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  • Yeah I agree its not amazing but I think those short flicks are pretty good. Especially since there isnt really alot of those type of animations so far. Most of it is rather anime like.

  • I'm with fred. They're very meh. The sound and camera try to cover up of the imperfections, but they are still noticeable.

  • hzr, it's kinda meh don't you think?

    The "scene" is all 2-3 second looping animations, while the camera moves around to try and hide that fact. Plus the physics are hilariously bad (harley's anti gravity ponytails for example)

    But more 3dx is always good I guess.

  • I don't know what you were trying to link to, but this looks like it might provide a few animation references for miro to work with in regards to what happens to Sayako when she reaches orgasm … :rolleyes:


  • mhmm by me the vid don't work only a empty player?

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