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  • These type of thing are a subject I try to stay away from.

    Obvious pre-pube is wrong. Period. We have some double standards as well as this whole subject being a can of worms. Some artists like to play with age ambiguity via ageification to make young seem older, or perhaps to make consent aged males seem more innocent; If it's debatable then perhaps it's fair to say the boys are not prepubes anymore and possibly age of consent. It's where things are not ambiguous and very obviously involving minors that this is a problem.

    For the sake of honesty: Having once been young like that…if I had not been preoccupied and suppressing my sexuality (stemming from earlier sexual abuse on top of the daily onslaught of sexual harassment and slurs by other classmates) I'd have been more receptive in general and would probably not have refused if an attractive older woman wanted to have sex with me. That doesn't mean it would have been right, though.

    Now that I think of it, there was this one kinda petite, athletic single mother, math teacher I am thinking of... Looking back now I'd have loved to fuck her brains out. I even think she was an anal virgin, too. Damn I'd have loved to stretch out her sphincter and nutted one good up in that ass of hers. Hell more than once, I'd even make it a regular thing if I could. I'd ravage all 3 of her holes.

    Fuck, I'd forgotten about her, but I digress...

    Where there's some ambiguity about age, then it's debatable.

    Yes, shota is as bad as loli and should be avoided like so.

  • Ah yes … Kloah ... another artist with a ... penchant ... for Straight Shota featuring underage/pre-pubescent boys and girls/women with breasts the size of watermelons (if not larger). The age range is not exclusively 4-8, but you'll often see boys that "look" that age if the artist is aiming for "innocence" in the boy's appearance, or otherwise wanting you to presume that the boy(s) featured can ONLY be virgins (prior to the story's beginning, and no longer by the end of it).

  • 4-8? Would have said that the most common age range is around 10-14… you know the range, when Japanese artists don't draw the head as big as the rest of the body and don't just draw adults.
    Don't think that guy here looks like 4...
    (should be OK since it does not contain any "action", no? Could be ecchi stuff (where nothing ever happens :P )for all you know)

    Well I guess the only real difference to Loli stuff is that the underaged person is not the object of the viewers desire (assuming Straight Shota is produced for a male audience… which seems to be a reasonable guess imo)
    You are not supposed to find the boy hot...
    Guess the best thing is a refreshing lack of rape as a story element... it's usually some "guy/boy getting lucky" thing. Guy hits puberty and has a crush on the older teacher/tutor/sister/mother and ends up having sex...

    Like incest I tend to overlook it (or still look at it), if the rest is good enough... if the girl is hot she can titty fuck a boy for all I care... still these that really have the 4-8 years age range are not my cup of tea...

  • Shota is a japanese word for "boy" and for our purposes can effectively be taken to mean "prepubescent boy" … so think pre-teen boy, and often (not always, but often) means boys in the age range of 4-8 when young boys are still impressionable, precocious, "innocent" and therefore "corruptable" in a way that fires the lusts of the (older) sex partner. The "straight" adjective is required to designate that the sex partner is female (straight) rather than male (gay).

    Straight Shota means sexually mature female, which can be anything from teen girls to MILFs, putting the moves on underaged (and often, virgin) boys. The females often come in two basic categories ... either "predatory" or "vulnerable" ... and incest is not required for these situations, although it is one of the more frequent tropes, particularly for some artists who REALLY go in for that kind of thing (N.O. Chachamaru being a prime example of it).

    In that respect, Straight Shota IS the m/F counterpart to Straight Loli (which is, of course, f/M).

  • @'SinCyprine':

    same as Sol, what is straight shota ?

    shota is the same as loli, only with boys, so straight shota means you will see a minor boy on the screen have sex or a kind of sexual contact with a

  • same as Sol, what is straight shota ?

  • well, often a guy get a kind of glory if he is able to get an older woman in his bed, but that is usually is around 16-18 to 25-35, you know. I don't know how old the boy has to be to get classified as shota.
    Everything under 14 I would say yes.
    Well there are also loli pics, where I was surprised that the girls are loli, you know they already have a good amount of breasts and also don't look like loli, a bit young but not minor, so around 18 and then I saw that they get tagged as loli.

    So in my opinion it depens on how they look like, if they look like childs I would say yes.

    If they look like teenagers, which are nearly mature so 16-18, I would say no, I'm the same opinion about loli in this terms, but then they usually don't fit in this category anymore.
    I don't like it anyway, if it is shota or loli.

  • Never heard of straight shota until just now, can't find much info on it, exactly what is it supposed to be about?

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