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  • Nope.

  • Something wrong?

  • Oh, so now the Master decided to place his two cents? I am so honored. Really!


  • Isnt the point of our craft to do our own sex poses? You dont have to do it from scratch. Just take a porn movie and pose after it :)

    Btw, I am actually building up a big pile of poses from my current series and also have several others saved out as pose presets from earlier sets. Might just slap some pose packages on renderotica at some point if ppl are interested.

  • Found a way. Thanks all who helped and hope to join your ranks real soon!

  • There are also the V5/M5 poses by Poison on Renderotica. Decent for starting poses for tweaking.

  • not completly out of luck, u can convert your old v4 poses with Posemaster. Its very easy to use but you will have to adjust the results by hand - which you would anyway on a v4, wouldn't you ?

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