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  • I like variety of real and some unreal.

    When I'm not ogling white girls…


    Native American would seem to be a favorite but the problem here's a 50/50 chance you get a good looking girl with real high native blood. We're not all entirely so good looking. Fictional characters (I.E. Julia Chang) are more like white girls stylized in native american. I don't have a huge problem with this but being part Quapaw myself I do feel the need to point this out. It really depends what region and tribe you're talking about. Some have some beautiful girls, others have some downright ugly girls.

    Latina seems to be pretty high on the priority list. Less inhibited than most. That tanned skin-tone, so smooth it begs to be touched, fondled, grabbed ans squeezed. Looks so healthy.

    Asian (chinese, japanese, or similar, and east indian). If you have been into anime, cosplay, vidya, or even just had the pleasure to admire asian beauty, you can't help but have a little interest.

    Last but not least of real: black women a.k.a. chocolate bunnies. I've met more than a few of these women who actually hate black guys and actively search out other ethnicities. Also very uninhibited. But watch out, kinda crazy sometimes and a whole lot of attitude--though I bet that'd be loads of fun in bed.

    Darkskin blonde who can stop traffic: the contrast and contradiction of pigmentation. These beauties have differing personalities, but are usually always alluring in some way or another.
    There are other variations on this. White/silver haired dark skin. I'm sure other colors exist, too, just don't recall them off the top of my head.

    Green hair: This one speaks passion, casts envy upon its admirers.
    Red hair: This one radiates power and great capability.
    Blue hair: Brilliant, be it on a crude or elegant character. Undeniable and unavoidable. Unstable.
    Violet hair: Mysterious. True power and full facet that does not meet the eye. Easy to underestimate.
    Silver Blonde: Somewhat unique. Capable, deceptive, and oddly a better attraction than just silver or blonde alone.
    Silver or white hair: While it's neutral in many ways, its true lure is subtlety for those with a quiet mind and a curious eye.
    Pink: Lots of attitude. Fiesty. Sure to be noticed if the character wants to be noticed. Bold. Or soothing calming. Demure. Like that wild rose you have to look for in the forest but worth it to find, if you don't mind her thorns.
    Dark Blue/blue-violet/blue-black: Shy but not afraid. Or strongly outspoken. Unstable like its brighter counterpart and its variations. Fiercely loyal.

    Unreal skin colors:
    Ultra Red: typically demonic, though not always. Brimming with energy, surely.
    Greens: Undeniably...natural feeling at least. Plant or aquatic I can't be sure.
    Charcoal grey: Oddly it's pretty darn attractive if you want it to be.
    Jet Black: Again, kind of demonic. Or at the least, mysterious.
    Violet: Subtle, sweet, and always attractive. Popular as well, perhaps.
    Blue skin: Enigmatic. Think you know her? Now you don't. Yeah, say what you want about Smurfette or Aayla Secura, but you know you'd hit it if either one offered it up or wanted your D. So don't gimmie that bullshit.
    Pale white: I suppose if it still had blushes and looked natural it could be attractive.
    Yellow and/or Orange: Hmm...I'm not sure. I'd like to see a Twi'lek and give it a try, though!

  • The difference is Polynesian (ie. islander) vs Mongoloid (ie. mainland) ancestry. It's impolite to say it this way (for historically racist reasons), but it's the "slanty eyes" that makes the difference (due to the epicanthic fold on the eyelid).

  • I see. So when talking Asians, people generally associate something like this


    Fellow Asians contestants that did make the final cut.



    Don't know their backgrounds though, so I can't be sure if there's some racial mixing (most probably).

  • For a lot of people, "asian" means any of the cultures and ethnicities along the Pacific Rim (no, not the movie, the places). That basically gives you everything from Japan to Singapore. If you want to get "obvious" about it, essentially anyone with an epicanthic fold on their eyelids (which Westerners "don't have") that makes them look (Far East) Asian.

  • Hmm…not an easy question for me to answer. Love the Czech girls... Seen some smoking hot Hungarian girls too... And Russian girls. I too love the Asian girls, but being a boob guy means it's rare to see an Asian girl that makes my eyes pop out of their sockets. Love red hair too, even though that too is a rare genetic feature. So for my answer i guess I'll go with "any ethnicity with light skin and big boobs" XD. Don't get me wrong, got nothing against the dark skin girls. I've met plenty of black and Brazilian girls I'd gladly get freaky with, just got a thing for the fair skinned ladies.

  • When I say asian I mean Korean, Japanese, Chineese, Thai. While there technically are a shitton of countries in asia, for me only those count as asian in my porn mind :D
    Also, for me hentai has little to do with me liking asians, to me asian women can be both cute and beautiful in a way "western" women rarely are.

  • I'm curious though about what people mean by Asians? Since Asia is a big place (from Turkey all the way to Nugini), what do people actually mean when they say Asians?

  • Jeez, almost half the responses go for asian (I'm assuming you all mean Japanese, Chinese etc), not suprising I guess for a forum containing so many hentai lovers :D

    Personally, I'd go for a bollywood-type Indian girl, or a black chick, cause I see the rest every day

  • Black girls with big boobs and long hair, but if i ever see a real asari here on earth, well blue before black^^

  • Definitely Asians.

  • Yeah… Asians.

  • Yeah asians in a big way, especially those who are traditional, I like to be in control so the idea that my girlfriend is following me 2 steps back is a bit of a turn on.

    But also I'm starting to really get into South American's, there something about hearing her say fuck me in that language, it's fucking hot.

  • Big booty bitches! LE-GO! ;D

  • Asians, duh ^^

  • @'Sol':

    I've always had a weakness for asians :)

    i have to agree to this all the way.


    im a huge fan of aliens. i see everything else daily

    yeah i know right. ;)

  • Black Thai girl. Saw her in 1989 in Pattaya Beach, Thailand. Will never forget her.

  • Skinny

  • anything with a fat ass will do hey i like big butts and i cannot lie its probably why i love Brazilians so much they have the nicest bums

  • Celts and Vikings.

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