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  • only natural drugs like weed,salvia,dmt, and shrooms, legalize it and restrict it. I'm all for hallucinogens, but only if it was made from mother nature, not from man.

  • Attention Affect3D posters:


    That is all.

  • I'm okay with weed being legalized, though most people don't know the repercussions that come with legalizing weed (i.e. you're gonna get taxed and most manufacturers will drive up the price).

    All the other drugs, no.

  • Legalize it !

    • for one thing, it would break down black market economics.
    • you can also create legal shooting room with clean seringes & medical supervision - AND social workers ready to help you out of your addiction.

    but the matter is probably more in the way people perceive drugs.
    chances are, if you're using, you are lazy, probably a lefty hippie, depending on how far in addiction a failure.
    also, drugs are related to an unspoken racism: alcohol which is highly addictive & very destructive is very well accepted - its the white's people drug of choice. Not so much with foreign substances (opiates, canabis).

    those perceptions would need to change for anything to happen.

  • @'~ArgonCyanide777':

    frowns …Am I going to have to worry about this forum getting more serious in political stuff? Cuz if that's the case, I'm outta here.

    Relax, no-one here is gonna stop talking about boobs in favour of economic policy :D

  • frowns …Am I going to have to worry about this forum getting more serious in political stuff? Cuz if that's the case, I'm outta here. Doesn't matter if people here would even agree with me, I don't come here for politics.

    Now then,

    I experimented in high school, but mostly that was with booze. Had a horrible hangover and, uhh, yeah I've never really cared to get big into it again.

    So far as the issue...yes if only because prohibition doesn't work, ultimately. I'm hardly a holy rolling purist but I tend to not want to be around drug users--I've gotten in too many fights with tweakers, been bruned too many times by derelict users...and if that whole zombie face munching thing in Florida isn't compelling reason to avoid alkaloid based home brew stuff...I don't know what is.

    Shit, sudafed/sufedrin is now more expensive and more tightly regulated out here in CA because someone concentrated it into a meth street drug. Thanks asshole, whoever you are, for making purchases of this painkiller a waiver-worthy thing.

    Can't really hack much pot before I'm just too stupid to function, if that even qualifies...

  • I have always been against laws that persecute people based on a moral judgement. Is doing drugs a good idea? In most cases not, but should we be writing tickets and putting people in jail for basically following the spirit of free trade? I say no. Argue all you want about the dangers of any vice, but when one person has goods or services that are in demand and they are willing to trade said goods or services for money, they should be able to do so without fear of punishment. The term I affectionately use for these kinds of crimes is "victimless crimes." My stance has always been that we are wasting the police and the justice system on these victimless crimes. These laws are essentially a moral standard of lawmakers and lobbyists being written into law, and therefore totally lame. XD

  • Yes… this is mostly aimed at Weed and as an American.

    1. Legalize it 2) Tax the shit out of it 3)???? 4) Profit

    Think of the American jobs created when Malboro starts growing weed? I am not a smoker myself, but I am a tax payer and if we can generate tax dollars with a luxury tax on weed instead of robbing me because I got myself in the top tax bracket, I am ALL for it.

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