Can I Use Live Chat to Recover My Yahoo Account?

  • Yahoo support available for 24*7 to recover your all queries about all platforms and provide you appropriate solutions in a faster manner. If you don’t have a phone number or you don’t have sufficient time to talk on call but you are urgent work. To Recover My Yahoo Account, you can simply opt live chat. By choosing this option, you don't have need any phone number or not any silent environment.

  • Yeah she's a RealDoll2. She's the best bed mate ever! Doesn't mind my snoring, let's me hog all the blankets, and is always ready when I am! LOL!

  • So you own a sex doll? she looks nice :)

  • Alrighty, finally got home and found the will to take a quick pic of sweety. Everyone, meet Launa (short for Laurana) :D


  • promise you wont tell, right ?
    i can move tru time…
    that maybe why i'm so much into making things that can stand still. (images, animated loops)

    i actually have much trouble affecting things in the past - i can go backwards but cant interract.
    projecting into the future is easy peasy - the interracting is still theorical tho.
    i can tell you, in the future, people still have secrets.

    i'll tell you all 'bout my secrets but ill lie 'bout my past
    send me out to bed forevermore

  • Oooh… here's a juicy topic... what brave souls will come forward to expose themselves to the 3DX community. I have a few friends that are aware I post on these forums. But these are also people that know my darkest secret. Perhaps it would be best to post a pic rather than explain in text... everybody here likes pretty pictures! Oh look! I gotta go to work! XD

    I promise tonight I will follow up with this cliffhanger. Tune in tomorrow (or late late tonight) for my next post! LOL!


  • When I read this a year ago I would say, yes, no one knows I'm here but now some friends know that, so you won't get my biggest secrets. But actually that I'm making these 3DX stuff was or is one of my bigger secrects, I mean the things I've posted on DA some of my friends know already, but nearly no one knows something about the pics I've posted here.^^

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