later. This time, Sabrina pushed away and fell to her knees, quivering. Tara took Sabrina by the neck and pressed her wet face against hers.

    What started as outrage and disgust gave way in less than a second to unbelievable arousal coupled with gut-wrenching shame for being aroused by something so gross. The second one didn’t last, and Sabrina wrapped her arms around Tara and swirled her tongue around her mouth, tasting her juices within Tara’s mouth.

    Sabrina wormed herself free to catch her breath, one hand against her thumping heart. She saw Sayako standing there, still nude. She had maintained control somehow. Tara was done messing with her. “I think it’s time Sayako has some fun.” Tara coaxed Sabrina to the stage. They rested on their backs, side by side, in front of Sayako, looking up at her from the stage.

    “Sayako, squat down.” Tara requested. Sayako squatted down, her hanging cock drooping toward them like a fishing line. Tara wanted to see how long Sayako could stay flaccid now. She reached up with her tongue and licked the tip of Sayako’s cock. Sabrina soon followed suit. Sayako shook with pleasure, panting as she felt their warm tongue tease her slowly engorging glans. Sayako couldn’t resist growing hard for long when there were two tongues painting saliva on her cock, and her cock started to rise away from their faces.

    Sabrina brought her head up to follow it upwards, leaning up on her elbows before it was again too far up to reach. She decided that was enough of this game, got to her knees and started licking Sayako’s penis in the proper fellatio posture. She was enraptured by this enormous cock hardening in her grasp. Her hand barely got around it, so she hugged it close to her bare chest with both arms, rubbing her face against it and licking it up and down. It felt like holding onto someone’s thigh.

    Tara watched this with delight. She looked down to her jeans, at the bulge that ran along her hip to the left, and the little wet spot that always formed right where the tip was. She had held it back long enough, unfastening her jeans and liberating her hard cock. It never quite got to its full length while trapped in jeans.

    Sabrina looked away from her worship of Sayako’s cock for a moment, saw Tara’s own not-to-be-underestimated cock, and sighed with the content awe of an brand new world being opened up to her. If there were two like this one, maybe there could be three or four.

    Sabrina reached over for Tara’s member. Tara happily stood next to Sayako as she continued bathing them both with her tongue, rubbing them against her face and body, smelling them with great satisfaction, holding them against herself and just feeling the incredible warmth they emitted.

    Sabrina’s eyes rose above the tips of the cocks, looking a little desperate. “If… if I give you both blowjobs, will you please both fuck me?”

    Tara laughed quietly, envisioning her trying to do the impossible and take both cocks in her mouth simultaneously. Sayako was the first to respond. “If you want us, all you need to do is ask.”

    “Yeah, you can owe us the blowjobs.” Tara said. “Besides, I don’t think I’d last more than two seconds.”

    Sabrina was overjoyed, hugging the two cocks together like long-lost family members, kissing the tips rapidly. She released them and stood up. Sayako felt the need to give the warning she had given Anna before. “You should know that… if you let me come inside you…” She hesitated.

    “This happens.” Tara took her cock by the base and shook it gently in Sabrina’s face.

    Sabrina’s eyes widened. “Oh, my God. You have to.” She reached forward and clutched Sayako behind the knees. “I’ll do literally anything you want. I’ll eat garbage. I’ll rob a bank. You can poke my eye out and skullfuck my brain.”

    “OK. That’s not even slightly sexy.” Tara took a step back.

    “Sabrina… it’s OK.” Sayako kneeled down to look her in the eye on her level, gently caressing her chin. “You don’t have to try so hard. We’re going to make you feel amazing one way or another. It’s your choice if you want me to come inside you.”

    Sabrina relaxed visibly. “I do.” She stated simply.

    Sayako rolled onto her buttocks and lay herself on the stage, her cock pointing straight up. Sabrina approached it and slowly worked the swollen head into her pussy. Tara came up behind her and pushed the tip of her cock into Sabrina’s ass. Sabrina rode both cocks at the same time, Sayako and Tara’s pussies facing each other, inches apart, their legs crossed over each other in a near-tribbing position. Sabrina cried loudly as she felt the two huge hot slabs inside her. It was better than she could have hoped.

    Tara sat up as Sabrina continued to ride them hard, grabbing Sayako’s foot, freeing it from her high heeled shoe and sucking on her toes. Sayako cooed, sat up and did the same with Tara’s right foot. Sayako took all five of her toes in her mouth, licking around each soft toe.

    Tara and Sayako both inched closer to one another to access more of each other’s feet. Tara licked Sayako’s foot all over while using her own foot to pinch Sayako’s nipple. Sabrina kept riding their cocks with great enjoyment. Sayako started to push in just a bit closer. Tara and Sayako pushed in at the same second, and Sayako felt something new on the underside of her cock. She felt something hard against…

    It couldn’t be. Whatever internal wall existed between the two holes, it was thin enough that they could just barely feel the other’s presence. Once she realized what she was experiencing, Sayako’s mouth fell open, she let out an involuntary moan and came instantly.

    Most of the time, Sayako’s ejaculations came out in spurts. Perhaps it was the teasing earlier, the fact that she hadn’t yet come that day, or feeling Tara’s cock within their new lover. Whatever the cause, Sayako’s ejaculate was like a faucet, one long ejaculation. It felt more like urinating than coming (except for the spasming leg-kicking, world-ending orgasm). Sabrina felt the hot come in her and clenched everything, trying to keep it inside. She had no chance, especially once her orgasm hit her like a truck. Sayako’s come poured out of Sabrina’s body and formed a two-foot wide puddle at the center of this threesome. Tara came once she smelled Sayako’s come puddle, spraying her own volcanic come as far in Sabrina’s ass as she could.

    Sabrina finally relaxed, falling forward onto Sayako. She took a single deep breath, smelling that sweet, enchanting smell of come, feeling the warm puddle against her leg. Suddenly, her eye opened like she’d woken up on the day of finals and her alarm hadn’t gone off. She quickly pulled both cocks out of her and started scooping up the come from the floor and rubbing it against her pussy.

    “What are you doing?” Sayako asked.

    “I need it! I need to make sure this will work!” Sabrina said.

    “It will. Trust me.” Tara tried not to laugh at this rather desperate spectacle.

    “But look how much didn’t stay in me!” Sabrina was horrified she couldn’t have held however much was currently on the floor. She continued to try to coax the come inside her, now understanding perfectly why the penis was the perfect delivery device for this essential substance.

    Sayako watched Sabrina gather and rub her sperm against herself before Tara gathered a bit of the come and slung it like mud at Sayako’s face. A ridiculous event that could only be described as a “come fight” started, as they splashed the puddle of come at each other, soon wrestling in the ooze and, of course, heavy petting and licking the come from each other while wallowing in the puddle.

    Sabrina stretched her arms over her head and started to move away from the stage. “Oooh… suddenly, I’m so tired.”

    “Don’t go to sleep!” Sayako cried. “We can’t leave you here! At least tell us where you live, or where your car is or something.”

    “Oh, I don’t have a car…” Sabrina said drowsily. “Why don’t you just take me to your place? This was my last class, so…” She curled up into a ball near one of the chairs and drifted off into sleep.

    Sayako stood from the stage and walked to the sleeping student, leaving a few surprisingly neat come footprints behind her. She tried to shake Sabrina awake, but she was fast asleep.

    “I guess we’ll take her with us.” Sayako said. “But what are we going to do about that?” She pointed to the lake of ejaculate in the middle of the stage.

    “Yeah, this is a record for you, I think.” Tara was still in the puddle, happy as a pig in shit, as the saying goes. She stood up, the milky fluid streaking down her legs. “I’m not looking forward to putting these clothes back on over my sticky body.”

    “Sorry.” Sayako said quietly. Tara chuckled at that, walked over to Sayako, her cock wagging as she walked, and kissed her on the lips. They leaned forwards, touching foreheads and gazing into each other eyes. “I think I know what to do.”

    Sayako knew it’d be here somewhere, and she found it. They put their clothes back on, dressed their thoroughly unconscious friend and Sayako carried her out of the room over her shoulder, but not before Tara placed a sign near the puddle: “Wet Paint.”

    Player 4 has entered the game.

    Thank you all for reading.

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