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  • Thank you guys for all the suggestion.

  • Poser has Collision Detection. It is not all that great, but here is a tutorial.

  • Yeah collisions are not part of either poser or daz studio and even on big 3d applications those are things that can slow down a rig to a crawl if used too much. There are some tricks to come up with good deformations, as I am currently playing with this, but you have to decide between being able to pose fluidly or having a simulated realistic look.

    There are a few fix packages that give the figures better looking bending, especially on knees and the shoulder area. For Victoria4 and Michael4 there is Beautiful Bends by our own forum resident matthacker, there is also Perfect V4 by meipe and Xameva, for genesis 1 there isnt much yet apart from Ideal Beauty leg, feet and hip fixes. Genesis 2 will get Beautiful Bends soon and already has Ideal Beauty fixes, this time for the whole body, not just the lower parts.

    But for collisions like the hand sitting ontop of the belly and bulging it in. This is really not happening anytime soon. Just too slow right now, and probably also asking a bit too much from the devs. I am sure that this stuff will someday be a reality but that might be a good way off from now.

  • I'm not a Poser user but it sounds to like you want something like hit detection, in which case I'm pretty sure there's no way.

  • All depends if you are using pose sets or not.

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