Cash App Refund ID not Allotted? Get to Cash App Support Service.

  • The refund ID is the unique ID code given to each Cash App Refund request so that the backend support can differentiate between the users and the orders. However, if you’ve not been allocated the ID, then the best course of action is to call the app’s customer care service and get to know about the problem as to why you’ve not been allotted the ID.

  • To add to Resolve…

    You are defined not by those testing moments when you're most ready but those testing moments when you're not ready. Guess that means I still have such a long way to go...

  • "The first time someone shows you who they really are, BELIEVE IT"

  • Marry a doctor or pharmacist. Not an option? Do not get married.

  • It only hurts because it's true
    (usually said in response to points that hit close enough to home to make people visibly wince)

  • Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.
    (Samuel Beckett)

  • I'm not wise nor intelligent. There are merely things I've gathered from observation…or repeatedly running into problems with experimentation.

    Learn from mistakes, others and especially your own as I just wrote on my DA journal entry.

    Setbacks are inevitable: it's how you deal with them that counts.

    Frustration is a test of your resolve and apparently major opportunity to reevaluate. In the end either you do it or you don't. Trying is doing ...until you stop trying.

    You're only young once, don't squander it. At some point contemplation must end and action must be taken. If you'd rather party, have fun but don't whine later. If you'd rather achieve something, do it but you're going to be waiting a long time to see results.

    Life/God/(insert existential belief) tests you in one of two ways: Making you wait with nothing happening for a loooong long time...or by throwing everything at you all at once, relentlessly and brutally.

    Only your resolve can save you, ultimately.

    Optimists, TRUE optimists, are well grounded and not easily knocked down, nor do they stay down for long, and can always see the better of any situation even if they pursue something for naught. Sometimes the glare from the sun obscures their vision from what is real.
    Pessimists are grouchy but comfortable. You may never be able to cheer them up, and their vision for better is oft obscured by shadows an clouds, but you will never have to worry about wasted time, energy, or bullshit. Their attempts of jumping higher are fleeting regardless of success or not.

    Realists truly have the best of both worlds. They are unsurprised by the bad, but aren't blinded to the good. Why have only yin or yang when you can have both?

    Hit it, now hit it even harder, and then hit it again one more time for good measure.

    And lastly, remember...

    What's the difference between two dicks and a joke? You can't take a joke.

    U MAD BRO?!


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