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  • Unsurprisingly, I like Theia too :)

    I'd love get around to making some final images, but I'm having fun re-creating old characters and making new ones at the moment. Here's my cast list so far…

  • To your question on favs, I like Theia a lot.

  • Here's my latest attempt at my character of Tia, and my first attempt at the character of Ymphae.
    Ymphae was interesting as I had to make a geograft for the first time, to get the tail to join her body more seamlessly. Hopefully it worked ok. Her texture is a quick temporary one, as I have no idea how I want the patterns on her skin to be yet. It was also my first underwater image, so if anyone has any tips on underwater images using 3delight, please feel free to share, because I have no idea.

    I'd also just like to shamelessly plug my new site, where you can go and read about these characters if you want to. It's cheap and simple at the moment, but I'll refine it as time goes on. By all means let me know if there are any issues with it.

  • Hey all. I couldn't find any rules about posting to an old thread, so I hope I'm not doing anything wrong.

    I took most of last year off after losing all my work and really annoying myself, but for the last few months have been slowly picking up the pace again. I'm mostly working on bios and stories, but I've managed a few images here and there. Long way to go, but I'm making baby steps. I think…

  • No specific suggestions other than keep working and trying, you are improving :)

  • Hello all. In amongst struggling with my stories I've also been trying to fix the lighting issues I was having. Still a lot more practise needed but I'm getting better.

    Any tips or suggestions?
    Also, has anyone ever made or seen a 3-boobs geo-graft for Genesis? Got an idea for a new alien.

  • Hi all. I've finally finished my first erotic story as part of my ongoing project. I don't know if it's needed here since there seems to be a bit of an influx of stories recently. I also don't know if there's a limit on how much to post, so I'll only post the first part. If anyone wants to read the rest it's on my blog, or I'll just upload it here if I'm allowed and anyone asks for it.
    Also, it's sci-fi, so it involves aliens. Just out of curiosity, is that the kind of thing people like, or are purely human based stories better?

    Tia's Initiation

    Eddie swallowed hard and his heart pounded in his chest as he took in the scene, struggling to comprehend the sheer beauty arrayed before him.

    The three ladies lay naked atop the bed. Kalli, the sensual dark-skinned elethmora, Seesha, the always smiling green-skinned sinian, and Tia, the beautiful human, who was the latest addition to their incredible group. Today was a special day, as they were going to be intimate with Tia for the first time, and in Kalli, Seesha and Leesan he couldn't wish for better companions to give Tia a very special welcome. It was not surprising that Kalli and Seesha had been unable to wait for he and Leesan to arrive. He really couldn't say that he blamed them, as Tia looked absolutely stunning, radiating happiness as her partners focused all their attention on her. The young woman was stretched out on her back as her two lovers stroked and kissed her lips and skin. He smiled as he saw them struggling to keep their hands off her generously sized breasts.

    He could scarcely believe he was about to join them.

    'Well, would you look who's here,' Kalli noted seductively, nodding towards him where he stood just inside the doorway.

    Tia sat up and glanced in his direction. Her welcoming smile gave him so much encouragement, and he could not help but smile back. He was instantly drawn closer to the bed, and he gently lay Leesan down upon its soft covers. Seesha and Kalli immediately made a move for the lini's position, and showered her with kisses and caresses.

    As Leesan squirmed with delight under the adorable onslaught, Tia knelt up and beckoned him with her finger, bringing him near so she could lay her hands on either side of his head and give him a sweet, tender kiss. Any nerves and worries he may have had were instantly forgotten at the touch of her magical lips.

    'I'm so glad you're both here,' she told him, her big brown eyes sparkling with excitement.

    'Yeah, I did get that impression,' he said, again smiling uncontrollably. 'And we are certainly happy to join you.'

    'It's gonna be so much fun.'

    He stood back up straight, and again took in the vision that was her gorgeous, naked body. He definitely could not disagree with her assumption. 'Wow, look at you, missing all your clothes.'

    'It's so much more comfortable,' she explained, grabbing the bottom of his shirt with both hands. 'You really should try it.'

    'Sounds like a plan.'

    He did not resist her as she raised his top up and over his head, before discarding it across the room. Then, leaning back slightly, she scanned him up and down with what she hoped was not too desperate a look in her eyes. He didn't seem to see anything wrong with it. If anything, she thought he looked a little shy and embarrassed that she might even look at him that way at all. Ridiculous really, considering he was in such fantastic condition. She knew being fit and strong was a necessity of his job, in case he was ever called upon to help defend the planet again. It was just a fantastic bonus that he happened to look so good, one which she was happy to enjoy.

    He quickly removed his other clothes, and climbed up onto the bed. With sheer temptation evident on her face, she was instantly upon him, and let her hands run across his toned chest and abs, before taking him in her embrace. He followed her lead and encircled her with his arms, before they leaned in to kiss once more.

    Seesha playfully crawled over to them and joined the embrace, where they lovingly took turns to kiss and caress each other. Nearby, Kalli continued to tease Leesan with her lips and tongue, and the joyful lini subtly arched her body in acceptance.

    Tia managed to gather the willpower to withdraw from Eddie and Seesha, and motioned for the sinian to lie back on the bed. She figured it was about time she returned some of the wonderful attention Seesha had shown her earlier, and was actually very excited to get the chance. Seesha wasted no time in complying, flirtatiously stretching herself out on the bed, before beckoning the human down to her. Tia's hands were on her in an instant, taking in the interesting texture of Seesha's gloriously soft skin. Within moments, Tia came to the conclusion that Seesha's lovely body deserved more than just the touch of her hands, and moved in with her lips to kiss up and down her nice flat tummy.

    Kalli joined Eddie as he watched Tia with great interest. She could see on his face that he was a little surprised at how relaxed and confident his fellow human was, though she was sure the sight also made him very happy. She took his hand and turned him towards her, then mirrored the smile that he beamed at her. He needed no other invitation to bring his lips to hers, and they shared a long, tender kiss.

    They were so small and cute, Tia thought, as she enveloped one of Seesha's little green nipples with her lips and gently began sucking and licking. She found it a little hard to understand why the others had been paying hers so much attention earlier, when Seesha's were much more interesting. The sinian closed her eyes, adoring every little tingle of enjoyment that played across her skin as Tia's lips and fingers skilfully explored her body.

    After rotating partners and enjoying the feel of each other's bodies for some time, the grinning Seesha was the first to make a move for Eddie's already semi-erect cock. Taking it at the base with one hand, she lovingly kissed and licked at it until it was ragingly hard, which did not take very long at all. Though only of average size for a human, Tia nevertheless thought it was an incredibly nice looking cock, with an attractive shape and impressive rigidity, and she could definitely see herself enjoying it over and over again in the coming months and years.

    Tia watched as Seesha moved to lick at it once again, and yet she did not lean in far enough for her tongue to reach. Instead, she bobbed her tongue right out, way out, much further than was humanly possible. Tia's eyes opened wide as more and more of Seesha's tongue appeared, until it was extended what must have been at least twelve inches out of her mouth. The sinian displayed impressive muscular control as she slowly wrapped it around and around Eddie's cock until his organ was almost completely hidden. With a wink up at him, she began using her tongue to massage the entire length of his hard cock all at once, which by the look on Eddie's face, must have felt very pleasurable indeed.

    Tia found herself a little mesmerized by the view as that prehensile tongue continued its glorious work. Kalli watched her and smiled, remembering her initial love making sessions with each of the different Pride members, seeing and experiencing their amazing skills in action for the first time. She was sure Tia would look back on today with just as much fondness, positive that her first time having sex with such wonderful partners would be something she would never forget. Kalli felt in a similar place right at that moment. Her enjoyment at being with Tia for the first time was already sky high, but she wanted, needed, to experience her even more. The human female had already proven herself to be highly skilled with her lips, so that was where Kalli decided to concentrate her attention. Placing one hand gently on Tia's cheek, she slowly turned the woman's head far enough towards her that she could lean in and give her a firm, passionate kiss. To her credit, Tia immediately began returning it, the fascination with Seesha's tongue blown clear out of her mind by the feel of Kalli's own full and tender lips.

    Following her usual course of action, Seesha continued to use her unique licking skills on Eddie for a short while, and then moved in to take that cock into her mouth. Working the head with her lips, she continued to lick and squeeze the rest of the shaft with her strong, agile tongue. The pleasure from the technique was so divine, that when she'd first used it on him, he'd had to almost immediately tell her to stop before he shot his load. Of course, as she wasn't one of the Pride's submissive yarnalorans, she'd cheekily ignored his request and gleefully drained him dry. Thankfully for him, he was much more practised by now, and he could enjoy the wonderful feeling for a far greater length of time without worry of prematurely erupting in her mouth again. It definitely helped that, even if he did lose it, he was quite sure she really wouldn't mind one bit.

    While one of Kalli's hands stroked Tia's shoulder, arm and back, the other one expertly cupped and squeezed the human's breasts, taking them in turn and showing them a great deal of care and attention. Tia thought it highly unlikely anyone else in existence possessed such skill with their hands as Kalli did, and she tried to imagine how good it would feel if Kalli were to give her a lengthy and focused sexual massage. Now that the thought had entered her mind, she decided that at some point in the near future, she would have to ask Kalli about the possibility of making the fantasy a reality, but right at that moment, she was more interested in getting her own hands on Kalli's gorgeous body and skin. When the elethmora moved in to kiss and suck her boobs once more, Tia stopped her in her tracks.

    'Uh-uh,' she said, shaking her head with a smile. 'Surely it's about time yours get some attention instead, don't you think?'

    Kalli smiled her agreement, and followed Tia's direction to lie back on the bed, her breasts and nipples soon tingling with pleasure as Tia's hands and tongue stroked and flicked across them. Out of the corner of her eye, Seesha caught sight of Tia taking on Kalli's considerable bosom and thought she should dutifully lend her hands in the way of assistance. And her lips and tongue, of course. After a final mighty suck on Eddie's cock which drew an appreciative groan, she giggled and playfully pushed him away, before eagerly crawling to Tia's side, where she was welcomed in on the action.

    Seesha's ass was thrust tantalizingly up in the air as she aided Tia in pleasuring Kalli's large breasts. Very much on purpose, Eddie suspected, but even if not, there was no way to resist the view of those firm, round cheeks and the gorgeous pussy on display between them. Both of his hands were immediately on her butt, and he lowered himself into position to begin very tenderly licking up and down her outer labia, being as much of a tease as he could be. Seesha giggled again, throwing a smile of gratitude back at him before returning her attention to Kalli's boobs. Kalli's hands came up to stroke the heads of both females, as they gleefully sucked on one of Kalli's nipples each, and gently squeezed and stroked her breasts and surrounding skin.

    After a little while, Tia knelt up straight to reposition herself. As she pulled her hair out of the way and over one shoulder, Kalli looked down and caught sight of her gorgeous, tidy little pussy and gave it a longing look.

    'Any chance you'd like to bring that up here?' she asked. Perhaps a little nervously, Tia nodded, though the excitement in her was also clearly evident. She moved herself up so she could swing one leg over and straddle Kalli's face, a position that faced back down the bed. With Kalli's perfect body stretched out before her, she immediately sent her hands skating across its smooth, dark skin. Seesha had rolled out of the way and onto her back, her legs spread so that Eddie could continue impressing her with his oral skills. As Tia gently lowered herself down, Kalli's lips and tongue gladly welcomed her vagina's arrival, and the elethmora lapped at the surrounding area, before starting to focus more intently on the tasty prize. Tia stroked and caressed Kalli's boobs and tummy, enjoying every little thing her partner was doing down there, before leaning down herself so she could start repaying the courtesy.

    A few quiet minutes went by as the three ladies enjoyed the oral attention they were getting, the only sounds being their gentle moans of contentment. Seesha playfully reached an arm across so she could squeeze and caress Tia's nearest thigh and butt cheek, and the young woman replied by sliding one of her hands across Seesha's tummy, resting two fingers at her vagina and carefully starting to rub. As Seesha seemed to enjoy the new stimulation, Eddie withdrew slightly, perfectly happy to let Tia take over for a little while. He kissed the back of Tia's hand, before moving on to kiss the inside of Seesha's thighs and then all down her legs. As he reached her feet, he knelt up and gazed down at Leesan with a smile.

    'I don't know about anyone else, but I suspect this wonderful lini here wants in on all the fun,' he said, gently stroking the zaru with the backs of his fingers. Kalli agreed, and after gently wriggling out from underneath Tia she made a move towards the very patient Leesan.

    The zaru-lini-na wriggled excitedly on the bed, knowing exactly what was coming. Kalli smiled, and gently scooped the lini up in her soft hands, drawing her up towards her face and lips. With practised tenderness, she kissed Leesan's smooth, firm, silvery skin. Another kiss followed, and another, and another. Not a single inch of the lini's entire length was missed by those luscious lips, each kiss drawing shivers of pleasure as Leesan accepted the welcome attention.

    The others on the bed began repositioning themselves, and Kalli knew it was time to form the link. She was always ecstatic whenever she had the chance to participate in a link with Leesan. The sheer overwhelming pleasure she could receive from such a union was far greater than her body could experience on its own, and she was very grateful to get another chance to share the lini's heightened sensations. With the fingers of one hand, she quickly checked she was lubricated enough down there to accept her partner's girth, and then gently began guiding Leesan's hindmost end into herself. Just before the point her body vanished into that warm and welcoming vagina, Leesan arched herself back, forming her usual parody of an erection.

    With Leesan in position, the link could be made, and tingles of bio-electricity passed from the zaru to the elethmora. Kalli immediately felt Leesan's inquisitive presence gently pushing against her natural mental barriers, which she calmly lowered, allowing the zaru access into her mind. They conversed briefly, sharing their telepathic greetings and their excitement. As always, Leesan's thoughts were full of joy and anticipation at what was about to happen, a welcome addition to her own, and they boosted her own arousal. It was a unique and somewhat strange way of communicating, but as zaru-lini were incapable of speech, Leesan could only converse when she formed a link with a host and spoke to them telepathically. Like many in the Pride, Kalli tried to link with her as often as possible, even if sex was not on the agenda, just to chat and make sure she was well.

    There was no doubt about how Leesan felt at that moment, though. She could not wait to experience what it would be like to slide in and out of Tia's beautiful looking pussy, and Kalli shared her eagerness. She reached down and stroked the zaru's skin, tickling up and down the entire ten inch external length of Leesan's body and smiling as she too felt the pleasure experienced by the zaru through their newly formed link.

  • Hi all. Just a few more test images I'm pushing out there. First up transsexual character Rish gets head from Zuzkya:

    Also had a bash at creating my first cumshot. Gotta admit I thought it was going to be easy. I was very wrong. It's quite painful viewing…

    And a quick example of little Nereini in action to see what you think:

  • Decided to line up the most recent attempts at some of the characters from my stories. Anyone got a fave or least fave? And any chance you could elaborate on why?
    I'd also like to ask some opinions if possible, because I can't quite decide if it's too weird or not. One of the alien characters I'm working on called Nereini, as you can see in the 1st pic, is quite tiny in stature. While she is a fully mature adult of her species, fully capable of safely having sex with human-sized characters, I'm a little worried that people may think of her as too childlike because of her size, which would obviously be messed up and wrong. Just wondering what people's thoughts are on having sexually intimate characters with such a large size difference, be it very small or very large like a giant?

  • Been experimenting a little more…

  • I like them, cool jobs n_n

  • My latest attempt. Alien ladies Yelina and Seesha having some fun…

    Getting good at this stuff is seriously difficult. I can barely comprehend the study and effort that must go in to getting the results some of you guys do. I think I'll have pulled all my hair out before I get anywhere near really high quality.

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