diffrence between mba Vs pgdm

  • The foremost Difference Between MBA Vs PGDM both these courses are that – PGDM is a diploma course, while the MBA is a degree course. Incidentally, many people have an idea that the market value of a diploma program (PGDM) does not match the level of a degree (MBA) As of now, even the IIMs offer a Diploma course and not degree. Students are exposed to the real-time business world through rigorous classroom studies, meetings with top business leaders and management internships. This helps the students to get comfortable with the business environment and makes them job-ready.MBA degrees are awarded by Universities. Hence a uniformity in education&learning;among all the university-affiliated colleges. Students do not have to exercise so much caution while opting for an MBA as they carry all the university related credentials. visit IMT Hyderabad for more details.

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