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  • @'gazukull':

    I agree hzr, all of her issues did not contain creatures. Which seems to be a popular theme.

    There was that one set where she was fucked by that ugly thing. But for the most part, she was in sets that were boy/girl and futa/girl, though futa/girl would still be a seller due to the fetish.

  • Hmm that is a bummer, I really like BlackAdder's character designs. But Candy is an intense one, wowzers o.o
    Hopefully there's some good news around the corner

  • Well, all of us can only speculate.

    If he's looking for a money maker though, I'd recommend him actually releasing his model and joint correction/fixes as a product. Or at least the ones he wouldn't be longer using in his comics.

  • I agree hzr, all of her issues did not contain creatures. Which seems to be a popular theme.

  • Probably just sold the least. I wouldnt really pinpoint this towards the woman though because imho she is the best girl of his collection. Perhaps she just starred in the least favourite scenarios considering sales.

    And from what I heard he is doing this fulltime now. Judging by the number of releases this year I actually believe that is true. So it is understandable that he wants to focus on the money makers first and foremost.

  • I'm mostly curious about the reasons though. Production costs of making a model? I know he made his own joint correction morphs and sculpt each model. But generally, if you do your homework right, you only need to do this once. The more you use them, the bigger the cost savings since they are spread out per each release.

    Of course, we're talking V4 here, so there's a lot of hacks needed. More so if you use morphs that add volume to the limbs/body. This is one of the big reasons why I moved to Genesis 2. The morphs generally maintain volume and crease points when you pose her other than the default/zero position.

  • I agree, Candy was my favorite Blackadder girl. But, money talks… assholes.

  • Are you sad because of the loss of the character, or because an Olivia Wilde lookalike has left the scene?

    Be honest :)

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