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  • I've been using ue in every render for the last few months

    I'll look into getting my hands on those other products you mentioned

    anyway heres a render I did with the paxton hair after switching off raytracing for the hair (it can be done in the hairs materials) Still took 3 hours :D


  • Then i recommend getting them BEFORE buying anything else.

    LIke I mentioned before, UE2, HSS and UberSurface (but not UberSurface 2 - my mistake) is inside the essentials installer. These will allow you to get better renders and work around some of the inherent limitations of the 3delight renderer. In this case, the occlusion toggle switch per surfaces.

    I'm assuming you've gotten UE2 by some other means since you seem to be using in some of your renders.

    You can install it via the DAZ Install Manager, which supports resuming downloads.

  • No, the GSE and its contents are still out there, waiting for me to aquire them

  • Well, at least you now know the problem is the hair surface.

    I'm just confirming things here - did you ever downloaded the Genesis Starter Essentials? Or gotten it through any other means?

  • @'matthacker':

    We've covered this already in your thread, so I'm kinda perplexed why you keep bringing this issue up.

    Because I can only absorb and process a certain amount of information at once :(

  • We've covered this already in your thread, so I'm kinda perplexed why you keep bringing this issue up.

    The problem is you have a lot of transmapped surfaces combined with the use of occlusion and ray tracing. UberHair is simply an UberSurface preset (with the occlusion turn off). I don't recommend turning off 'Raytrace', since that means the hair won't be rendered in reflections.

  • yes…
    solution i use: UberHair
    apply the base uberhair to paxton materials, scroll down and turn off ray trace and/or occlusion.

    i would guess daz4.6 free sss can achieve the same thing but i havent looked - far too many knobs & sliders in there !

    when i was faced with those long render time and looked up the interwebs, i read about rendering the figure without the hair, then the hair alone, then photoshop the resulting 2. (and more along those lines)

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