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  • administrators

    I agree that's an extremely nice set of titties I'm seeing there!! Will have to check this one out!

  • Threadcromancy!….

    I think I really have to add a new H-Anime to my list of favorites:
    Kyonyuu Fantasy

    given the title and cover the content is pretty obvious. Still 2 more .gifs for clarity:

    …it's ALL about big boobs and the animation is pretty good imo, so it's like "Seikon no Qwaser" + "Manyuu Hikenchou" + Sex
    The content is and most probably will stay vanilla stuff only. No monsters, tentacles, mind break, or worse ... that's a good thing in my book at least^^
    Imo there is only one fetish that could have made this better...

    Vol. 2 in less than two months and hopefully (at least) a 3rd episode, since the bustiest character from the game, the anime is based on, does not appear in the first 2 episodes... and the Harem ending is obviously a must xD

    And it's already subbed
    I almost feel bad for not buying it… but I couldn't even find a site selling a digital copy :s

  • Hentai is cool because it's different, fresh. But it's also weird, very weird.
    I've seen only few. The one I liked most, in terms of quality of the art, was Discipline.
    I also played the game, and I was rather disturbed. There were some crazy scenes in that game, and some of the endings were downright insane.

  • administrators

    Don't know many 2D hentai artist, but some of the ones listed here look really good.

    Some of my favorite hetain animes in no particular order would be:
    Bakunyuu Maid Kari (all 3 (I think) episodes)
    Lets Arbeit
    Baku Chichi Bomb Vol.03
    Taboo Charming Mother
    Stringendo & Accelerendo Ultimatum Sera #3 (2nd part only)

    that's just off the top of my head, there are lots more

  • I guess my overall favorite artist is Jo(u)ji Manabe… nice art, sexy women, a lot of stuff out there and quite a lot is even translated... imo the storys are rather nice especially for Hentai.

    Other random favorites:
    Kloah (boobs)
    Bash (lactation... it's so ridiculous)
    Musashino Sekai (Futa)
    Insert (asses)
    Chiba Toshiro (overall art ... best Bayonetta doujinshi ever)
    Buchou Chinke (decent looking muscle girls...)
    ...and many more that were already mentioned.

    Hentai Anime... I don't really most cases I either think the art/animation is lacking, or the content is rather ... meh...
    e.g. Taimanin Asagi (and other works from that studio/director) looks awesome, but is a bit too much for me.
    And I'd agree that Beat Angel Escalayer 2 has one of the best Futa scenes, but the art was not that hot.
    But to name a few: Princess Knight Catue, Cleavage(such a creative title...), HHH (even more creative... the main part of the manga came a little short imo... still great though)

  • I forgot to mention the western artist Furball, his stuff is pretty wild

  • @'Katzekage':

    Ok let´s do this!

    Shiniez: BDSM
    Askray Bosshi: One of the best futas you will ever find, big cocks belly bulge.
    Behindmoon or Q: Same

    Damn how could I forget about Bosshi and Behind Moon! Must have been some time since I read something from them…

    And thanks for mentioning usatarou, he has quite some nice art.

  • Mogudan
    I love the body shape of his females and his older full colour books are classics.

    I'm a fan of the King of Fighters games and he makes the best (imo) KoF doujin.

    Defunct animated h-game maker. My favourite is Viper F40.

    Honourable mentions to Pepsitou, Hellabunna and Kantou Dougakai.

  • Ok let´s do this!

    Shiniez: BDSM
    Askray Bosshi: One of the best futas you will ever find, big cocks belly bulge.
    Behindmoon or Q: Same
    Type.90: Same + realy great woman and pussys, lot´s of large insertion stuff.
    Dmitrys: Horsecocked Girls
    usatarou: Great futas, big cocks lots of cum
    Minazuki Juuzou: Large insertion stuff belly bulge
    chinbotsu: big dicked futas
    John K Pe-Ta: crazy insertion stuff belly bulge
    Azuki_Kurenai: huge cocked Futas
    Gabe: Queen opala 1+2
    Gura Nyuuto: Great futas with big cocks
    Oyster: Badass huge cocks in too tight pussys
    Rosselito: fine art and one of the main Artists for queen opala 1+2
    Ganassa: Badass fine Woman + ^^ Queen Myrrah
    many more…

    1: Beat Angel Escalayer 2 (best Futa scene ever.. until now)
    2: Bible Black (nearly all fetishs in the whole series)
    3: Taiman Asagi (great hentai stuff fat cocks tentacles belly bulge and so on)
    3: Savior (Futa stuff in surprime, 3D)
    5: Angel of Darkness
    6: Urotsukidoji
    7: Kuroinu Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru Vol.01
    8: many more...

    Most of all Futa, Tentacle, Belly bulge, Huge Cocks and x-Ray are my favorites in Hentai. (I left a few fetishs out..... forum rules^^)

    in honor Katzekage ~The Queen is there..~

  • my favorite hentai anime are:
    Bible black saga, discipline (for the beautifull girls)
    Angel blade punishment, Discode ( for those who love futanari)
    Milky junkies," Aneki, my sweet elder sister" ( beautifull voluptuous women too)

  • Yeah The pit comics are incredible, just wish he would branch out into something more. Zimmerman is one of the greatest western comic (erotic) artists out there imo. Can't believe I forgot to add them to my list lol.

  • Not really into the Eastern-style stuff, although I do have a copy of Hell Knight Ingrid, as far as western-style is concerned I like The Pit/John Persons, although its a shame all his stuff is inter-racial (boring, predictable, and possibly racist) and Julius Zimmerman (The Master)

  • Shiwasu No Okina

    Nisemidi Doronokai


    There are few better. I usually like western style comics more though but those two eastern artists are really great and they have done TONS of great stuff so far and are still chugging out new content on a fast pace.

    As for western style comics, my favourite artist has to be Attilio Gambedotti. His 4 girlfriends comics are epic and he has also published quite a number of very high quality shorts.

  • Oh my, this topic will be great for everyone including myself to find new favorites. :D

    Animation wise this would be my list:

    All-Time Legendary: Bible Black Series

    Top 3:
    1. Taimanin Asagi
    2. In`youchuu Shoku
    3. Princess Knight Catue

    Other honorable mentions (order not that important or fixed):
    4. Hime Dorei
    5. Shoujo Senki Brain Jacker
    6. Shoujo Senki Soul Eater
    7. Kuroinu: Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru (best placing newcomer)
    8. Soukou Kijo Iris
    9. Makai Kishi Ingrid
    10. Shion
    11. Mahou Shoujo Ai
    12. Mahou Shoujo Isuka
    13. Angel Blade
    14. Ikusa Otome Valkyrie 2
    15. Dorei Maid Princess
    16. Mahou Shoujo Elena
    17. Mahou Shoujo Ai San: The Anime
    18. Viper GTS
    19. Gakuen 3: Karei Naru Etsujoku
    20. Seito Kaichou Hikaru
    Special mention: Another Lady Innocent (Satoshi Urushihara!)

    Tentacles and Witches hasn't yet made it in there, though I'm pretty sure as long as the soon to be released episode 3 isn't a major drawback, it will jump right in somewhere between 11 and 16.

    Artwork wise I've to mention Eroquis. Besides him I agree with ymomy and would add a few other HF artists like BlooCarrot, bobbydando, Devil_HS, Ganassa (beautifully drawn women), GunnmX, hizzacked, injuotoko (!!), Lucien, MapleMoon, sawao, Sparrow, Gabe and thriller to the mix as well as G1r0r0 for his horse(cock) pictures and uthstar01 as best "newcomer". This list isn't complete and does by far no justice but that's the general problem with making fav lists.

    Manga/Doujinshi wise I like the works of Anglachel, Arsenothelus/Rebis (!!), Bakunyu Fullnerson, Bang-You, Chaccu, Chiro, Chou-Aishiteru, Da Hootch/Shindol, Hellabunna, Jay Naylor, John K. Pe-ta, John Person/The Pit, Kikuya/Kimura Naoki, Leopard/Doreporu, Somejima, Type.90 and many many others that I forgot to mention. Maybe Hgame/HCG wise I'd add companies/people like Aomidori, Bishop, Black-Lilith, Liquid, Mameniwa, Raijuu Shoujo, Rush Rise Line, Saberfish, Studio Pork and Tinkerbell to the list of fav 'artists'.

    Now for the reasons why I picked these artists: Their artwork is detailled and absolutely great drawn and the themes they adress fulfill my fetish, like a dominant partner doing a submissive one, futa or animal/monster on female, cum inflation, impregnation and all that kinky stuff I once mentioned in another topic dealing with what and why we love certain things.

  • @'Supro':

    I'm pretty sure one of the main reasons why you found this site was from a hentai site (me, it was Hongfire). So I have to ask:

    1. What is your favorite hentai(s)?
    2. Which H-artists do you like and why?

    Wow :exclamation: Difficult question, my favorites list is great :idea: but for now only comes to my mind the :heart: BIBLE BLACK Saga :heart: The quality of these drawings left my mouth open for weeks, And the amazing story, :) well almost everyone knows it

    and my fav H-artists are:

    :heart: Satoshi Urushihara from japan :heart: (him by his incredible work in Front Innocent)

    :heart: Rosselito from France :heart: –---------
    :heart: Ganassa From Italy :heart: ----------------_____\ beautiful works in :D
    :heart: Dmitrys from Russia :heart: ---------------/¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨/ their personal styles
    :heart: faustsketcher from Spain :heart: -------/

    For now I only remember them (are 2:45am and tomorrow I have to work) in these days I tell you the rest of my favorite artists

  • Ahh my first hentai was the eye opening "Inju Genmu" by ringer bell, which pretty much set off my fondness for monters.

    Sadly due to Japan's tendency to take things way too far, for no good reason; I found that I have yet to truly enjoy all of almost any h anime start to finish. Truth be told what I typically do is edit out the extreme parts, and lace together scenes I like into a separate video. That way I don't have to have my experience ruined.

    In terms of motion pictures I typically favor Pixy's work. Hell Knight Ingrid (Maki Kishi Ingrid) being my favorite. Tentacle and Witches was pretty good, and I have even warmed up to some scenes in Taimanin Asagi. The Inyouchuu OVA was really good as well. The Viper GTS movie wasn't bad either.

    As far as still images are concerned here are a few of my favs
    Rindou (epic tentacle sets)
    Sogna(Viper Series, ViperRSR in particular)
    Nuye Kagami

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