Best b Schools for Finance in India

  • IMT Hyderabad is one of the Best b Schools for Finance in India. The selection process towards in its last leg, students have in front of them multiple options to choose from. To help students choose the right college I have created a ranking for top MBA finance colleges in India. The Institute is continuously striving to provide quality management education by adopting modern teaching methodologies and sophisticated business techniques. The business challenges that are thrown open by the process of globalization and liberalization are addressed by the Institute through up-gradation in its course content and pedagogy. It aims to equip students with skill-sets required to become effective and capable corporate managers.

  • Buy it, you wont regret it :)

  • I'm…tempted to buy this, but because my models are so far demorphed, it might not really help with the problems of my characters poses

    hard to see the differences, but from what I did see, it all looks great for the base model figures

  • Just some updated info, particularly for those who have purchased BBV4.

    I will be offering a permanent 50% discount to current owners of Beautiful Bends V4. There will also be an introductory price discount of 30% - a total of 80% discount at launch.

    In addition to the joint correction morphs, you'll also be getting a converted version of the bundled poses, but adjusted and optimized for Genesis 2 Female. My current light and materials setup will also be included (presets only - no textures).

  • @'Fred5150':

    Does this mean you're gonna start work on "Beautiful Genitals"? ;)

    Why fred, you're read my mind. :)

    Give me a week or two and then we'll see what I can come up.

  • Does this mean you're gonna start work on "Beautiful Genitals"? ;)

  • I've submitted her to DAZ. Now it's up to the Product and Q/A Testing process.

    Thanks for all the input guys.

  • I've settled on these images as promo shots.

    Focusing on the shoulders and arms. Well, mostly.

    God, I do love those legs and feet. :)

    For the main promo shots, I'm thinking one of these two.

    I'm rather partial to the last one, but it does break limits on the chest (but the corrections actually accommodate such a pose).

  • matt,

    Yes, it does add value and I think it would be appreciate by those who buy BBG2F.

    nice work.

  • This is with updated materials and lighting.

    I dialed some morphs, mostly V4's default head. I've come to like that face instead of V6's.

    Now, I'd like to ask something. Do you think bundling the materials and lights used adds value? I mean, I know they are not the best material settings out there, but I'm pretty proud of what I've achieved with just the bundled shaders (Human Surface Shader, UberSurface and UberEnvironment2).

    Some closer shots.

    Or do you think they're crap? Let me know what you think.

  • Great looking as usual mate. As already said in the mail, this is the ultimate carefree package for the Genesis 2 Female figure. Those of you who want to have the best looking bending on that figure, get ready to buy BBG2F. It is really worth it.

    For me it was a foregone conclusion to work with Genesis 2 after matt announced that he was going to make a BBG2F and I havent looked back at using Genesis nor V4 for any of my girls since then. Only the males are still using Genesis1, for obvious reasons :)

    It also works perfectly well with Ideal Beauty for V6. I have been using both together for all my latest renders of Claudine and Brooke and you can see for yourself how well it looks. That great looking ass of Claudine is also a result of these fixes ;)

    Here a quick comparison shot of a V6 figure with and without BBG2F. I used an Assari (pun intended!) to show the differences ;)

    Left side is with BBG2F enabled at 100% (you can dial it in and out as you like, for each section individually too! If you dont like some areas, tone them down.). The right side is the basic V6 without BBG2F. Easy to see how much better the backside looks with the fixes enabled, also the shoulders are way better defined. Feet also get a nicer looking heel. There are really many subtle changes that work very well to give you a more natural look to the already pretty nice looking V6 figure.

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