• Difference between MBA VS PGDM the two courses. PGDM stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Management while MBA translates into a Masters of Business Administration. Hence, PGDM is actually a diploma course while MBA is a degree course. Naturally, not all colleges can offer you an MBA but many can give you a PGDM. Only universities or colleges affiliated to universities have MBA courses in their curriculum. The institutes who offer PGDM are generally autonomous, not affiliated to any university and approved by the Indian body called AICTE.

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    all the audio was recorded separately like each of the girls moans, background noise and body sfx so it's possible, but maintaining individual channels is likely resource intensive and I don't see a lot of demand for it

    it probably more feasible for games, where individual sounds are fed in dynamically

  • I know what you mean, often run into audio problems when re-editing work.

    You can always zoom in close on the track and lower and raise the audio in the parts you want to hear. So the main audio looks like the sea and the injected audio track looks like a mountain range. I'm sure you know this one…

    Or you could split the screen and have the conflicting audio now make sense since what didn't make sense before is corresponding to the other screen. Not ideal, only do it for short bursts, but could achieve the edit you want. Do you have WaveEditor?

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