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  • @'korezaan':

    After being burned by super hyped pre-orders

    Pretty much this (steam ftw). The older I get the less susceptible to hype I become, especially with digital downloads becoming more prominent. If I really wanted to play something the day it comes out, I can just "preorder" the day before, pre download it, and being ready to go at midnight. Putting money down months in advance for a physical copy just doesn't make a whole lot of sense anymore.

    Social interaction/media has been a driving force for my day 1 game purchases. My friends are all big gamers, and I am reddit addict, so if I am not playing a recent release I can't safely browse the internetz (damn spoiler monkeys) or properly converse with my peers.

  • After being burned by super hyped pre-orders (Mass Effect 3, Guild Wars 2, Assassin's Creed 3, Saint's Row 4), I now refrain from putting my money down on anything before some well written reviews appear on metacritic by users.

    When I do get games, generally its from Steam because its super easy.

  • I actually do all of the above, though it depends. I normally buy my games at Gamestop. Though sometimes I'm interested in the collector's edition of a particular game so I have to pre-order those online at or Also Best Buy is known for selling collector's editions off the shelf. So if I miss the collector's pre-order they would be my next place to visit. Some games I'm interested in only come as a digital version so I have no choice there. If it's a game I'm eager to play for story like Assassin's Creed, I'll buy it on day one. If it's a game that looks interesting but I know nothing about, I'll wait till it goes down in price.

  • I buy my games from Wal-mart/Gamestop.
    And if I'm pre-ordering a game I do it at gamestop.

  • Lately I've been kinda on the "wait and see" mode. I find myself waiting till games hit the $20 or less deals. Money crunching in tough times. **Last game I did pre-order was King of Fighters XIII, well worth it =D

  • i want a layer !
    my cat downloaded <insert game="" movie="">, it wasnt me !</insert>

  • 1. Going in a local store and buy it there
    2. Steam/Origin/…
    3. Amazon

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