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  • my friends call me Maka n_n

  • My nick name is "Bebop" like Bebop and Rocksteady from the old classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon.
    My mom gave me that nickname because it was the only thing I would respond to as a child, lol!

  • The whole time I have been in the Navy (20+ years) I have been called "Trick". Many of the people I knew back in the Fleet couldn't pronounce my last name, so they all just shortened it to that.

  • My first nickname came from the time where I was active on citizens band radio. The name was "Gummiente", it's German for Rubber Duck. But that's history… ^^
    And since 1999 where I started to use the internet, my nick was Tenchi ( Tenchi in IRC). I was called by that name in the apartmet sharing community, I lived in. When I started to use forums, I changed Tenchi to TenchiKun. My first forum was, the only place where my nickname is "Tenchi-Kun".
    And finally my nickname, I got through WoW: Naga.
    My main character is a female Nightelf Hunter called Nagaseyruun, named after Naga the White Serpent from Slayers. The name is based on Naga's full name "Gracia Ul Naga Seyruun".

  • I broke shit in high school. The Vandal.

    I was Ozzy Osbourne for senior year's Air Band…So then I was Ozzy. Biting the head off a paper bat with a blood capsule was never so much fun while pantomiming crazy train being one of only 2 long haired fucks in the entire school, while I was Kevin DuBrow of Quiet Riot the year prior with Cum On Feel The Noize.

    Most of all..."Rex". Part of it inspired by Steve Buschemi's character on Airheads by the same name cuz I'm kind of a jerk, too. Actually I've settled down into a troll. For the most part, cuz I just like it though.

  • Mr Anderson my last name is anderson so….it fit. Chris i'm part of organization at my school we play fighting games a lot and i'm really good lol.

  • My friends usually call me "Ax", has something to do with my name, and it's short and handy I guess ^^

  • I'm lucky enough to have the short form of my nickname here, as RL-nickname: "Morf"
    Somtimes my friends and family use the short form of my real name. And one or two call me "bear", because of my stature, I'm very tall and have broad shoulders.^^

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